Mother’s Day Weekend in Photos

Good Monday morning! How’s it going today?

I hope all you mothers out there had a very Happy Mother’s Day! I owe you a recap of this weekend, but since we got home later yesterday evening, I don’t have time to properly recap the weekend, so I’m just going to throw some photos at you. I actually didn’t take that many pictures, but…whatevs!

We spent Mother’s Day in Pensacola, Fl, where John’s sister and her husband live. His parents are spending the week there, so we joined them to celebrate!



Got these sweet gifts from a student on Friday for Teacher Appreciation week. We had a field trip Friday, and field trips definitely require a lot of chocolate because they can be a bit of a headache! 😉



Unfortunately, there had to be quite a bit of grading and lesson planning going on. Good thing  I was trapped in the car for a few hours!


I was beyond excited about some quality beach time!









I cannot believe John got in the water. It was FREEZING! But, he was determined.


I absolutely hate this picture, as we are both looking extremely rough. BUT, I’m so in love with my cute little niece! I hated saying goodbye.

It was a fabulous weekend! I only wish real life didn’t exist and we could just stay forever! Ah…well, only 3 weeks left until summer!

Have a Marvelous Monday friends!

Let’s Chat…

1. What did you do for Mother’s Day?

2. What else did you do this weekend?

3. When’s the last time you went to the beach?




Party Planning and a Birthday–Weekend Wrap-Up {4/28/14}

I swear, I don’t know what happened to this weekend! We were go, go, go!

But, before I get into the weekend’s happenings, I need to pause for a moment to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday!! I I’m so blessed to be your daughter. You are not only my mother, but also one of my best friends. You’ve taught me so much, including how to be a Godly woman and wife, and I’m so thankful for all you’ve done for me. From spending countless hours in a hot, sweaty gym, to letting me take apart, re-work, and wear your wedding dress – you always selflessly give of your time, money, things, and heart. I love you so much! Happy 50th!


Alright, back to the weekend…Saturday consisted of lots of birthday preparation. My sister and I planned to make mom’s birthday celebration extra special, it being her 50th and all.

I also had to purchase her gifts. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh? I am pretty proud of my purchases though.

I bought her super cute cooler thing (extra big coozie??). You can freeze the center, and then slide on the outside, insulated cover. Once in place, it will hold up to 6 cans. Mom is always on the go, and she loves her diet coke…plus it’s cute…so I knew it’d be perfect.

Photo Apr 26, 4 14 37 PM   Photo Apr 26, 4 14 50 PM

I also bought this beautiful table runner. My mom is repainting and redecorating her kitchen, and I thought this would go perfectly.

Photo Apr 26, 4 14 15 PM

What I worked hardest on though, was this extra special book.

Photo Apr 27, 9 42 56 AM

A few weeks back, I asked all of my siblings to send me 10 things they love about mom. Since I’m the oldest of 5, I ended up with 50 reasons we love our mom. 50 reasons she is loved, on her 50th birthday.

Photo Apr 27, 9 43 12 AM  Photo Apr 27, 9 43 37 AM

I should point out that “go-go” juice is Diet Coke. Winking smile

I also worked on a few of the decorations my sister and I cooked up.

On Sunday, we loaded up the car to drive to my parents house, about an hour or so away.

We arrived right after lunch, and my sisters and I got busy putting the finishing touches on the decorations.


We made a made a “Sweets” station with lots of my mom’s favorite candies. We gave each candy a clever little saying, all about turning 50. She loves white chocolate. We labeled it “Still White Hot!” The Hershey’s kisses were labeled, “Kissing the 40’s goodbye.” Bubble gum was given the caption, “Blowing over the hill,” and the Zero bars (her favorite) were titled, “The big ‘5 – ZERO’.”


My sister also made cupcakes which we topped with “50” medallions I made. There were also “Happy Birthday” buntings, and a refreshment station – filled with strawberry orange banana juice (is it juice, or drink? whatever you call it, it was delicious!)


One of my favorite parts of the whole décor was the “50 Years Ago – in 1964” chalkboard I made. I had no idea so much has changed in 50 years!


My dad had taken my mom to the beach, her favorite place on Earth, for the past few days, so we were all ready and waiting when they arrived home. She knew we’d be there to celebrate, since we can’t all be home tomorrow on her real birthday, but she was very surprised there’d be a party, too!



We spent the next several hours eating cake and ice cream, talking and laughing with friends and extended family, watching my mom open gifts, and laughing some more.



I sure do love my family! They are so fun!

Finally, John and I had to gather our things to head home. We were definitely sad to go. It was a great day celebrating the heart and soul of our family, and one special woman!  IMG_2790

Being as the whole weekend was pretty much taken up with party preparations, I have a feeling this will be a busy week! In fact, I know it will – with state testing, afternoon bus duty for me, travelling for appointments Wednesday afternoon, and going to my sister’s college graduation on Saturday morning, I’ve got a full week ahead!

Bring it on…only 5 more Mondays until this teacher is out for SUMMER! Smile Have a Marvelous Monday, friends!!!

Let’s chat…

1. What did you do this weekend?

2. Do you enjoy throwing and hosting parties and/or get-togethers? I LOVE it!

3. What is the last party you threw/hosted?

Thinking Out Loud {4/24/14}

How is it Thursday already?! Of course, I’m glad it’s Thursday, because that means tomorrow is Frriiidaayy! But, I need this week to slow down! I’ve got lots to do before this weekend rolls around! I’ll fill you in on that in a bit.

Since today IS Thursday, I’m going to participate in Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud par-tay today. My brain is pretty much always a mumbled, jumbled mess, so this is perfect for me. Winking smile

1. I may or may not have a problem.

Photo Apr 23, 7 45 59 PM

And I may or may not have almost had a crisis on my hands the other day. Good thing I stopped by the store to restock my “stash.”

2. My sister came in town today to attend a “meet and greet” with my school system. In my dreams, she would get a job at my school and teach next door to me. Never say never, right?!

3. On my “mental health” day last week, I decided to paint my nails for the first time in forever. I LOVE the polish color! My sister gave it to me for Christmas, and I kinda forgot about it (gasp! I know…). It’s Essie- Lady Like.

Photo Apr 18, 7 19 11 PM

4. Why is that I can never have a leisurely drive to work in the mornings? I feel like no matter when I leave, I’m always in a race. Maybe it’s the competitor in me? I don’t know.

5. So, this weekend we are celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday! It’s kind of a surprise. She knows we’re having a family get together, but it’s going to be a bit bigger than she expects. Seeing as my dad is taking her to the beach for her birthday, and they headed down yesterday, I’m left in a bit in charge – with lots of help from the siblings of course. Hence the reason I need the week to slow down juuuuust a bit. I’ve got lots to do…including setting up a candy bar similar to this one I found on pinterest.

50th birthday candy bar

I’m also planning to make a board like this one…

50th Birthday party chalkboard. - modify for 70th birthday - this is cute idea!!! fun research for the kids to do! ;)

In addition to making some cupcakes, a banner, a book from all of us kids, among a few other odds and ends. (I know she won’t be able to read this, so, I’m safe posting it! ) I’d better get busy!

6. I wanted a quick workout to do the other day. I came across this one from Popsugar. I mistakenly thought it would be quick and painless. It was quick, but it was deceivingly more challenging than I assumed.

I'm exhausted just reading through this workout.


7. I typically don’t require much sleep (thanks dad), but I know I haven’t been getting enough lately. I always have good intentions of getting to bed early, but it just never happens. Recently I haven’t been falling asleep until about 11 or 11:30, and I’m back up at 5:15-5:30. Walking zombie much?

8. Does anyone watch American Idol any more? I had the TV on last night while I was prepping my lunch and waiting for John to get home from his tennis match, and American Idol happened to be on. I remember watching it religiously back when I was in high school/college. I haven’t seen it in years, but is there still the following that there was 5 or 6 years ago?

9. I’m a little hesitant to say this, but I think we’re officially past the cold weather. Woo Hoo!!! Every day this week, the highs have been in the 80s. Thank goodness! I’m ready for summer!

10. I don’t really have a tenth thing to add, but I really didn’t want to stop on #9, so…

Have a fabulous day friends!

Let’s Chat…

1. Do you chew gum? What’s your favorite brand/flavor?

2. What is a quick, yet challenging, workout you’ve done lately? I’m always in need of a quick, sweaty sesh.

3. How much sleep do you typically get?

Easter Weekend Shenanigans–MIMM {4/21/14}

Wow! I cannot believe it’s Monday already! I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun.

How was your Easter weekend? Ours was busy, busy, busy, but fun nevertheless. As I mentioned, my weekend started off a day early when I decided to take Friday off of work. It was MUCH needed, and I was so glad to get chores like, um, cleaning the house done. Saturday we drove an hour or so north to my parent’s house. All of my brothers and sisters were able to be home, and it was so wonderful to get to spend time together. They’re so much fun…and totally normal. Winking smile

Photo Apr 19, 9 28 50 PM

Saturday night we did the whole Easter egg dying thang. I went kinda fancy for the first two, then decided it was way too much effort.

Photo Apr 19, 9 28 29 PM

Photo Apr 19, 9 28 40 PM

After staying up waaaayyy too late chatting and laughing away on Saturday night, we were up on Sunday morning to see what the Easter Bunny brought. I love how my parents still go all out for Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny even though their youngest child is 15. It makes the holidays so much more fun, in my opinion. It’s like a piece of childhood that those 2 holidays would not be the same without.

Photo Apr 20, 9 10 38 AM

Photo Apr 20, 8 55 36 AM

John and I made out pretty well, I’d say (He also got a Nike Dri-Fit shirt for tennis).

Following church, my grandparents (from my mom’s side), aunts, uncles, and cousins came over for a delicious Easter lunch. I failed to get a picture of the Easter spread, but, I did manage to get one of the desserts. Dessert is more important anyway, right?

Photo Apr 20, 3 08 38 PM

After lunch, it was time for some Easter egg hunting. My grandfather stuffed some of the eggs with money. Once I knew that, I was fighting off the little kids, proving that you’re never too old to hunt for eggs. Winking smile

Photo Apr 20, 3 44 55 PM

Eventually, John and I packed up and headed home. It was a truly a wonderful Easter!


My brothers and sisters (minus Kathryn, who was with her boyfriend, celebrating with his family) and all my cousins from my mom’s side.

Today is back to work. My students will be taking standardized tests next week, so we’ll be reviewing all week long. Have a Marvelous Monday friends!!

Let’s Chat…

1. What did you do for Easter?

2. Do you still get an Easter basket/ hunt for eggs?

3. What are your plans for today?

Thinking Out Loud {3/27/14}

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve participated in Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud. Since I’ve got lots of randomness on my mind, I’m joining in again today.


1. Don’t you just love family time? My mom, one of my sisters, and one of my brothers drove down for the day yesterday, and I just love spending time with them. We have so much fun together and constantly keep each other laughing.

Photo Mar 26, 12 05 02 PM

2. Sometimes, I just hate the fact that I have such a hard time letting go of control and just living. Do you ever struggle with this? I know it would make life so much easier if I’d just lighten up and let go sometimes. I’m oh-so-much better than I used to be, but I’m definitely still working on it. #lifeisforliving (my family thinks it’s hilarious to add random hashtags to our conversations…)

3. My little brother is no longer little. He’s officially taller than me – by a lot. And he’s pretty cute too, ladies…if anyone is looking for a sweet, generous, super-fun 15 year-old. Winking smile

4. Speaking of my baby brother, he ended up spending the night with us last night! He’s so fun and we love having him around. My sister and mom had to go back to Birmingham. I asked Jake if he wanted to stay, and of course he said yes. I am his favorite sister, after all. My husband turns into a little boy when he’s around. They spend the whole evening playing video games, looking up cheats, and discussing deep issues like how to outrun the police.

Photo Mar 26, 5 23 47 AM

teaching my sister how to play before she left (ignore the junk, please)

5. I am OBSESSED with the china cabinet we refinished yesterday! I mentioned that my mom had bought it for me, and she was coming down to help me paint and re-do it. It turned out SO well! Here’s a sneak peak…

Photo Mar 26, 1 40 02 AM

Photo Mar 26, 3 49 22 PM

I decided to let it dry overnight before painting one last, final coat. I’ll post a picture of the finished product soon, hopefully!

6. I’ve mentioned it before, but is it weird that I have a Pinterest board entitled “When I plan my sisters’ weddings”? I find so many beautiful things and ideas that I love! And since I clearly can’t use them, they’ll get to benefit. Smile

7. On that note, is anyone else glad they didn’t have Pinterest around when they got married? I had a hard enough time making decisions…I’d never have been able to decide on anything if I had Pinterest at my disposal! Heck, it’s hard enough now to decide on a recipe I want to make or a workout I want to do!

8. These made me laugh, and since we all need a good laugh every once in a while, I thought I’d share.

those darn bobby pins!  #truth

put that shirt with these pants….no?Ha!!

The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest.Amen! Smile

This made me laugh so hard!

9. How is it already Thursday of my spring break!? And why, oh why, can’t regular weeks go by this fast?! I guess the good news is there are only 2 months left until summer.

10.John and I have been talking about taking a vacation this summer. We always go to the beach with my family, so we want to go somewhere OTHER than the beach. Some places we’ve talked about…Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA, Disney World, Las Vegas, New York City, a cruise (possibly). I’d love to hear from you! What are some the best vacations you’ve been on??

And, with that, I’m off to get in a workout and soak of the last bits of spring break! Have a great on friends!

Let’s chat…

1. What are some things that have made you laugh recently?

2. Vacations! Tell me what you’ve loved…

3. What are you looking forward to in the next few months? Summer! I don’t know what it’s been about this year, but these students are SO much more immature than in the past. This sounds awful, and I DO love my kiddos, but I’m ready for the year to be over.

Favorites of the Week

What a week! I tell ya, Spring Break cannot get here fast enough for this teacher. As much as I love all my kiddos, I think we’re all in need of some time apart. Whew! There’s definitely a reason teachers get Spring Break and summers…I think I’d have pulled all my hair out and be one big grouch if I didn’t have those breaks.

Anywho, enough about work because it’s the WEEKEND! Much needed around here.

Some of my favorites from the week:

1. Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary. I cannot believe we’ve been married for 3 years! It feels like just yesterday I was planning the wedding and walking down the aisle.

Sarah & John, 3-12-11

2. This beautiful special delivery I had waiting in my classroom when we returned from lunch on Wednesday (our anniversary). He’s so sneaky! Aren’t they gorgeous?!

photo 7

He also “gave” me a new Hobo wallet. Well, really he told me I have to go pick one out, since he wasn’t sure which style/color I’d want. I LOVE my current Hobo wallet that I’ve had for 5 years (!!).

I was sneaky too! We usually try (if possible and it makes sense) to stick with the traditional anniversary gifts. The 3rd anniversary is supposed to be leather. John has talked in the past about possibly getting a watch with a leather band. He currently has a silver watch. So, after lots of research, I settled on this Citizen Eco-Drive watch.

photo 6

3. This sweet shower invitation. Jessie was my “first sorority friend” in college. We ended up sitting by each other on bid day in the pledge class picture.  We then stuck together throughout that first weekend on pledge retreat. She is SUCH a sweetheart, and I am so happy for her! She’s going to be the best mama. And what an adorable invitation?!

photo 8

4. My parents and youngest siblings are at Disney World! This one actually makes me a little jealous. Sarcastic smile Ha! When we went as a family when I was in Junior High (?) they were really too young to do too much or remember much. I’m happy that they get to go really experience it, now. I just wish I’d gotten the invite too!


5. These posts:

** A BIG congrats to Brittany and her hubby on the finalization of the adoption of their sweet little one!

** This post from Clare. Let’s stop apologizing for our thoughts and opinions. Isn’t that what America is all about?

** Annette has it right – social media will be there. life experiences, rich conversations, and time with loved ones may not.

Hope you all have a Fabulous weekend!

Let’s Chat…

1. Have you been to Disney World? If so, would you like to go back? If not, would you like to go?

2. Favorite posts from the week?

3. Tell me what you’re up to this weekend?

A Random Five Things Friday

Week over – Check! TGIF! Y’all, I feel like a broken record this week, I don’t know what the deal has been this week, but I’ve had no energy at the end of every day. So, you can blame today’s super late post on the fact that I couldn’t seem to get my act together yesterday (I typically try to write my posts the day before they go up, since I’ve got to be out the door around 7am each morning).

I’m linking up with Clare today over at Fitting It All In for Five Things Friday <—You should definitely go check it out!

Five Reasons My Mom is the BEST

1. As I already mentioned, my mom came to read to my classes this week for Read Across America. She also came prepared with a craft for the kids to make, and she even made cake-pops for the kids that looked JUST like the clover from Horton Hears a Who…little speck and all!! Side note: If you’ve never watched the movie, you must. It’s HILARIOUS!  Maybe raising 5 kids, and having 4 out of the house, has left her with a little extra time on her hands? Whatever…I’m not complaining!

The kids’ crafts looked like this

Cake Pops – similar to these

2. I get sweet text messages in the early hours of the morning (we’re talking in the 5 o’clock hour) wishing me a Happy Friday. Red heart

3. She bought me THIS!!!

Mom emailed me earlier this week saying how cute this piece of furniture would be if we re-did it and how it was such a good price. Well, when she showed up on Wednesday to read to my kids, she informed me that she talked the lady down to selling it to her SUPER cheap and she’d already bought it for John and me and it was in my parent’s basement. Seriously, she’s the best. We then spent an unnecessary amount of time pinning ideas for how to re-do it.

Modern Cottage Painted China Cabinet. $775.00, via Etsy.       china cabinet repainted I have handles like these on the drawers just waiting to be used...

4. She understands me, and I don’t have to explain what I’m thinking. She just gets me…ya know?

5. So, remember how I said that 4 out of 5 of my mom’s kids are now out of the house (2 of us graduated college and working, 2 IN college, and 1 a freshman in high school)? Yeah, so now she has way more time on her hands than she’s used to. So what does she do? Goes and gets a part time job at the Apple store. Yep, my middle-aged mom beat out 200 other applicants and interviewees and landed the job. Why did she want to work there? Because she just “loves her apple macbook.” Hilarious!

But, seeing as my macbook decided on Tuesday, and it no longer wanted to charge, it’s pretty convenient that mom can take it in AND get a discounted price for the repairs.

Five Random Facts About Me

1. I hate pickles, mayonnaise, and mustard. Gross.

2. In our marriage, I’m totally the “saver.” John doesn’t spend money frivolously at all, but I’m so much more likely to hold on to money than he is.

3. Our 3rd wedding anniversary is on Wednesday (March 12th)!!! I think I know what I’m getting John. I know, nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh? The traditional gift for the 3rd anniversary is leather, so I think what I have in mind is going to fit the bill, and I hope he’ll like it. I promise to share after I make a final decision!

Sarah & John, 3-12-11

4. I crash on Friday afternoons. For real, I’m so worthless. Friday afternoons around here mean no workouts, no house chores, no school work, no cooking. I always seem so much more tired on Fridays, and I think it’s because I know that I don’t have anything I have to do for Saturdays. Ahhhh…best feeling in the world!

5. I probably eat way too much sodium. I seriously put salt on everything. But, seeing as my blood pressure is always way low, I’m okay-ing it for myself. Winking smile

Posts Worth Reading

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If I Hadn’t Stopped Dieting <—WOW! Carly really hits it home with this post about what she’d be missing out on if she hadn’t stopped dieting and never started living freely.

No Bake, Homemade Tagalongs <—No description necessary. Scrumptious!

Can You Love Your Body and Want to Change It? <— Clare poses this question, and I’m sure it’s one that lots of women face. Read her thoughts on the subject and share yours.

Be Filled Up so You Can Pour Out <—A must read. In order to best serve, you yourself must be filled up. How can you help others if your drained?

Don’t Worry About These Things <—A great post by Robyn reminding us that we cannot control most of the things we tend to worry about, so why waste our energy?

And with that, I’m off! Have a fabulous weekend friends!!

Let’s Chat…

1. Plans for the weekend?

2. Tell me something random about YOU!