Mother’s Day Weekend in Photos

Good Monday morning! How’s it going today?

I hope all you mothers out there had a very Happy Mother’s Day! I owe you a recap of this weekend, but since we got home later yesterday evening, I don’t have time to properly recap the weekend, so I’m just going to throw some photos at you. I actually didn’t take that many pictures, but…whatevs!

We spent Mother’s Day in Pensacola, Fl, where John’s sister and her husband live. His parents are spending the week there, so we joined them to celebrate!



Got these sweet gifts from a student on Friday for Teacher Appreciation week. We had a field trip Friday, and field trips definitely require a lot of chocolate because they can be a bit of a headache! 😉



Unfortunately, there had to be quite a bit of grading and lesson planning going on. Good thing  I was trapped in the car for a few hours!


I was beyond excited about some quality beach time!









I cannot believe John got in the water. It was FREEZING! But, he was determined.


I absolutely hate this picture, as we are both looking extremely rough. BUT, I’m so in love with my cute little niece! I hated saying goodbye.

It was a fabulous weekend! I only wish real life didn’t exist and we could just stay forever! Ah…well, only 3 weeks left until summer!

Have a Marvelous Monday friends!

Let’s Chat…

1. What did you do for Mother’s Day?

2. What else did you do this weekend?

3. When’s the last time you went to the beach?




Quick Catch-Up – Weekend Wrap-Up {5/5/14}

Wow! Where did the weekend go? Ours was busy, but fun filled.

Oh…and Happy Cinco de Mayo! (does anyone really celebrate it? Or just use it as an excuse for an extra adult beverage or two? 🙂 )

Since I’m running short on time, it’s gonna be a quick catch-up today.

Saturday morning, we had an important event to head to – my sister’s graduation! Except for it was at 10am. And an hour away. And we needed to be there in time for pictures, parking, and to get a seat! Made for an earlier Saturday morning, but, it was worth it. 😉

Jake, my brother, wasn’t too excited to be in Auburn, considering we’re  big Alabama fans.

Following graduation we headed to lunch. It was at a rustic restaurant called, The Hound. The atmosphere was very laid back and the food was delicious.


I’m pretty sure this is the biggest mason jar I’ve ever seen!

Sunday began with church, followed by lunch, some yard work, and time spent enjoying the gorgeous day!

We also finally put together the grill I got John for his birthday. To say that it took a lot of time and patience is a huge understatement!

3 hours later, we finally have a grill! I have no “after” picture because I had to go get dinner going.

Speaking of dinner…I tried a new recipe. It was deeelish! I’ll definitely be sharing the recipe with you soon. But, here’s a sneak peek.

The rest of the night was spent catching up on shows from our DVR on the couch.

The weekend was a busy one, but definitely Marvelous! (<— thanks to Katie for hosting Marvelous in my Monday!)

Let’s Chat…

1. What was the best thing you did this weekend?

2. When’s the last time you had to put something together?

3. What all does your week ahead hold? 



Party Planning and a Birthday–Weekend Wrap-Up {4/28/14}

I swear, I don’t know what happened to this weekend! We were go, go, go!

But, before I get into the weekend’s happenings, I need to pause for a moment to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday!! I I’m so blessed to be your daughter. You are not only my mother, but also one of my best friends. You’ve taught me so much, including how to be a Godly woman and wife, and I’m so thankful for all you’ve done for me. From spending countless hours in a hot, sweaty gym, to letting me take apart, re-work, and wear your wedding dress – you always selflessly give of your time, money, things, and heart. I love you so much! Happy 50th!


Alright, back to the weekend…Saturday consisted of lots of birthday preparation. My sister and I planned to make mom’s birthday celebration extra special, it being her 50th and all.

I also had to purchase her gifts. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh? I am pretty proud of my purchases though.

I bought her super cute cooler thing (extra big coozie??). You can freeze the center, and then slide on the outside, insulated cover. Once in place, it will hold up to 6 cans. Mom is always on the go, and she loves her diet coke…plus it’s cute…so I knew it’d be perfect.

Photo Apr 26, 4 14 37 PM   Photo Apr 26, 4 14 50 PM

I also bought this beautiful table runner. My mom is repainting and redecorating her kitchen, and I thought this would go perfectly.

Photo Apr 26, 4 14 15 PM

What I worked hardest on though, was this extra special book.

Photo Apr 27, 9 42 56 AM

A few weeks back, I asked all of my siblings to send me 10 things they love about mom. Since I’m the oldest of 5, I ended up with 50 reasons we love our mom. 50 reasons she is loved, on her 50th birthday.

Photo Apr 27, 9 43 12 AM  Photo Apr 27, 9 43 37 AM

I should point out that “go-go” juice is Diet Coke. Winking smile

I also worked on a few of the decorations my sister and I cooked up.

On Sunday, we loaded up the car to drive to my parents house, about an hour or so away.

We arrived right after lunch, and my sisters and I got busy putting the finishing touches on the decorations.


We made a made a “Sweets” station with lots of my mom’s favorite candies. We gave each candy a clever little saying, all about turning 50. She loves white chocolate. We labeled it “Still White Hot!” The Hershey’s kisses were labeled, “Kissing the 40’s goodbye.” Bubble gum was given the caption, “Blowing over the hill,” and the Zero bars (her favorite) were titled, “The big ‘5 – ZERO’.”


My sister also made cupcakes which we topped with “50” medallions I made. There were also “Happy Birthday” buntings, and a refreshment station – filled with strawberry orange banana juice (is it juice, or drink? whatever you call it, it was delicious!)


One of my favorite parts of the whole décor was the “50 Years Ago – in 1964” chalkboard I made. I had no idea so much has changed in 50 years!


My dad had taken my mom to the beach, her favorite place on Earth, for the past few days, so we were all ready and waiting when they arrived home. She knew we’d be there to celebrate, since we can’t all be home tomorrow on her real birthday, but she was very surprised there’d be a party, too!



We spent the next several hours eating cake and ice cream, talking and laughing with friends and extended family, watching my mom open gifts, and laughing some more.



I sure do love my family! They are so fun!

Finally, John and I had to gather our things to head home. We were definitely sad to go. It was a great day celebrating the heart and soul of our family, and one special woman!  IMG_2790

Being as the whole weekend was pretty much taken up with party preparations, I have a feeling this will be a busy week! In fact, I know it will – with state testing, afternoon bus duty for me, travelling for appointments Wednesday afternoon, and going to my sister’s college graduation on Saturday morning, I’ve got a full week ahead!

Bring it on…only 5 more Mondays until this teacher is out for SUMMER! Smile Have a Marvelous Monday, friends!!!

Let’s chat…

1. What did you do this weekend?

2. Do you enjoy throwing and hosting parties and/or get-togethers? I LOVE it!

3. What is the last party you threw/hosted?

Easter Weekend Shenanigans–MIMM {4/21/14}

Wow! I cannot believe it’s Monday already! I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun.

How was your Easter weekend? Ours was busy, busy, busy, but fun nevertheless. As I mentioned, my weekend started off a day early when I decided to take Friday off of work. It was MUCH needed, and I was so glad to get chores like, um, cleaning the house done. Saturday we drove an hour or so north to my parent’s house. All of my brothers and sisters were able to be home, and it was so wonderful to get to spend time together. They’re so much fun…and totally normal. Winking smile

Photo Apr 19, 9 28 50 PM

Saturday night we did the whole Easter egg dying thang. I went kinda fancy for the first two, then decided it was way too much effort.

Photo Apr 19, 9 28 29 PM

Photo Apr 19, 9 28 40 PM

After staying up waaaayyy too late chatting and laughing away on Saturday night, we were up on Sunday morning to see what the Easter Bunny brought. I love how my parents still go all out for Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny even though their youngest child is 15. It makes the holidays so much more fun, in my opinion. It’s like a piece of childhood that those 2 holidays would not be the same without.

Photo Apr 20, 9 10 38 AM

Photo Apr 20, 8 55 36 AM

John and I made out pretty well, I’d say (He also got a Nike Dri-Fit shirt for tennis).

Following church, my grandparents (from my mom’s side), aunts, uncles, and cousins came over for a delicious Easter lunch. I failed to get a picture of the Easter spread, but, I did manage to get one of the desserts. Dessert is more important anyway, right?

Photo Apr 20, 3 08 38 PM

After lunch, it was time for some Easter egg hunting. My grandfather stuffed some of the eggs with money. Once I knew that, I was fighting off the little kids, proving that you’re never too old to hunt for eggs. Winking smile

Photo Apr 20, 3 44 55 PM

Eventually, John and I packed up and headed home. It was a truly a wonderful Easter!


My brothers and sisters (minus Kathryn, who was with her boyfriend, celebrating with his family) and all my cousins from my mom’s side.

Today is back to work. My students will be taking standardized tests next week, so we’ll be reviewing all week long. Have a Marvelous Monday friends!!

Let’s Chat…

1. What did you do for Easter?

2. Do you still get an Easter basket/ hunt for eggs?

3. What are your plans for today?

A Sad Return to Monday–Weekend Wrap-Up {3/31/14}

How in the world is it the last day in March already?! Bring on the warm weather!

Sadly, today marks my return to the real world after a week of doing what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted…you get the picture. Spring Break is over, and it’s back to work for this heartbroken happy teacher. Despite the impending return to work looming over my head (ok, perhaps I’m being a bit overdramatic Winking smile), I managed to have a pretty terrific weekend!

Let’s back up to Friday. I mentioned in my that I had a haircut appointment Friday afternoon. Well, every time I go to get it cut, I end up going back and forth about should I? or shouldn’t I? go big and cut it off. Go big or go home, right? Well…

Photo Mar 28, 12 33 54 PM   Photo Mar 28, 2 21 54 PM

Yikes!!! But, I kinda love it, for now anyway. I figured, what the heck…it’s hair, if I hate it, it’ll grow back, so why not!?

I knew it had gotten long, but I had no idea quite, how long.

Photo Mar 28, 3 41 29 PM

I was able to donate a good bit of my hair to Locks of Love (this organization uses real hair to provide wigs for cancer patients going through radiation and chemotherapy), which I am super excited about!

Friday night, my husband ordered out from one of his favorite places.

Photo Mar 28, 8 08 59 PM

I had to laugh when I saw the take-out box. A “Buff Box”? If it works, I know what I’m ordering from now on. Winking smile  Ok, it was Buffalo Chicken Fingers. But, still. Funny, right?

Saturday started out pretty chilly and rainy around here. Nevertheless, my day began with a delicious bowl of oats and a Pilates + HIIT video via Fitness Blender <—check it out if you haven’t yet. It’s a great resource for at home workouts. There are TONS of different types of workouts for all levels, varying styles, and many “no equipment needed” routines.

Photo Mar 29, 8 36 37 AM

John and I would up venturing out to stop by an art festival that was happening in a park downtown.


There were some cute things, but, nothing I couldn’t live without. We then had a little lunch date, followed by getting some errands out of the way. One of them included picking up some new Chaco sandals for my 15 year old brother. His feet are HUGE! I have a feeling he isn’t quite done growing yet!

Photo Mar 29, 3 20 29 PM

We ended our night with some March Madness on the couch.

After church on Sunday, we headed out to the local tennis courts. I’ve mentioned before that John is a tennis pro. Well, I know I’m athletic enough to learn and do well at tennis, I just hate the learning part of it. I just want to be good already! Ha!

I then had to work on lesson plans and entering grades for an hour or two. Not the most fun Sunday afternoon activity, but the cute lesson plan template I found via Pinterest definitely helps some. Winking smile

Photo Mar 29, 7 49 16 PM

The rest of the evening included getting ready for the week, a little meal prep, catching some more March Madness basketball, and watching some of our favorite shows…Amazing Race and Eric and Jessie (it’s flipping hilarious if you’ve never seen it! Comes on E! on Sunday nights).

 Photo Mar 29, 7 39 01 PM 

It was indeed a very Marvelous weekend, which definitely improves the odds that Monday will be Marvelous as well!

Let’s Chat…

1. Do you fill out a bracket for March Madness? I do! It’s totally shot now, and was more of a stab in the dark than a real, educated, thought out process. But, hey, it was fun!

2. When’s the last time you made a major change to your appearance? Hair cut, color, etc.

3. Tell me the best part of your weekend!

Weekend Wrap-Up {3/24/13}

If you’re reading this on Monday, I’m officially on SPRING BREAK! Woop! We aren’t going anywhere this year for spring break, and that’s a-okay by me. I’m really looking forward to lying low, getting the house clean and in order, getting a few projects done, and just enjoying having no schedule to follow or obligations to take care of.

Backing up to this weekend…it was a pretty great one! On Saturday, John and I took care of a project in our backyard that we’ve been talking about for a few weeks now. We first went to Lowes to stock up on all the supplies we’d need. Then we got busy!

Photo Mar 22, 4 11 09 PM

Photo Mar 22, 5 28 45 PM

Photo Mar 22, 5 29 14 PM

I worked too! John just forgot to take pictures of me. Winking smile

We wanted to build a raised bed on the back of our patio. We are BEYOND happy with how it turned out! It really wasn’t difficult to do at all, and only took us a few hours, start to finish.

Photo Mar 22, 6 51 36 PM

Photo Mar 22, 6 53 25 PM

Photo Mar 22, 7 01 30 PM

Please excuse the junk on the window sill

Sunday, we headed to early church and Sunday school, as usual. Following church, we had plans for grabbing lunch on our way to one of the cutest neighborhoods! This neighborhood is located about 20 minutes from where we currently live. And although we have no plans of buying a home there and moving in the near future, I’d love to live there one day! The whole community is adorable, and the houses are to die for!


We had so much fun walking around and dreaming about the “what ifs…” and  “One days…” After we had our fill of adorable-ness, we ran in a few of the stores that are nearby. Ann Taylor Loft (one of my all time favorites!) was having a good sale, as was New York and Company. While I did see some spring pieces that I liked, I didn’t fall in love enough to buy anything. But, I have a feeling I’ll be making some spring wardrobe purchases soon!

The rest of Sunday evening was spent trying fix my computer. Sadly, it’s not charging…AGAIN! This happened about 2 weeks ago. My mom kindly offered to take it in for me – she works part-time at the Apple store (there are only 2 in Alabama- one being in Birmingham, about an hour and 15 mins. from where John and I live). I got it back this past Wednesday, and Saturday evening, it stopped charging again. Sad day! Sad smile

My mom’s going to take it in for me again. But, I don’t know when I’ll be getting it back. She is coming down to visit for the day on Wednesday, so I’m afraid it may be a while by the time she takes it in, they diagnose and fix the problem, and I can meet her again to get my computer back.

Fortunately though, I have a computer that is “mine” at school. It’s a Dell laptop that I can basically use as mine; I’m just responsible and liable for it. So, I was back up at school bright and early this morning (yes, on spring break!) to grab my laptop. I am very thankful, though, l that I have another computer at my disposal to use.

This Monday morning began marvelously! I slept in (7:20!), had breakfast, did a sweaty and challenging Nike Fitness Club workout (you should check this app out if you haven’t already! It’s free from the Apple App Store), cleaned the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms…all before lunch! I don’t know about you, but if the house is a wreck, I just can’t enjoy doing leisurely activities. I love a clean house!

I’m not sure exactly what the afternoon holds, but I do know it MUST include a trip to the grocery store, seeing we’re out of just about all the essentials. Yikes!

And with that, friends, I’m off to enjoy the rest of this Marvelous Monday!

Let’s Chat…

1. What did you do this weekend?

2. What is the last “project” you did around your house/apartment/living space?

3. What do you have going on this week?