A Friday Brain Dump

Y’all, this week… oh my!

Hence the reason for my lack of posting since Tuesday. Anywho, the good news is I took the day off. I have a dermatologist appointment across town at 9:30 this morning, and I’ve never been to this office before, and I wasn’t sure I could make it back to school by 11:30 (to count as half a day), so I took the WHOLE day off! Woo Hoo!

I have lots of thoughts bouncing around all over the place and until I can organize them to share with you, I thought I’d do a little brain dump.

#1 There are 2 weeks of school left!! 😱 This year has flown by, which is definitely a blessing, because it has been the hardest year I’ve had yet. But, I still can’t help but love those little stinkers!

IMG 1521

#2 My sister stayed with us last night because she had an interview this morning. As you may remember, she recently graduated with a degree in elementary education. Her interview was with my school system. I’d be over the moon if she could teach with me.

#3 I’ve come to realize lately how much I appreciate my “me” time. Being that we’ve been out of town for the last 4 weekends in a row (!!), I’m SO looking forward to being home this weekend, enjoying doing whatever it is I want to do, without any obligations!

#4 I need to clean my house. For real.

#5 I’m pretty sure I have an unhealthy relationship with sweet potatoes. Roasted, to be exact. I can’t seem to get enough! And ketchup. They must be dipped in ketchup. YUM!

IMG 2460

#6 Did you know that the term “introvert” does not mean that a person doesn’t like to be around people? Rather, it refers to the way that a person “recharges.” An introvert recharges through alone time and solitary activities – sometimes even 20-30 minutes is all it takes. And for an extrovert, the opposite is true. An extrovert is recharged through social activities and being around others (which can be draining for an introvert).

I am most definitely an introvert. Refer to #3.

#7 Yesterday, Mm husband bought tickets to a Florida Georgia Line and Nelly concert. It’s going to be at the local minor league baseball stadium in June. Should be interesting!

#8 Lately, I feel like I cannot get into a “groove” with my workouts. I can’t ever decide what I want to do and then I end up doing a workout that leaves me feeling sub-par. Any suggestions??

#9 I want a dog. But the husband says no. 😥 His reasoning? He would feel guilty having the dog in the backyard where it isn’t able to run free when it wants to. (I don’t want an inside dog- no thank you!). I’ll let you look at our backyard and see what you think. I think it’s plenty big enough!

IMG 2055

#10 Has anyone seen the movie “The Other Woman?” I think I want to see it, but I don’t want to waste my time and money. So…any review or suggestions?

Have a fabulous Friday, friends! (how’s that for some alliteration 😉)

Linking up with Clare, Heather, and Katie today. 

Let’s’ Chat…

1. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

2. What foods are you loving? ALL the fruits and veggies, in addition to my sweet potatoes

3. Are you an introvert or extrovert?


Friday Favorites #2 {5/2/14}

Oh, man! Has this been a long week, or is it just me? So glad it’s Friday!

Tomorrow is a pretty special day, my little sister graduates from college! I’m so proud of her! John and I will be headed to watch graduation tomorrow morning. Because the university is so large, there are multiple ceremonies. The college you’re graduating from, in her case- the College of Education, dictates when you will walk. Well, wouldn’t ya know hers is at 10am on Saturday morning?! Luckily, the University is only about an hour east of us. And, we’ll get to have a celebration lunch afterwards.

I really enjoyed last week’s Favorites post, so I’m back for round 2. Let’s go!

I’m linking up with Clare and Katie again today.

Favorite Photo:

Welllll, I couldn’t pick just one. I love all of these from my mom’s birthday last Sunday.


Favorite Meal:

First – please excuse the extremely blurry photo.

Second – I know this isn’t a meal, but I’ve been loving feta recently! I don’t really like cheese that much, but oh, my…feta? That’s a different story.

Photo Apr 15, 8 11 40 PM

Favorite Purchase:

An Erin Condren gift card for my sister’s graduation gift. If you’ve never checked out her stuff, you’ve definitely got to! Lesson planners, life planners, personalized note cards, notepads, etc. – and all SO cute!

Favorite Moment:

Yesterday, at approximately 11am, when state testing for my kiddos was over. I’m so not a fan!

Favorite Workout

This bootcamp work out from Heather. It’s a good one! And quick, which is always a win in my book!

Strength and Cardio Bootcamp

Strength and Cardio Bootcamp

Favorite Text Message:

I suppose this could go with Favorite Moment, as well. But, we got out at 1pm on Tuesday, due to the threat of severe weather. Since I had been woken up by a tornado warning and spent 1:30am – 2:30 am in our “safe place,” it was a much needed break!

Photo May 02, 5 34 55 AM

Favorite Quote

Go Girl Go by Holley Gerth

Go Girl Go by Holley Gerth

I just love Holley’s blog. This was just the encouragement I needed this week.

Favorite Outfit:

This isn’t really an entire outfit, per se, BUT I get to wear jeans the entire month of May! Smile Yes!

Favorite Posts

It All Adds Up – I love Jana’s point that any and all movement and forms of exercise count. It doesn’t always have to be a super intense, super sweaty workout to count.

Be Authentic – Yes! Just do you.

cultivating positive body image – Robyn nails it again with this post!

Run the Race of Life with All Your HeartWe all can do so not in our own power but because of the One who lives within us.

The Diet That Works – “is the one that you can stick to for the rest of your life.” It’s the “diet” that allows your body to function fully

Restless – Today, I’m reminding myself to appreciate this time. It might feel confusing, but someday I’m going to look back and miss it.

There were so many posts I loved this week, but these are a few that really stuck out to me.

Let’s Chat…

1. Play along! What has been your Favorite moment?

2. Favorite meal?

3. Favorite posts?


Friday Favorites {4/25/14}

Welcome to the weekend! Well, after we make it through today – minor details my friends. Winking smile

I’m excited about this weekend! My mom’s big 50th birthday celebration is Sunday, and I’ve got lots I still need to do. I’d better get my tush in motion! Sadly, I’ve got some kind of yucky crud – jury’s still out as to what it is, but I’m just keeping my fingers and toes crossed it’s not the flu. There’s been a strain of it going around that presents itself with a sore throat, and…….guess what I have?? Praying it’s just a cold!

Today I want to share some of my favorites from the past week. Join in on the fun in the comments!

I’m linking up with Clare at Fitting It All In and Katie at Running 4 Cupcakes. Thanks Ladies!

Favorite Photo:

Confession – I’m not a huge fan of this picture due to my awkward pose and ghostly pale legs, but these are some of my favorite people. Smile

Favorite Meal

Photo Mar 27, 8 23 26 PM

Avacado Chicken Salad Pitas…mmm!

Favorite Purchase

A birthday gift for my mom. Smile

Favorite Moment

Thursday afternoon when I got to come straight home after work for the first time this week. It’s the small things!

Favorite Workout

Love Tabatas! Day-after Xmas Crumble: Fast and Furuious Tabata/Strength Combo by @Gina Harney

This strength and tabata workout was a good one, in the sweatiest, most exhausted way.

Favorite Thing I got in the Mail

This super sweet Easter card from my in-laws. It got even better when we opened the card and checks fell out. We certainly missed John’s family over Easter, but are looking forward to spending Mother’s Day with them.

Photo Apr 24, 6 27 30 PM 

Favorite Text Message

This message from my brother (in a group message about my mom’s birthday gift). Ohhhh 15-year old boy humor…

Photo Apr 24, 6 57 43 PM

Favorite Quote

Potential by Holley Gerth

Yes!!! I love Holley’s blog, and have read one of her books. She has a true gift for putting life into perspective.

Favorite Outfit

I bought this chambray dress from Gap a few weekends ago. It’s super comfortable, and cute too! It will definitely be making a frequent appearance in my outfit rotation.

Favorite Posts

There Is No ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ Workout – love Emily’s perspective! Very refreshing!

Share Yours- Top 10 Foods – So fun! What are your Top 10 foods? If you could only eat 10 foods for the rest of forever, what would you choose?

10 Awesome YouTube Workout Channels – Great resource from Julie for stellar at home workouts

Health benefits of exercise → Very informative! And props to Heather for earning her Group Exercise Instructor Certification!

I’m Thankful for Infertility – So gracefully said. I have so much admiration and respect for Brittany.

WIAW: Thoughts on Paleo – Very informative and thought provoking – as I can always count on Robyn’s posts to be.

These are just a handful of posts I enjoyed this week. I’d love to hear what you loved reading this week!

With that, I’m off friends! Time for a busy Friday and a fun-filled weekend! I hope yours is too!


Let’s Chat…

1. Tell me some of YOUR favorites from the week!

2. What are your weekend plans?