A Friday Brain Dump

Y’all, this week… oh my!

Hence the reason for my lack of posting since Tuesday. Anywho, the good news is I took the day off. I have a dermatologist appointment across town at 9:30 this morning, and I’ve never been to this office before, and I wasn’t sure I could make it back to school by 11:30 (to count as half a day), so I took the WHOLE day off! Woo Hoo!

I have lots of thoughts bouncing around all over the place and until I can organize them to share with you, I thought I’d do a little brain dump.

#1 There are 2 weeks of school left!! 😱 This year has flown by, which is definitely a blessing, because it has been the hardest year I’ve had yet. But, I still can’t help but love those little stinkers!

IMG 1521

#2 My sister stayed with us last night because she had an interview this morning. As you may remember, she recently graduated with a degree in elementary education. Her interview was with my school system. I’d be over the moon if she could teach with me.

#3 I’ve come to realize lately how much I appreciate my “me” time. Being that we’ve been out of town for the last 4 weekends in a row (!!), I’m SO looking forward to being home this weekend, enjoying doing whatever it is I want to do, without any obligations!

#4 I need to clean my house. For real.

#5 I’m pretty sure I have an unhealthy relationship with sweet potatoes. Roasted, to be exact. I can’t seem to get enough! And ketchup. They must be dipped in ketchup. YUM!

IMG 2460

#6 Did you know that the term “introvert” does not mean that a person doesn’t like to be around people? Rather, it refers to the way that a person “recharges.” An introvert recharges through alone time and solitary activities – sometimes even 20-30 minutes is all it takes. And for an extrovert, the opposite is true. An extrovert is recharged through social activities and being around others (which can be draining for an introvert).

I am most definitely an introvert. Refer to #3.

#7 Yesterday, Mm husband bought tickets to a Florida Georgia Line and Nelly concert. It’s going to be at the local minor league baseball stadium in June. Should be interesting!

#8 Lately, I feel like I cannot get into a “groove” with my workouts. I can’t ever decide what I want to do and then I end up doing a workout that leaves me feeling sub-par. Any suggestions??

#9 I want a dog. But the husband says no. 😥 His reasoning? He would feel guilty having the dog in the backyard where it isn’t able to run free when it wants to. (I don’t want an inside dog- no thank you!). I’ll let you look at our backyard and see what you think. I think it’s plenty big enough!

IMG 2055

#10 Has anyone seen the movie “The Other Woman?” I think I want to see it, but I don’t want to waste my time and money. So…any review or suggestions?

Have a fabulous Friday, friends! (how’s that for some alliteration 😉)

Linking up with Clare, Heather, and Katie today. 

Let’s’ Chat…

1. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

2. What foods are you loving? ALL the fruits and veggies, in addition to my sweet potatoes

3. Are you an introvert or extrovert?


Friday Favorites #2 {5/2/14}

Oh, man! Has this been a long week, or is it just me? So glad it’s Friday!

Tomorrow is a pretty special day, my little sister graduates from college! I’m so proud of her! John and I will be headed to watch graduation tomorrow morning. Because the university is so large, there are multiple ceremonies. The college you’re graduating from, in her case- the College of Education, dictates when you will walk. Well, wouldn’t ya know hers is at 10am on Saturday morning?! Luckily, the University is only about an hour east of us. And, we’ll get to have a celebration lunch afterwards.

I really enjoyed last week’s Favorites post, so I’m back for round 2. Let’s go!

I’m linking up with Clare and Katie again today.

Favorite Photo:

Welllll, I couldn’t pick just one. I love all of these from my mom’s birthday last Sunday.


Favorite Meal:

First – please excuse the extremely blurry photo.

Second – I know this isn’t a meal, but I’ve been loving feta recently! I don’t really like cheese that much, but oh, my…feta? That’s a different story.

Photo Apr 15, 8 11 40 PM

Favorite Purchase:

An Erin Condren gift card for my sister’s graduation gift. If you’ve never checked out her stuff, you’ve definitely got to! Lesson planners, life planners, personalized note cards, notepads, etc. – and all SO cute!

Favorite Moment:

Yesterday, at approximately 11am, when state testing for my kiddos was over. I’m so not a fan!

Favorite Workout

This bootcamp work out from Heather. It’s a good one! And quick, which is always a win in my book!

Strength and Cardio Bootcamp

Strength and Cardio Bootcamp

Favorite Text Message:

I suppose this could go with Favorite Moment, as well. But, we got out at 1pm on Tuesday, due to the threat of severe weather. Since I had been woken up by a tornado warning and spent 1:30am – 2:30 am in our “safe place,” it was a much needed break!

Photo May 02, 5 34 55 AM

Favorite Quote

Go Girl Go by Holley Gerth

Go Girl Go by Holley Gerth

I just love Holley’s blog. This was just the encouragement I needed this week.

Favorite Outfit:

This isn’t really an entire outfit, per se, BUT I get to wear jeans the entire month of May! Smile Yes!

Favorite Posts

It All Adds Up – I love Jana’s point that any and all movement and forms of exercise count. It doesn’t always have to be a super intense, super sweaty workout to count.

Be Authentic – Yes! Just do you.

cultivating positive body image – Robyn nails it again with this post!

Run the Race of Life with All Your HeartWe all can do so not in our own power but because of the One who lives within us.

The Diet That Works – “is the one that you can stick to for the rest of your life.” It’s the “diet” that allows your body to function fully

Restless – Today, I’m reminding myself to appreciate this time. It might feel confusing, but someday I’m going to look back and miss it.

There were so many posts I loved this week, but these are a few that really stuck out to me.

Let’s Chat…

1. Play along! What has been your Favorite moment?

2. Favorite meal?

3. Favorite posts?


Plans, Pins, and Posts–Round 2

It’s Frriiidaay!

This week has been a doozy for me, so I’m welcoming the weekend with open arms. Not to mention, it’s Easter weekend and I’ll be spending some time at home with my family.

John and I are headed to my parents house Saturday afternoon to spend the night, see what the Easter Bunny brings Winking smile, head to Easter morning church service, and then back to my parent’s house for Easter lunch with the extended fam. It will make for a busy weekend, but, it’s good busy, not bad busy.

Today, I’m linking up with Clare over at Fitting it All In and for the first time, Katie, at Running 4 Cupcakes.

Last week I enjoyed sharing my plans for the weekend, favorite pins from the week, and posts I loved. So, I figured go ahead and share round 2 of Plans, Pins, and Posts.


1. Piles (and piles and piles and piles) of laundry to do. Seriously.

2. Another reason I’m loving this Friday? I took a much needed “mental health” day off from work. Y’all, I have been so tired, so worn down, and lacking all energy. There happened not to be much going on at school this Friday, so I made the decision yesterday – after lunch when my class was driving me absolutely crazy! – that I needed a day off. I realized that the only day I’ve taken off all year was when I had a cyst on my lip that had to be removed. Yep, 1 day way back in October. I desperately needed a day off!

Photo Apr 17, 3 45 31 PM

As much as I love taking a day off, it’s a lot of work. Check out all those sticky notes and plans, not to mention things I’ll have to grade upon my return. But, it’s TOTALLY worth it!

Now, that is why so many teachers never take a sick day!

3. Getting this house clean! See #2. Cleanliness of our house has totally gone out the window. And being the Type A personality that I am, it’s making me slightly bonkers. I’m so glad to have time to get.it.clean.

4. Headed home for Easter! And dying some eggs. Smile You’re never too old.

Easter 2013

5. Date night in with my hubby! We will be out of town for the next 4 straight weekends (!!!), so I’ll take some alone time when I can get it!


This was yet another week when I was on Pinterest a little more than the norm. These are some of my favorite pins I found this week.

Summer Vegetables with Sausage

 Summer Veggies with Sausage and Potatoes

did this in my last house & sadly had to move but am planning on doing it again.  LOVED IT!

Love this! One day in my future home…

You say... God says...

You say… God says

Blueberry Cinnamon Roll Cake

Blueberry Cinnamon Roll Cake

Bright mixed #bouqet of #ranunculus and #daisies | Photography: www.myastrid.com

I’m a sucker for spring flowers!

Total Body Workout

Total Body Workout

Did this workout this week via Julie, and it was a good one!

50th birthday candy bar

50th birthday candy bar

My mom’s 50th birthday is a week from Monday, so in perusing party ideas, I came across this. I love the idea of it.


Unfortunately, I don’t have nearly enough time to read blogs as I’d like, but here are a handful of “read worthy” posts I loved this week.

Managing Finances as a Couple (without a formal budget) – Great post by Emily about how to manage your money as a married couple, without a strict budget. Some really good tips!

My Eating Habits – I love Annette’s blog! I love how she doesn’t apologize for her eats. It’s really all about the balance of delicious AND nutritious foods with super delicious and not quite as nutritious foods!

WIAW- food rules – YES!!! Who made up all these crazy rules, anyway?? I definitely fall victim to them though. Robyn’s post really reminded me that food rules are pointless.

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Post Pregnancy – I loved reading about how Ashley has taken care of and honored her body, and in turn, it respected her self-care.

It’s Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies – Brittany wrote a beautiful post about what to do and where to turn when things don’t always go as expected and it seems we can’t handle it any more.

Grace & truth – A must read!

A big congrats to Linz and Lindsay on the birth of their precious baby boys!

And on that, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my day! I think I could totally rock this “stay-at-home-wife” thing. Winking smile

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter!

French Press Mornings: Encouraging Easter Print ... Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He is not here, He Has Risen!  Luke 24:5-6

A Quick Catch Up

Goodness! I certainly didn’t plan to abandon you and the ole blog for the majority of the week. Life got hectic, and when I finally sat down, I just didn’t feel like I could effectively write a good post. But hey, life happens, right? (And…I had after school bus duty this week which means I was on duty until at least 4pm everyday. Definitely not fun, but I’m thankful I don’t have it every week!)

I want to begin by saying THANK YOU so much for all your encouraging words and support on Tuesday’s post. Seems that lots of you hate many of the same things I do. Isn’t it nice to know we aren’t alone?!

Anyway, no Five Things Friday today, but I do want to catch you up on my week quickly:

Wednesday – After work I drove to Birmingham (an hour + from where we live) for my bi-weekly appointments with my therapist, followed by my nutrition appointment. Both went well, so I was pleased! On my way back home, I popped off the interstate to meet my mom to finally  pick up our wedding album! 3 years later… Oops!

Photo Apr 04, 5 47 48 PM  Photo Apr 04, 5 48 07 PM

I am beyond in love with how it turned out! Here are a few peeks inside the album.

Photo Apr 04, 5 49 42 PM  Photo Apr 04, 5 49 17 PM  Photo Apr 04, 5 48 37 PM  Photo Apr 04, 5 50 26 PM Photo Apr 04, 5 51 37 PM Photo Apr 04, 5 51 09 PM Photo Apr 04, 5 51 49 PM

We DID get married in our church. But apparently I didn’t think the actual ceremony pics were too important. Winking smile Our reception was held at my parents home; they live on about 20 acres. I also got ready and did “before” pictures with bridesmaids and family there, before going to the church for more pictures.

I made it home Wednesday night around 8pm, just in time for a super late dinner. John had a tennis match Wednesday night, so he didn’t end up getting home until late either. After catching up for a bit, we crashed into bed.

Thursday – after I made it home from work on Thursday, I did a couple rounds of Gina’s super quick workout before heading back out to meet John.


We are part of a supper club through our church and the first dinner was last night. It’s a neat concept – after signing up for supper clubs, a committee then randomly drew names (singles or couples) and assembled groups of about 8 people. The groups are made of couples/people from all different age groups and walks of life. In our group there is an older couple around 70, another couple about 50, a third couple who is only a few years older than John and me, and a single woman – who is a hoot! The oldest couple generously offered to host last night’s dinner. We had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed getting to know new people!

The sweet woman who hosted made all parts of the dinner herself. I expect that in the future, it will be more of a pot-luck type thing. Anyway, she prepared a reuben casserole, salad with strawberries and orange slices, topped with a raspberry vinaigrette, and rolls. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of the reuben casserole (a take off of a reuben sandwich), however the salad was delicious!

We stayed late chatting and getting to know each other better. By the time we made it home around 10pm, it was all I could do to pack my lunch for today and iron my clothes before I fell into bed.

Plans for Friday night include watching TV on the couch and an early bed time. Party animals, I know. Winking smile

I’m not too sure what we’ll get into this weekend. My brother is playing in a basketball tournament in town on Saturday, so I’m sure we’ll swing by the gym, and our yard desperately needs some attention too! Besides that and watching some March Madness basketball, I’m excited to get some down time in. I feel like I’ve been racing around from the time my eyes open until they close. Whew!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to the past few days. Catch me up on YOU!

Let’s Chat…

1. What have you been up to this week?

2. Weekend plans?

3. What’s your favorite way to relax or wind down after a crazy, hectic week?

Favorites of the Week

What a week! I tell ya, Spring Break cannot get here fast enough for this teacher. As much as I love all my kiddos, I think we’re all in need of some time apart. Whew! There’s definitely a reason teachers get Spring Break and summers…I think I’d have pulled all my hair out and be one big grouch if I didn’t have those breaks.

Anywho, enough about work because it’s the WEEKEND! Much needed around here.

Some of my favorites from the week:

1. Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary. I cannot believe we’ve been married for 3 years! It feels like just yesterday I was planning the wedding and walking down the aisle.

Sarah & John, 3-12-11

2. This beautiful special delivery I had waiting in my classroom when we returned from lunch on Wednesday (our anniversary). He’s so sneaky! Aren’t they gorgeous?!

photo 7

He also “gave” me a new Hobo wallet. Well, really he told me I have to go pick one out, since he wasn’t sure which style/color I’d want. I LOVE my current Hobo wallet that I’ve had for 5 years (!!).

I was sneaky too! We usually try (if possible and it makes sense) to stick with the traditional anniversary gifts. The 3rd anniversary is supposed to be leather. John has talked in the past about possibly getting a watch with a leather band. He currently has a silver watch. So, after lots of research, I settled on this Citizen Eco-Drive watch.

photo 6

3. This sweet shower invitation. Jessie was my “first sorority friend” in college. We ended up sitting by each other on bid day in the pledge class picture.  We then stuck together throughout that first weekend on pledge retreat. She is SUCH a sweetheart, and I am so happy for her! She’s going to be the best mama. And what an adorable invitation?!

photo 8

4. My parents and youngest siblings are at Disney World! This one actually makes me a little jealous. Sarcastic smile Ha! When we went as a family when I was in Junior High (?) they were really too young to do too much or remember much. I’m happy that they get to go really experience it, now. I just wish I’d gotten the invite too!


5. These posts:

** A BIG congrats to Brittany and her hubby on the finalization of the adoption of their sweet little one!

** This post from Clare. Let’s stop apologizing for our thoughts and opinions. Isn’t that what America is all about?

** Annette has it right – social media will be there. life experiences, rich conversations, and time with loved ones may not.

Hope you all have a Fabulous weekend!

Let’s Chat…

1. Have you been to Disney World? If so, would you like to go back? If not, would you like to go?

2. Favorite posts from the week?

3. Tell me what you’re up to this weekend?

A Random Five Things Friday

Week over – Check! TGIF! Y’all, I feel like a broken record this week, I don’t know what the deal has been this week, but I’ve had no energy at the end of every day. So, you can blame today’s super late post on the fact that I couldn’t seem to get my act together yesterday (I typically try to write my posts the day before they go up, since I’ve got to be out the door around 7am each morning).

I’m linking up with Clare today over at Fitting It All In for Five Things Friday <—You should definitely go check it out!

Five Reasons My Mom is the BEST

1. As I already mentioned, my mom came to read to my classes this week for Read Across America. She also came prepared with a craft for the kids to make, and she even made cake-pops for the kids that looked JUST like the clover from Horton Hears a Who…little speck and all!! Side note: If you’ve never watched the movie, you must. It’s HILARIOUS!  Maybe raising 5 kids, and having 4 out of the house, has left her with a little extra time on her hands? Whatever…I’m not complaining!

The kids’ crafts looked like this

Cake Pops – similar to these

2. I get sweet text messages in the early hours of the morning (we’re talking in the 5 o’clock hour) wishing me a Happy Friday. Red heart

3. She bought me THIS!!!

Mom emailed me earlier this week saying how cute this piece of furniture would be if we re-did it and how it was such a good price. Well, when she showed up on Wednesday to read to my kids, she informed me that she talked the lady down to selling it to her SUPER cheap and she’d already bought it for John and me and it was in my parent’s basement. Seriously, she’s the best. We then spent an unnecessary amount of time pinning ideas for how to re-do it.

Modern Cottage Painted China Cabinet. $775.00, via Etsy.       china cabinet repainted I have handles like these on the drawers just waiting to be used...

4. She understands me, and I don’t have to explain what I’m thinking. She just gets me…ya know?

5. So, remember how I said that 4 out of 5 of my mom’s kids are now out of the house (2 of us graduated college and working, 2 IN college, and 1 a freshman in high school)? Yeah, so now she has way more time on her hands than she’s used to. So what does she do? Goes and gets a part time job at the Apple store. Yep, my middle-aged mom beat out 200 other applicants and interviewees and landed the job. Why did she want to work there? Because she just “loves her apple macbook.” Hilarious!

But, seeing as my macbook decided on Tuesday, and it no longer wanted to charge, it’s pretty convenient that mom can take it in AND get a discounted price for the repairs.

Five Random Facts About Me

1. I hate pickles, mayonnaise, and mustard. Gross.

2. In our marriage, I’m totally the “saver.” John doesn’t spend money frivolously at all, but I’m so much more likely to hold on to money than he is.

3. Our 3rd wedding anniversary is on Wednesday (March 12th)!!! I think I know what I’m getting John. I know, nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh? The traditional gift for the 3rd anniversary is leather, so I think what I have in mind is going to fit the bill, and I hope he’ll like it. I promise to share after I make a final decision!

Sarah & John, 3-12-11

4. I crash on Friday afternoons. For real, I’m so worthless. Friday afternoons around here mean no workouts, no house chores, no school work, no cooking. I always seem so much more tired on Fridays, and I think it’s because I know that I don’t have anything I have to do for Saturdays. Ahhhh…best feeling in the world!

5. I probably eat way too much sodium. I seriously put salt on everything. But, seeing as my blood pressure is always way low, I’m okay-ing it for myself. Winking smile

Posts Worth Reading

When I Grow Up <— Great post by Becky that encourages us to continue to think about who we want to be and what we want to do with our lives, even as adults

If I Hadn’t Stopped Dieting <—WOW! Carly really hits it home with this post about what she’d be missing out on if she hadn’t stopped dieting and never started living freely.

No Bake, Homemade Tagalongs <—No description necessary. Scrumptious!

Can You Love Your Body and Want to Change It? <— Clare poses this question, and I’m sure it’s one that lots of women face. Read her thoughts on the subject and share yours.

Be Filled Up so You Can Pour Out <—A must read. In order to best serve, you yourself must be filled up. How can you help others if your drained?

Don’t Worry About These Things <—A great post by Robyn reminding us that we cannot control most of the things we tend to worry about, so why waste our energy?

And with that, I’m off! Have a fabulous weekend friends!!

Let’s Chat…

1. Plans for the weekend?

2. Tell me something random about YOU!

Five Things Friday {2/28/14}

Friiiddayy!!! We’ve made it! Can you believe tomorrow is March? Bring on spring!

You guys, I don’t know what the deal was this week, but it was a long one! I’m so glad the weekend is here.

I’m running super short on time today, so let’s hop right to it – today’s edition of Five Things Friday. 

5 Things making me Smile

1. This sweet note.

2. This guy

3. My mom is coming to read to my class next week for Read Across America week!

4. I have ZERO plans for the weekend. Sometimes, that’s just what I need.

5. The forecast for Sunday is a high of 72 degrees. Perfect!

5 Yummy Things I’ve Eaten this week.

1. PB stirred into my oats. Mmmm!

2. Feta on my salads. I love it!

3. I threw together somethings in a skillet and it turned out delicious! In the skillet went ground chicken, 2 diced tomatoes, diced onion, heaping handfuls of spinach, cumin, chili powered, garlic powered, and salsa. I served it over brown rice. SO good!

4. This cookie (Kashi dark chocolate and oats)

5. Leftovers from all of the above. 🙂

5 Workouts I’ve been loving this week

1. This – from Heather over at Fit N Cookies

2. This workout from Danica at It’s Progression

3. This workout from Brittany at My own balance.

4. Various Pilates videos via YouTube

5. Not really a workout, but taking the extra time the past 2 days to stretch it out. I’ve GOT to do a better job of stretching!

With that, I’ve gotta run! Happy Friday!!!

Let’s Chat..

1. What’s making you happy?

2. What are the best things you’ve eaten this week?

3. Good workouts you’ve done?