Welcome! My name is Sarah. I am a twenty-something year old living with my husband in Alabama. I’m a 3rd grade teacher by day and a closet-crafter, baker, and adventurer by … weekend and summer? Definitely not night, since I’m a grandma when it comes to my bedtime. But that’s beside the point. 😉


I married my sweet husband, John, who also happens to be my best friend in March 2011. We have no children, yet, however, I’m currently talking him into a dog. A lab to be exact.


I am the oldest of 5 children. Growing up in my house resulted in lots of chores, lots of responsibility, AND lots of fun! I’m blessed to call my siblings some of my closest friends. My parents are pretty awesome too.


I love to be active – whether it’s baking in the kitchen or kayaking with my husband, I have a hard time sitting still. I enjoy crafting and sewing (ok, copying pinterest ideas), reading, cooking and/or baking, and anything outdoors on a pretty day.

I’m learning that life is best lived genuinely, and that some the most fun times come from messy, unorganized chaos. The perfectionist in me is learning to let go and live sincerely, as Sarah, not as someone others want me to be. I’m discovering that “healthy” looks many different ways to many different people. I’m striving to find MY healthy –  and the freedom to fully embrace and experience every opportunity life has to offer.

I hope you’ll stick around!


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