A Friday Brain Dump

Y’all, this week… oh my!

Hence the reason for my lack of posting since Tuesday. Anywho, the good news is I took the day off. I have a dermatologist appointment across town at 9:30 this morning, and I’ve never been to this office before, and I wasn’t sure I could make it back to school by 11:30 (to count as half a day), so I took the WHOLE day off! Woo Hoo!

I have lots of thoughts bouncing around all over the place and until I can organize them to share with you, I thought I’d do a little brain dump.

#1 There are 2 weeks of school left!! 😱 This year has flown by, which is definitely a blessing, because it has been the hardest year I’ve had yet. But, I still can’t help but love those little stinkers!

IMG 1521

#2 My sister stayed with us last night because she had an interview this morning. As you may remember, she recently graduated with a degree in elementary education. Her interview was with my school system. I’d be over the moon if she could teach with me.

#3 I’ve come to realize lately how much I appreciate my “me” time. Being that we’ve been out of town for the last 4 weekends in a row (!!), I’m SO looking forward to being home this weekend, enjoying doing whatever it is I want to do, without any obligations!

#4 I need to clean my house. For real.

#5 I’m pretty sure I have an unhealthy relationship with sweet potatoes. Roasted, to be exact. I can’t seem to get enough! And ketchup. They must be dipped in ketchup. YUM!

IMG 2460

#6 Did you know that the term “introvert” does not mean that a person doesn’t like to be around people? Rather, it refers to the way that a person “recharges.” An introvert recharges through alone time and solitary activities – sometimes even 20-30 minutes is all it takes. And for an extrovert, the opposite is true. An extrovert is recharged through social activities and being around others (which can be draining for an introvert).

I am most definitely an introvert. Refer to #3.

#7 Yesterday, Mm husband bought tickets to a Florida Georgia Line and Nelly concert. It’s going to be at the local minor league baseball stadium in June. Should be interesting!

#8 Lately, I feel like I cannot get into a “groove” with my workouts. I can’t ever decide what I want to do and then I end up doing a workout that leaves me feeling sub-par. Any suggestions??

#9 I want a dog. But the husband says no. 😥 His reasoning? He would feel guilty having the dog in the backyard where it isn’t able to run free when it wants to. (I don’t want an inside dog- no thank you!). I’ll let you look at our backyard and see what you think. I think it’s plenty big enough!

IMG 2055

#10 Has anyone seen the movie “The Other Woman?” I think I want to see it, but I don’t want to waste my time and money. So…any review or suggestions?

Have a fabulous Friday, friends! (how’s that for some alliteration 😉)

Linking up with Clare, Heather, and Katie today. 

Let’s’ Chat…

1. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

2. What foods are you loving? ALL the fruits and veggies, in addition to my sweet potatoes

3. Are you an introvert or extrovert?


6 thoughts on “A Friday Brain Dump

    • hej hej! you’re funny!knitting tears. have had them myself — though my projects are »much« more simple than are yours. much.thanks for coaster info. if th maker would ever sell some, i’d like to kn0&y#823o;wours for a tear-free knitting tomorrow,karen

  1. I’m totally an introvert too! Not a big fan of large crowds at all! I saw the other women and loved it! Wasn’t the best movie though but not the worst either!

  2. I always think I’m an extrovert, but I must admit, when I don’t get my time to recharge I get overwhelmed and I definitely do NOT like large crowds! It’s interesting. And to jazz up your workouts – try out FitnessBlender.com. They have so much!

  3. I thought The Other Woman was funny! Some parts were cheesy, but definitely see it. I’m an introvert too…and I think your background is plenty big. Just don’t get a Great Dane or anything 😉

  4. Give get yourself a damn dog. It has plenty of room :] Haha! As for planning your workouts, why don’t you try planning them out on Sunday. Look for a variety of circuits for whichever body parts your looking to train. (pinterest is a good resource!)

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