When is Enough, Enough?

How much is too much? When is enough, enough?

This is a question with which I often find myself struggling.

Is my house clean enough, or could I do more? I mean, I haven’t scrubbed the baseboards in enough. Is my lesson on quotations good enough? Engaging enough? Will it really relay, in the best way, what I’m trying to teach? If I looked long enough, I could probably find a video, powerpoint, online game, etc. that would really be good for my students. What about being a good wife…have I taken care of all of my husbands needs in the best way possible? Have I been a good helpmate, listener, encourager? I’m sure I could do better.

And then there’s the health and fitness realm. Was my workout good enough? I could have done 1 more round of that circuit, run faster, jumped harder, lifted heavier. There’s also the question of food. Did I make the healthiest meal I could? Did I make sure there was a protein, carb, and veggie?

It’s very easy to get carried away. And, I often do, in one aspect or another – especially if I’m tired. Like, whoa, you’d better steer clear of an emotional, hormonal, tired version of me! Winking smile

I recently came across this quote (via one of my favorite ladies):Potential by Holley Gerth

It’s not necessarily talking about the question “when is enough, enough?”, but it really resonated with me. We are not called to do all, be all, go over and above in every. single. area. of our lives. Nope. We are merely called to follow Christ. All we have to do is say yes. I know at times it’s much easier said than done, but, it really can be that simple. Saying “yes” may not be the trendiest, easiest, or most popular thing to do, but, it really can be simple.

I hope this encourages you today, because it certainly provided me with some encouragement in this busy time of the year, as school comes to a close and my to-do list is a mile long!


Treat Yourself Tuesday

This is one of my favorite weekly link-ups. Knowing that I want to share a way I’ve treated myself really encourages me to actually treat myself!

This week I treated myself to one of my favorite places to eat– TWICE!

Pita Pit!!! John and I loved it in college, and there isn’t one near us now. However, there are three locations in Pensacola, where we visited John’s sister and her husband this weekend. It was SO GOOD, I had it for dinner when we arrived in town and Friday night, and then again on Saturday night. Plans to go out to eat fell through since Kennedy, my 5 month old niece, decided not to cooperate very nicely. Winking smile I must say, I wasn’t complaining!

Photo Feb 07, 8 03 38 PM  Photo Feb 07, 8 04 18 PM

Let’s Chat…

1. Do you struggle with knowing when enough is enough?

2. If not, what’s something you’ve been struggling with recently? We call all use some encouragement!

3. How’ve you treated yourself this week?


4 thoughts on “When is Enough, Enough?

  1. I am in the same boat you are. As a perfectionist, I take everything as an “all or nothing” mission. Though it looks great as an image, it is often detrimental (and manifests in certain aspects into a disordered thinking/e.d.).
    Treating myself today is simply surrendering to Him rather than to myself or the world’s ideas. It’s a BIG treat, because it sure isn’t one that comes easily- but it’s the most scrumptious treat there is!

    Glad you enjoyed the Florida sunshine! 🙂
    And Pita Pit 😉

    • Amen! Perfection sounds like a good idea and is something we’d like to think we can portray, but often times, I’m scrambling like a mad woman behind the scenes…it gets ugly! 🙂

      Definitely a BIG treat to surrender! Something I must remind myself daily – er, hourly – to do. Good for you!

  2. I keep buying myself clothes! I just bought some more today on Gilt. I think I’ve treated myself enough! 🙂

    I definitely strive for perfection and have had trouble knowing when enough is enough but the older I get the less I care!

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