Thinking Out Loud {5/8/14}


I’m pretty sure my brain is seriously fried, and I can’t even think of anything to small talk about, sooooo instead of dragging you through some light hearted banter thrilling you with my wit and humor (sarcasm much??), we’re just gonna jump right in….

Into some Thinking Out Loud, that is. A big shout out to Amanda for throwing this little shin dig each Thursday.


1. Being at work at 7am is for the birds. This is one of my weeks for supervising the kids who arrive early, before school. This duty makes me thankful for 2 things: every minute of sleep that I normally get PAST my wake up time this week of 5:15 am AND the fact that I only have this duty 5 times a year!

2. I’ve been loving these Popsugar body weight workouts. Trust me, they look easier than they are! I woke up nice and surprisingly sore after completing these!


3. Happy early Mother’s Day to my mama! John and I will be celebrating the holiday with his family this year, so unfortunately I won’t get to see my mom on Mother’s Day.


4. Speaking of this weekend, we are headed to Pensacola, Florida, where John’s sister, her husband, and my niece live. His parents will be joining us there too. I’m excited to spend time with them. But, let’s be honest, I’m really, REALLY excited to get my hands on this little nugget!


5. Something else I’m excited about? The fact that their house is 15 minutes from the beach. This girl is in desperate need of some sun! I’m pretty sure I glow when I wear dresses and sleeveless tops.

6. Summer countdown: 15.5 days until summer…and counting… 🙂

7. A friend sent me this the other day, and I literally laughed out loud. So of course, I had to share.


8. You guys, look what I discovered at TJ Maxx recently! Essie polish for $4.99! I just never can quite convince myself to pay the almost $8 it costs everywhere else. Although, this discovery may not be a good thing. I suppose it cancels out the price if you buy multiple bottles. Oops.


On that note, I gotta jet. Thanks for letting me spill my brains, however random it may be!

Let’s Chat…

1. What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Do you get gifts? Cards? We got cards for both of our mothers and a little something extra. Nothing too big, though. 

2. What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen recently?

3. Share a random thought with me! 


18 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud {5/8/14}

    • Yeah girl, I wouldn’t have thought to look there either. I stumbled upon the polish in all that stuff they make you walk through to get to the register. Obviously, their ploy worked. 😉

  1. I found Essie nail polish at Burlington Coat Factory by the cash registers.. it hasn’t ended well for my wallet 😉 Ha I am like you and refuse to spend tons on it. 15.5 days.. whoa! Time flies, right?! Have a blast with family this weekend!

  2. Oh Mother’s Day is full of gifts! And flowers of course because what mother doesn’t love flowers! Oh and usually a Mother’s Day brunch!

  3. I see expensive nail polish as a good investment, because let’s be real… when have you ever finished a bottle? Those things just last forever. And girl… I glow as well. I don’t think my skin has seen sun since last summer, so the only “glow” I have is the one I managed to get from my kabocha obsession 😆

    • Hmm…good point, I never do finish a bottle. I’m going to have to use that logic next time I’m with my husband and see a bottle of polish I want. 🙂

      • Vabbe'…. sono cuori ma tu sei senza cuore!!!Non ti basta mettere queste foto… inciti anche alla ribellione calorica con il "fateli, sono irresistibili"… e bastaaaaa !!! hahahahahaCopiati e… considerali fatti ! 😀

      • Je pense que cette idée de dessiner comme un peintre s’illustre parfaitement avec le fusain (voir le pastel): dessiner en masses et non en lignes. J’ai pour ma part beaucoup appris en observant le processus de certains américains comme Liberace ou Scott Burdick. L’idée est de dégager des maitres un processus propre puis de l’améliorer, le bonifier, le mettre à l’épreuve.

      • Jag är pÃ¥ banan med nu. Jag har inte försökt att fÃ¥nga den där uttalade skönheten i människor eller i naturen eller i byggnader.Jag var mer ute efter att fÃ¥nga nÃ¥got som är en skön känsla eller en skön konst.Ha en fin vecka.

  4. Hahah I love the “glow” point- story of my life! When I was out in California over the summer all of my friends remarked how I “sparkled in the sun”. And I thought I was dark… lol

    Happy Friday Sarah! Enjoy that precious little munchkin (and the beach!) this weekend- what a combination! 🙂
    (I had it in California, it’s a favourite pairing lol)

  5. confession: I would’ve been happy if you just posted a photo of will smith only. I just find him to be quite good looking – ears & everything Haha!

    Hope you had a wonderful time w/ your inlaws xoox

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