Things I Can’t Live Without

Good Morning, lovelies!

Is anyone recovering from a craaaazy Cinco de Mayo? I’m certainly not. The craziest we got was John stopping to pick himself up a Moe’s burrito and bringing home some free spicy guac – in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, obviously. 😉

Do any of you guys have those certain things you just can’t imagine living without? Those things that you use almost daily or weekly? Those things that you’ll make a special trip out for if you ever run out?

Today, I thought I’d share with you those things that I just can’t live without.

Ok, if we’re being honest, we all know I could live without these things, but I sure wouldn’t want to!

1. My Computer –


I actually DID have to live without it for a while. Thankfully though, I have a school issued laptop that I’m free to bring home and use as my own, so I was able to make do with that. But, I was oh-so-glad to get my beloved MacBook back in my arms hands.

2. Gum –


I recently shared my obsession with gum. It definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s one of those things that I must make an emergency stop for if my “stash” is running low.

3. Aussie Moist Conditioner –


This is my absolute favorite conditioner. Ever since I stumbled upon it back in college, I just can’t stray away from it. It makes my hair so soft and smooth. My hair can tend to get frizzy in the humidity that is Alabama summers. This conditioner does it’s best to calm it down.

4. Coffee – Does this really need an explanation?

5. My Thirty-One Lunchbox (lunchbag?)


Since I take my lunch to work everyday (school lunches – no thanks) a durable, yet cute, lunch box is a must. This is my 2nd Thirty-One lunch box. I used my first one for 2.5 years, until I eventually gave it a little too much love. 😉

I LOVE them! They’re cute, extremely durable, very roomy, and even have an outside pocket for things like silverware, salt and pepper packets, and other random things that I seem to constantly toss in!

6. Dove Powder Fresh Deoderant-


I think I’ve been using this brand since high school. I love it because it really gets the job done, but doesn’t have an intense scent. Rather, it smells fresh and clean. Confession: I used to get in trouble in middle school for forgetting to put on deodorant and we had to stop at a gas station more mornings than I’d care to admit. Thanks, mom, for helping me avoid humiliation. 

7. My Reebok RealFlex tennis shoes –


I bought these last year and I’m prreeetty sure I’ve worn them every day since, or at least close to it. They are so comfortable, so light, and fit my narrow foot really well. I immediately put them on when I get home from work and pretty much any other time I don’t need to be dressed for an occasion, work, church, or a date night/girls night.

8. My knife block/knives –


We received this nice knife set as a wedding gift. At the time, I was skeptical I’d use it very much. My mom didn’t have one as I was growing up, so I wan’t accustomed to one. But, oh man…I think I use at least 1 knife from it daily! Or at least every other day…

I realize these knives look disgusting. I’m not sure why? Maybe the lighting? But I promise they’re clean! 

9. Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder


I used to be a die hard Neutrogena fan. However, after frequenting my local drug store one day and my beloved Neutrogena powder was out, I stepped out on a limb and tried this Revlon brand, and I haven’t looked back. I love it because it takes the shine out of my face, and also works to clear up my naturally oily, blemish prone skin.

10. Fit and Fresh Containers


I love these tupperware sets! I have 2 of the rectangular containers (2 cups each) and 2 of the small oval (1 cup each) containers. I love them because the measurement lines make portion control easy and simple – no thinking involved – which is a definite plus when throwing together lunch or breakfast (for the following day) on a busy night when time is tight.

I think I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you. 🙂


I did manage to treat myself to a fabulous pedicure last Friday evening. Pedicures have always been one of my favorite treats, and I don’t see that changing anytime in the near future.


(head on over to Becky’s blog to see how others are treating themselves and why we like to participate in Treat Yourself Tuesdays!)

Let’s Chat…

1. What beauty product can you NOT live without?

2. What kitchen/food item can you NOT live without?

3. How did you treat yourself this past week?


22 thoughts on “Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. I couldn’t live without my computer either! I seem to take it everywhere but work! It has my life on it pretty much! My kitchen item would probably be my water bottle! It has one of those liter measurements so I make sure I am getting enough water for the day I even lug the thing around when I go shopping! Thank goodness for big purses haha! This past week I tried myself to some gluten free baked foods to celebrate my graduation !

    • Isn’t it the best feeling ever to be a college graduate?! A big congrats to you!! I’m all about pre-measured things. The less thinking I have to do, the better! And I’m with you on big purses!

      • Te2&ifolhec#8i30;i wouldn’t have already right now later figured given that now listed here at you actually over a copy on a web page these days meant for a number of years so. Even my best friend Gregor is willing for good and witout a doubt has sample on greetings d…

  2. I’m actually completely okay w/o any beauty products (i mean besides shower sttuff Haha) – however i can’t live w/o my ninja, waffle maker & Pots/pans when it comes to kitchen stuff 🙂

    • If I didn’t work, I don’t think I’d touch most beauty products…face wash, and that’d probably be it. 🙂 I’m all about some kitchen gadgets too!

    • she has all this Monroe stuff in her house it’s hard not to think one want’s to be the GODDESS MARvoYN.EIeryLne knows that Madonna reinvents herself from all types of glamor artists and Madonna herself has admitted to her reinventions from Monroe to Dietrich.I am certainly not a hater I appreciate the beauty most people try to put out there but sometimes these stars try to hard to be someone else they should come to what we loved about them before all these changes made them someone else that’s all.

    • Oh yeah, no doubt any place will be a great spot but being such a huge fan, I want to be in the front row, right in front of Win! I was in the front row at Bluesfest and the second row at the Toronto Islands. I’m sure they’ll be even more energized playing in their hometown so I definitely want to be up close and personal with the band! Have a great time everyone!

  3. I absolutely cannot live without my phone (I know, I’m one of those people), my special deodorant that I save for days when I know I’ll be super sweaty (Certain Dri). I also love dry shampoo, and my foundation!

    • Girl, sad as it is, i’m too dependent on my phone too. I’ve never found a dry shampoo that I like. I always hear such great things about them though. What brand do you use?

  4. Neat Post 🙂 I love your lunch bag- too cute!
    I cannot live without a good moisturizer (Neutrogena Healthy Skin is usually found in my makeup bag). That, or an eyelash curler and Million Lashes mascara (I’ve got blonde eyelashes- it’s necessary!) And deodorant (common sense lol)
    I cannot live without my knife block either- gotta cut those veggies 🙂

  5. I love the lunch bag. So cute and perfect to hold the fit and fresh containers!!!

    Beauty product that I can’t live without is probably lotion. I feel like my skin get so dry!! And mascara-I love to have big long lashes…and I love to try new mascaras!!

      • mejuah juah pa,adi enggo dung sjaya 150 ras 200 takpmliendu min bas website ta enda, adi danci ras sjaya colt diesel 177 ya pa. me lanai bo ndekah dung motor si telu ena ndai pa?,gelahna mis lit nampati sjaya 100.bujur ras mejuah juah kita kerina

  6. The beauty product I can’t live without is definitely my Nivea lip balm (pearly shine to be precise!). I just couldn’t live without my coffee maker! I’ve treated myself with a nice shopping trip at Lululemon last Saturday! It was awesome!

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