Thinking Out Loud {4/10/14}

Happy Thursday to you! It’s been done a little thinking out loud, courtesy of this lady. So, let’s get to it!

1. I’m SO incredibly over this whole “be at work at 7am” thing. I briefly mentioned it earlier this week, but I have morning duty this week. I’m responsible for watching the kids that arrive at school early, until they are allowed in the classrooms at 7:45. Let’s just say I’m MORE than looking forward to sleep this week! (And yes, I have to set an insane amount of alarms.)

Photo Apr 10, 5 22 19 AM

2. So, my family had a bracket pool going for the men’s NCAA tournament. We each filled out a bracket on, which keeps up with how your picks do throughout the tournament. My brother won, and I came in 2nd. However, if I’d known that was a legitimately awesome prize for the winner, I may have put a little more effort into it. $100 in gas?! So jealous…and so didn’t know my dad would actually follow through with the challenge.

Photo Apr 08, 6 46 23 PM

3. My parents/siblings who still live at home have a precious cat named Mollie. I’m not a cat person, but she really is sweet. Well, she’s been pregnant like…A LOT. My younger brother said she’s a slut. Ha! Anyway, she had her kittens yesterday. How precious are they! Mom said she will not be having any more kittens, if ya know what I mean. Winking smile


4. On that note, they also have the sweetest chocolate lab, who is about 1.5 years old. Well, she’s in heat and my parents have to keep her fenced up in our basement (they live on a lot of land, so we have no fence around the yard) the majority of the time. Let’s just say, her milkshake brings ALL the boys to the yard.

Photo Apr 10, 5 23 40 AM

5. I went to Target last night to quickly run in for some cardstock I needed. Well, $80 later, I walked out with my cardstock, a pack of pens, a box of staples, a new dress, a new top, a new pair of shoes, and lipstick. What?! Why does this always happen to me. I might as well just throw $$ at the door when I drive past the entrance.

6. John had a tennis match last night that didn’t end until about 8, so I was on my own for dinner. I had leftovers of this. I can’t seem to get enough!

Photo Apr 08, 8 26 26 PM

7. YES to this- (been loving this lady)

Rest by Holley Gerth  Change the World

8. Ohhhhh young love…

Photo Apr 10, 5 23 59 AM

I got that text message last night from a parent of one of my students. She stomped on a boy’s foot yesterday and couldn’t tell me why she did it. Her answer was, “I just wanted. to.” I had a feeling she might have a little crush. Haha!

Alright, time to get going! Have a great Thursday!

Let’s Chat…

1. What time do you get up, daily? I usually get up about 5:30-5:40 am. Depending on how many times I hit the snooze button. Winking smile

2. Have you ever gone in Target and left with ONLY what you went in for? Um…probably not.

3. Favorite leftovers you’ve had lately?


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud {4/10/14}

  1. I always get up at 530 and get a run in before the day starts!
    I have to say thank you so much for the quote about leaving God in charge I had a pretty rough day yesterday and this was a wonderful reminder that I need to take a moment to calm down and know he has a plan for me 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for me to walk into a store and only buy the one or two items I need. This happens to me with pretty much everything. I’ve stopped trying to fight it. And that text is just too darn cute. I remember those young crushes and the crazy things we’d do. Then we grow up and do even crazier things. Love will always be complicated, apparently 😆

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