Just What was Needed–Weekend Wrap Up {4/7/14}

Good Monday Morning!

This weekend was definitely a Marvelous one. I hope yours was too! Since time is tight, I’m going to recap the weekend in list form. Oh, and I was a bad blogger and totally didn’t take any pictures this weekend. Oops!

– Friday night was spent on the couch, watching our new favorite show.

– Saturday morning began with a bowl of oats and Julie’s Bootcamp workout. It was a good one! I love how it kept me moving the whole time, and also kept me from getting bored.

60 Minute Boot Camp Workout

– My brother (and dad – who is their coach) had a basketball tournament in town. They had games at 8:30am, 4:20pm, and 7pm. Between their morning and afternoon games, my dad and brother came to our house to hang out…along with half of their team. Just let me tell you, 15 year old boys are hilarious! We really enjoyed having them hang out for a few hours

– Our yard was starting to look like a jungle, what with all the long grass, so we took care of that Saturday afternoon too. It was so nice outside, I didn’t mind cutting the grass at all. Ask me again when it’s 95 degrees outside. I cut while John does the weed eater, blower, etc.

– We went to watch my dad and brother’s afternoon games.

– Saturday night, I wasn’t feeling too hot. I think I was dehydrated because I had a horrible headache. So, we headed home for a leisurely night in, watching some March Madness basketball. Which, by the way, if you’ve been watching the games, I was doing well until Saturday night. I had Florida vs. Wisconsin on the final championship game. But, seeing as they both lost…I don’t think I’m winning the $50 gas card from the family bracket pool. Sad smile

– Sunday was a wet one around here. It literally rained just about all day! We were both exhausted from a busy week, so decided to forego church in favor of getting a little extra rest. It was definitely much needed.

– Sunday consisted of working on lesson plans, grading and recording papers, a trip to the grocery store, lots of food prep for the week, some laundry, and picking up the house. Sunday was just the type of day I needed after a long, busy week and another one coming up this week.

And with that, I’m off! I have morning bus duty this week- which means I have to be at school by 7am each day. So not fun. Ah well, at least it’s just one week! Have a marvelous Monday! (<—thanks to Katie for hosting the link-up, as always!)

Let’s Chat…

1. When was the last relaxing weekend that you had? What’s your favorite way to relax over the weekend?

2. What did you do this weekend?

3. What does your upcoming week hold?


8 thoughts on “Just What was Needed–Weekend Wrap Up {4/7/14}

  1. Ha! Relaxing weekend for us hasn’t happened in ages! I think once you have kids those completely go out the window 😉 Okay not completely. I’m sure once my son has graduated high school things will slow down… Wouldn’t change it for the world though!

    • Oh, I can only imagine the craziness that comes with little ones. But, like you said, I’m sure it’s completely worth it (99.9% of the time ;-))!! Here’s to rest and relaxation around the time of your son’s 18th bday. Ha!

  2. Hopefully this weekend will be a relaxing one for me! With only lunch plans on Friday with my sister I am sure counting on it!
    This weekend I bought my first car! Long, stressful and exciting process!
    This week holds my last full week of classes as an undergrad student! Excited, scared and nervous lol

    • A new car…how exciting! I’m sure it was stressful – I remember that feeling very well! And your last week as an undergrad? What an awesome few weeks for you!

  3. Good for you for taking care of yourself this weekend. It’s easier said than done to slow down! 🙂
    My weekends tend to be pretty full (in a good way), but Easter weekend will be a nice change of pace. (Plus five of us girls are celebrating our birthdays over that weekend too!)

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