A Quick Catch Up

Goodness! I certainly didn’t plan to abandon you and the ole blog for the majority of the week. Life got hectic, and when I finally sat down, I just didn’t feel like I could effectively write a good post. But hey, life happens, right? (And…I had after school bus duty this week which means I was on duty until at least 4pm everyday. Definitely not fun, but I’m thankful I don’t have it every week!)

I want to begin by saying THANK YOU so much for all your encouraging words and support on Tuesday’s post. Seems that lots of you hate many of the same things I do. Isn’t it nice to know we aren’t alone?!

Anyway, no Five Things Friday today, but I do want to catch you up on my week quickly:

Wednesday – After work I drove to Birmingham (an hour + from where we live) for my bi-weekly appointments with my therapist, followed by my nutrition appointment. Both went well, so I was pleased! On my way back home, I popped off the interstate to meet my mom to finally  pick up our wedding album! 3 years later… Oops!

Photo Apr 04, 5 47 48 PM  Photo Apr 04, 5 48 07 PM

I am beyond in love with how it turned out! Here are a few peeks inside the album.

Photo Apr 04, 5 49 42 PM  Photo Apr 04, 5 49 17 PM  Photo Apr 04, 5 48 37 PM  Photo Apr 04, 5 50 26 PM Photo Apr 04, 5 51 37 PM Photo Apr 04, 5 51 09 PM Photo Apr 04, 5 51 49 PM

We DID get married in our church. But apparently I didn’t think the actual ceremony pics were too important. Winking smile Our reception was held at my parents home; they live on about 20 acres. I also got ready and did “before” pictures with bridesmaids and family there, before going to the church for more pictures.

I made it home Wednesday night around 8pm, just in time for a super late dinner. John had a tennis match Wednesday night, so he didn’t end up getting home until late either. After catching up for a bit, we crashed into bed.

Thursday – after I made it home from work on Thursday, I did a couple rounds of Gina’s super quick workout before heading back out to meet John.


We are part of a supper club through our church and the first dinner was last night. It’s a neat concept – after signing up for supper clubs, a committee then randomly drew names (singles or couples) and assembled groups of about 8 people. The groups are made of couples/people from all different age groups and walks of life. In our group there is an older couple around 70, another couple about 50, a third couple who is only a few years older than John and me, and a single woman – who is a hoot! The oldest couple generously offered to host last night’s dinner. We had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed getting to know new people!

The sweet woman who hosted made all parts of the dinner herself. I expect that in the future, it will be more of a pot-luck type thing. Anyway, she prepared a reuben casserole, salad with strawberries and orange slices, topped with a raspberry vinaigrette, and rolls. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of the reuben casserole (a take off of a reuben sandwich), however the salad was delicious!

We stayed late chatting and getting to know each other better. By the time we made it home around 10pm, it was all I could do to pack my lunch for today and iron my clothes before I fell into bed.

Plans for Friday night include watching TV on the couch and an early bed time. Party animals, I know. Winking smile

I’m not too sure what we’ll get into this weekend. My brother is playing in a basketball tournament in town on Saturday, so I’m sure we’ll swing by the gym, and our yard desperately needs some attention too! Besides that and watching some March Madness basketball, I’m excited to get some down time in. I feel like I’ve been racing around from the time my eyes open until they close. Whew!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to the past few days. Catch me up on YOU!

Let’s Chat…

1. What have you been up to this week?

2. Weekend plans?

3. What’s your favorite way to relax or wind down after a crazy, hectic week?


8 thoughts on “A Quick Catch Up

  1. Weekend plans for me are car shopping and hopefully purchasing a new car! Excited, exhausted and ready to take a nap haha

  2. 3 years later or not, your wedding photos turned out gorgeous! You were such a stunning bride my dear. This weekend consisted of relaxing & of course some March Madness. Who do you have winning I’m going with Kentucky.

    • Thanks sweet girl! It was definitely fun to look back at the pictures from that day. I had Florida and Wisconsin the final game, but seeing as they both lost, I think I’m going with Kentucky too. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful bride! It’s kind of nice that there was such a delay- you get to relive it all after the wedding whirlwind is over! 🙂
    My weekend consisted of long phone conversations with friends and church (along with errands and a movie on the couch)
    Hope your weekend is a much needed reprieve! 🙂

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