Five Things Friday–Favorites edition

\Wow! How in the world is it Friday already?! This may be one of the only times I’m SAD it’s Friday. Spring break is over. Sad smile Ahhh….well, it had to end sometime, right? I’m just thankful I get a spring break.

Since today is Friday, I’m participating in Clare’s Five Things Friday. Head on over to Fitting It All In to check out all the fun.

I’m going to put a little twist on today’s version of Five Things Friday. Today is going to focus on 5 of my all-time favorite things. I go to thinking the other day, WHY are my favorite things my favorites? (does that make sense?) Anyway, I’m going to try to answer that question about the following items.

1. Favorite Color: Blue. So, why do I like blue? I’m not honestly sure, I always have though. For me, I think it’s more of a calming color. Blue is classified as a cool color. For me, it represents slowing down, a breath of fresh air, and just an overall peaceful color. Plus, the sky and the ocean are blue – and I like those things too. Winking smile

Check out the meaning of the color blue via

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. In heraldry, blue is used to symbolize piety and sincerity.

You can use blue to promote products and services related to cleanliness (water purification filters, cleaning liquids, vodka), air and sky (airlines, airports, air conditioners), water and sea (sea voyages, mineral water). As opposed to emotionally warm colors like red, orange, and yellow; blue is linked to consciousness and intellect. Use blue to suggest precision when promoting high-tech products.

Blue is a preferred color for corporate America.

Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.
Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness

Pretty interesting, huh? You can  click on the link above to see the meaning of YOUR favorite color!

2. Favorite new meal/recipe: this Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad – You guys….this is SO good! I saw it on pinterest yesterday, and couldn’t seem to get it out of my head So, what did I do? I took care of that little craving. I drove myself to the grocery store, picked up the necessary ingredients, and made myself some dinner.

Photo Mar 27, 8 23 41 PM


Photo Mar 27, 8 23 26 PM

I made a few changes to the original recipe, but it was delicious! I plan to share my version with you soon.

3. Favorite Restaurant: Zoe’s KitchenI LOVE Zoe’s! Just ask my husband. Winking smile Why do I like it so much? I think because all the ingredients they use are fresh! They do not serve foods that is fried – not that I’m against fried foods, however, they tend to make me feel greasy and don’t sit well with my tummy. As someone who has never liked mayo, I love the fact that not many of their foods are prepared with mayonnaise. They’ll put it on your sandwich if you’d like, but as far as in their slaw or potato salad, they are both vinegar based. They do use mayo in their famous chicken salad, but it’s not overdone.

If you have a Zoe’s near you, and you’ve never tired it, shame on you! You must go today.

4. Favorite “leisure time” activity(s): Ahhh…so many things!

I love to bake.

Photo Jan 07, 7 10 47 PM   Photo Dec 23, 7 32 52 PM   Photo Jul 26, 3 22 59 PM

I like to sew.

Photo Nov 13, 7 02 50 PM   Photo Nov 17, 5 27 48 PM  Photo Jul 07, 4 59 52 PM  Photo Jul 07, 6 22 33 PM

I like to craft.

Photo Mar 24, 11 51 02 AM   Photo Mar 26, 3 49 22 PM

I love to read (this doesn’t happen nearly enough!).

I love to relax on the couch catching up on DVR’d shows with my sweet husband.

Walk around stores and just look (although, buying does occasionally happen too. Winking smile). Or just go on a walk around the neighborhood.

Photo Mar 27, 1 17 57 PM

Just a little shopping with my little brother.

Doing anything outside. I just love to be outdoors on a pretty day!

Photo Mar 09, 4 38 40 PM

Why do I enjoy these things? I think they allow me to get outside of my mind for a bit. What I mean by that is, they allow me to focus on other things and take my attention away from the worries, anxieties, and/or demands of the day. Overall, they help me to relax and focus on what is really important in life – God, my marriage, family, relationships. Priorities, people.

5. Favorite way to spoil myself: pedicure!! Ahh…on a Friday afternoon, after a long week of chasing 3rd graders and forcing knowledge down their throats (kindding! sorta…) nothing beats a pedicure. Unfortunately, I don’t have an unlimited pedicure fund, however if you’re willing to start one for me, I won’t say no.

Photo Mar 28, 1 58 51 PM

Happy toes! Excuse the sock imprints – I took my socks off to show you my pretty pedi. Winking smile

Why do I like pedicures? I love the massage chair! I know, right?! I love the warm water. I like the mini leg/calf massage. And I like pretty spring/summer colors. I’ve never been one who felt I could pull off a dark color on my toes. It just makes my feet look dirty. But, kudos to those of you who can!

On that note, I’d better scoot! I have a hair cut appointment this morning. My hair needs cutting like nobody’s business! Yikes! I’m contemplating getting lots cut off. I probably won’t though. I always think about it, but never have the guts to go through with it. I’m scared of buyers remorse (haircut remorse?).

I hope you have a fabulous Friday!!

Let’s chat…

1. What should I do to my hair?! I always wish there was someone who would just come tell me the best haircut for my face, shape, etc.

2. What are some of your favorites? color, new recipe, leisure activities, restaurant, treat to yourself?


9 thoughts on “Five Things Friday–Favorites edition

  1. Favorite color is yellow! New Recipe oh gosh I have been a horrible baker and I don’t even have one right now… Leisure activities I am one of the rare few that likes grocery shopping, window shopping, watching some good shows like greys anatomy and hiking. I love Northstar Cafe they give big portions of all organic and fresh food! And the way I treat myself is froyo!

  2. Hmmm.. I love your hair, I am sure it’ll look great however you cut it! I know what you mean about “just tell me what will look best” lol
    If only it were so easy 😉

    I love hues of all colours- they’re all so pretty! I love to cook and bake and have been making way too many pumpkin loaves and cookies for Church.
    I love to be outside and active, reading (hahah whenever it happens) and spending time with family and friends.
    I don’t eat out much- my favourite eating “out” scenarios are straw”babies” straight out of the field or picnics. (Yep, I’m a romantic lol)

    Happy Saturday! 🙂

    • I actually ended up chopping it off quite a bit…enough to donate! Umm…maybe you should come to my church and bake. That all sounds delicious! I’m totally with you on being outside, active, and reading!

  3. Zoe’s Kitchen is awesome! And I just got a pedicure yesterday – definitely an awesome way to spoil yourself 🙂

    As far as my favorite activities to do, read, catch up on shows, blog, bake, practice yoga, go on a walk, a fro yo date, and so many more! Loved this post!

  4. The color correlation is so interesting! I’m not sure I completely agree with my favorite color (pink) but I do with my second favorite (yellow).

    I love being outside and being active! I am getting excited for warmer weather so I can take my bike out!

  5. Sarah, you have super s*xy feet and toes! would love to touch/kiss them! especially love the sock prints on your feet! mmmmmmmmm

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