Do You Set Unrealistic Expectations?

Today marks the 2nd day of my spring break, and it has been lovely so far. Waking up at 7am vs. 5am, leisurely eating breakfast while watching the Today Show and catching up on blog reading, taking time for devotions, and having the time to get in a quality workout…just some of the things I’ve enjoyed. Looking forward to 3 more days. Woo!

Yesterday wound up being a busy and productive day. I was able to get the whole house cleaned! Yes, it took a while, but it feels AWESOME! I love having the time to really clean each room like it needs to be cleaned. It doesn’t happen nearly enough around here.

I was also able to get the grocery shopping done for the week and made a trip to Academy Sports for a few new items. I treated myself to new spandex capri bottoms and a new lightweight sweatshirt. (<—head over to Becky’s blog for more ideas of how to Treat Yourself.)

Photo Mar 24, 5 48 39 PM

I own a pair of Nike and Reebok running tights, which were both bought on sale. I just can’t swallow spending upwards of $40 for clothes I’m going to get all sweaty in. Winking smile But, this pair is the BCG brand that Academy carries. Typically I don’t like this brand too much because the items usually feel more cheaply made and don’t usually fit as well. But I love these spandex capri bottoms! The fit really well and seem to be very good quality. And at $16 a pair, I have a feeling I’ll definitely be back to grab a few more pairs. 

Photo Mar 24, 5 50 10 PM

I also bought an Addidas “climawarm” sweatshirt that was on sale. I immediately threw it on and have been loving it! Especially the thumb holes…anyone else obsessed with thumbholes?

Photo Mar 24, 5 46 53 PM

Let’s chat for a moment about Expectations.

In general, I believe having and setting expectations is a good thing. Having expectations for yourself can help push you through challenges and achieve your goals. Having expectations for others is also generally a good thing. For example, I think it’s good to have a set of expectations for your significant other. You may expect certain things from him/her – things like treating you with respect, listening to you, helping you, and having a similar set of beliefs, values, and morals.

But today, I want to discuss expectations we set for ourselves.

let go of expectations

Being someone with a perfectionist mentality (recovering perfectionist?), I tend to set unrealistic expectations for myself, and then push myself to achieve them. While there is nothing wrong with pushing yourself, I usually take it to the extreme and end up unnecessarily exhausted, stressed, and anxious. This is no fun for anyone. I tend to think that I’m only hurting myself, which, sadly, doesn’t phase me very much. But, this isn’t the case. I’m also affecting those around me. I’m moody, grumpy, and sometimes downright mean.

But, y’all, we deserve a break. I’m not perfect, and neither are you. And you know what? No one expects you to be perfect. In fact, by trying to be perfect, we sometimes push others away. Who wants to be friends or spend time with someone who is perfect – eats perfectly, always has everything organized, turned in on time, is neat, and gets in a sweaty workout everyday? Uhhh….not me.

In fact, NO ONE expects you to be perfect – except you!

A really good self reminder from a self confessed 'perfectionist' - those expectations are the only true disappointment.   Where in your life are you expectations trapping you?  PRESENT MOMENT, only way forward... x

As I said earlier, I DO think setting expectations, generally, is a good thing. But the kind of expectations I’m talking about are not tangibly measurable. The expectations I’m speaking of are things like doing YOUR best everyday in every task, treating others with respect, and finding joy in every circumstance. I’m slowly learning to change my expectations from things like get all the laundry done, all food prepped, a perfect meal on the table, perfect lesson plans, a perfectly cleaned house, and so on, and so on, to things like I mentioned above.

Let go of expectations.  They only serve to disappointment us.  Accepting what is lets us be in the flow of life and not get trapped in trying to control things or people.  Fear causes us to want to control.  Let go of fear too. <3

In my experience, once I let go of those strict and unrealistic expectations of myself, I am happier. I’m not constantly disappointing myself for not reaching those expectations, and I don’t constantly feel pressure to be achieving these crazy high goals. I’m more rested, less stressed out, and less anxious. I’m definitely more relatable and someone others are more likely to want to be around.

So, I challenge you today – let go of those unrealistic expectations you have.

Side Note: only YOU know if expectations are unrealistic for YOU. They may not be unrealistic for someone else, but for YOU they are. You are unique, honor YOU!

And set expectations for yourself that are really going to have an impact on you and those around you in a positive way.

Let’s Chat…

1. Do you set expectations for yourself and others?

2. Do you ever find that you expect crazy things of yourself?

3. What is ONE expectation of yourself that you will let go of today?! I’m choosing to let go of expecting myself to be productive every minute of the day. It’s OKAY to sit, rest, relax, and rejuvenate.


6 thoughts on “Do You Set Unrealistic Expectations?

  1. Oh my gosh yes! I do this with eating healthy, working out basically living a healthy life, in fact I think this is the expectation I want to let go of! What’s the point of being healthy if I never get to indulge in one of those Starbucks frappes or ice cream or a gosh dang chocolate bar lol I am totally treating myself this weekend to something unhealthy because I sure do deserve it!

    • I do the same thing. You’re exactly right…what’s the point in being healthy most of the time if you don’t indulge every now and then. In fact, I think eating healthy IS indulging once in a while. You definitely deserve it, girl!

  2. First of all, I love the new workout gear and treating yourself with some extra sleep is most definitely a treat! And expectations, yep – guilty as charged! I think some expectations are great – getting to work on time, achieving our “to-do’s” throughout the day and so on are all positive. We just need to be mindful when we become to hard on ourselves if we don’t meet them.

  3. Super cute workout gear! I do set some crazy expectations sometimes and then I’m like “why did you do that? You knew you could not achieve that” whether it is because of time or circumstances. Funny I read this today because I came to the decision that the wedding dress I want to wear really is not the best for my body type… even though I love it to the moon and back. I am 6’1″ and Puerto Rican which = curvy. No way in heck I can get myself to where I need to be in order to wear it even though the wedding is a year away. And there is some freedom that comes with acceptance even if it involves a dress.

    • Isn’t it awesome, the freedom that comes when we free ourselves of these crazy expectations?!

      I totally feel you on the whole clothes issue…I’m 5’10” myself, and people just don’t seem to understand why it’s so difficult to find pants/dresses/skirts long enough or shoes big enough! 🙂

      Congrats on your marriage! Enjoy the planning…it goes so fast!

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