Favorites of the Week

What a week! I tell ya, Spring Break cannot get here fast enough for this teacher. As much as I love all my kiddos, I think we’re all in need of some time apart. Whew! There’s definitely a reason teachers get Spring Break and summers…I think I’d have pulled all my hair out and be one big grouch if I didn’t have those breaks.

Anywho, enough about work because it’s the WEEKEND! Much needed around here.

Some of my favorites from the week:

1. Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary. I cannot believe we’ve been married for 3 years! It feels like just yesterday I was planning the wedding and walking down the aisle.

Sarah & John, 3-12-11

2. This beautiful special delivery I had waiting in my classroom when we returned from lunch on Wednesday (our anniversary). He’s so sneaky! Aren’t they gorgeous?!

photo 7

He also “gave” me a new Hobo wallet. Well, really he told me I have to go pick one out, since he wasn’t sure which style/color I’d want. I LOVE my current Hobo wallet that I’ve had for 5 years (!!).

I was sneaky too! We usually try (if possible and it makes sense) to stick with the traditional anniversary gifts. The 3rd anniversary is supposed to be leather. John has talked in the past about possibly getting a watch with a leather band. He currently has a silver watch. So, after lots of research, I settled on this Citizen Eco-Drive watch.

photo 6

3. This sweet shower invitation. Jessie was my “first sorority friend” in college. We ended up sitting by each other on bid day in the pledge class picture.  We then stuck together throughout that first weekend on pledge retreat. She is SUCH a sweetheart, and I am so happy for her! She’s going to be the best mama. And what an adorable invitation?!

photo 8

4. My parents and youngest siblings are at Disney World! This one actually makes me a little jealous. Sarcastic smile Ha! When we went as a family when I was in Junior High (?) they were really too young to do too much or remember much. I’m happy that they get to go really experience it, now. I just wish I’d gotten the invite too!


5. These posts:

** A BIG congrats to Brittany and her hubby on the finalization of the adoption of their sweet little one!

** This post from Clare. Let’s stop apologizing for our thoughts and opinions. Isn’t that what America is all about?

** Annette has it right – social media will be there. life experiences, rich conversations, and time with loved ones may not.

Hope you all have a Fabulous weekend!

Let’s Chat…

1. Have you been to Disney World? If so, would you like to go back? If not, would you like to go?

2. Favorite posts from the week?

3. Tell me what you’re up to this weekend?


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