A Random Five Things Friday

Week over – Check! TGIF! Y’all, I feel like a broken record this week, I don’t know what the deal has been this week, but I’ve had no energy at the end of every day. So, you can blame today’s super late post on the fact that I couldn’t seem to get my act together yesterday (I typically try to write my posts the day before they go up, since I’ve got to be out the door around 7am each morning).

I’m linking up with Clare today over at Fitting It All In for Five Things Friday <—You should definitely go check it out!

Five Reasons My Mom is the BEST

1. As I already mentioned, my mom came to read to my classes this week for Read Across America. She also came prepared with a craft for the kids to make, and she even made cake-pops for the kids that looked JUST like the clover from Horton Hears a Who…little speck and all!! Side note: If you’ve never watched the movie, you must. It’s HILARIOUS!  Maybe raising 5 kids, and having 4 out of the house, has left her with a little extra time on her hands? Whatever…I’m not complaining!

The kids’ crafts looked like this

Cake Pops – similar to these

2. I get sweet text messages in the early hours of the morning (we’re talking in the 5 o’clock hour) wishing me a Happy Friday. Red heart

3. She bought me THIS!!!

Mom emailed me earlier this week saying how cute this piece of furniture would be if we re-did it and how it was such a good price. Well, when she showed up on Wednesday to read to my kids, she informed me that she talked the lady down to selling it to her SUPER cheap and she’d already bought it for John and me and it was in my parent’s basement. Seriously, she’s the best. We then spent an unnecessary amount of time pinning ideas for how to re-do it.

Modern Cottage Painted China Cabinet. $775.00, via Etsy.       china cabinet repainted I have handles like these on the drawers just waiting to be used...

4. She understands me, and I don’t have to explain what I’m thinking. She just gets me…ya know?

5. So, remember how I said that 4 out of 5 of my mom’s kids are now out of the house (2 of us graduated college and working, 2 IN college, and 1 a freshman in high school)? Yeah, so now she has way more time on her hands than she’s used to. So what does she do? Goes and gets a part time job at the Apple store. Yep, my middle-aged mom beat out 200 other applicants and interviewees and landed the job. Why did she want to work there? Because she just “loves her apple macbook.” Hilarious!

But, seeing as my macbook decided on Tuesday, and it no longer wanted to charge, it’s pretty convenient that mom can take it in AND get a discounted price for the repairs.

Five Random Facts About Me

1. I hate pickles, mayonnaise, and mustard. Gross.

2. In our marriage, I’m totally the “saver.” John doesn’t spend money frivolously at all, but I’m so much more likely to hold on to money than he is.

3. Our 3rd wedding anniversary is on Wednesday (March 12th)!!! I think I know what I’m getting John. I know, nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh? The traditional gift for the 3rd anniversary is leather, so I think what I have in mind is going to fit the bill, and I hope he’ll like it. I promise to share after I make a final decision!

Sarah & John, 3-12-11

4. I crash on Friday afternoons. For real, I’m so worthless. Friday afternoons around here mean no workouts, no house chores, no school work, no cooking. I always seem so much more tired on Fridays, and I think it’s because I know that I don’t have anything I have to do for Saturdays. Ahhhh…best feeling in the world!

5. I probably eat way too much sodium. I seriously put salt on everything. But, seeing as my blood pressure is always way low, I’m okay-ing it for myself. Winking smile

Posts Worth Reading

When I Grow Up <— Great post by Becky that encourages us to continue to think about who we want to be and what we want to do with our lives, even as adults

If I Hadn’t Stopped Dieting <—WOW! Carly really hits it home with this post about what she’d be missing out on if she hadn’t stopped dieting and never started living freely.

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Can You Love Your Body and Want to Change It? <— Clare poses this question, and I’m sure it’s one that lots of women face. Read her thoughts on the subject and share yours.

Be Filled Up so You Can Pour Out <—A must read. In order to best serve, you yourself must be filled up. How can you help others if your drained?

Don’t Worry About These Things <—A great post by Robyn reminding us that we cannot control most of the things we tend to worry about, so why waste our energy?

And with that, I’m off! Have a fabulous weekend friends!!

Let’s Chat…

1. Plans for the weekend?

2. Tell me something random about YOU!


2 thoughts on “A Random Five Things Friday

  1. The relationship and bond you have w/ your Mom sounds so similar to that of my Mother and I’s. Please tell her congratulations on landing the job for me! I may not know her, but I can only assume she’ll be fantastic at what she does.

    Have a lovely beginning of the week, Sarah

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