Let Go of What Isn’t Yours

Happy Tuesday friends!

Today, I want to talk about something that I’m pretty sure we all face every now and then. (If faith isn’t you’re thing, I apologize in advance. )

There are times when we feel beyond exhausted from so many different things – work, kids, house chores, running errands, obligations, volunteer committees, and on and on. But, have you ever felt so exhausted, and yet you’re not quite sure why?

I usually attribute my exhaustion on those days to “life” finally catching up with me. But, , sometimes, I haven’t done anything different than my normal daily routines, nothing that should leave me so drained.

Don’t get me wrong, daily routines can definitely catch up with you. But, I’m speaking about a day when I really shouldn’t be as exhausted as I feel – looking at what I did that day. 

I read something interesting the other day regarding this type of exhaustion. It was a blog post written by Holley Gerth. If you’ve never read her blog (or books), you should definitely check it out.

She makes the point that we were created to be worshippers and not workers.

If you’re like me, I often get caught up in the mounting expectations and pressure that I feel. If only I “try harder, do more, be more, go more,” expectations will be met, and pressure diminished. But, it never happens. I only get more and more worn out until I can no longer stand it and must take a time out.

Like Holley says,

“Toil is work without joy. Work that drains your life instead of filling it. And it can become meaningless striving. The endless doing, clicking and trying harder just to feel more in control.” 

That totally hit home with me!

“Thankfully, God generously offers us what all tired people need–rest. Even if the world around us keeps unavoidably spinning–the toddlers keep throwing cheerios, the projects keep coming, the calendar keeps filling–we can wrap our fingers around peace in a way that truly does pass understanding. 

And we can let go of all we’ve held onto that was never meant for us.”

I love that example! When we’re holding on and grasping at work that was never really meant for us in the first place, OF COURSE, we’re going to be exhausted.

Instead, treat yourself today, and let go of all those “have-to’s” those “do-more’s,” and receive what is thousands of times better – God’s infinite grace, mercy, and unconditional love.

I hope you were encouraged by this message like I was. And if faith isn’t you’re thing, I’m sorry and will be back to your regular scheduled programing tomorrow.

Let’s Chat…

Do you ever find yourself unexplainably tired? Yes!!! When I try to do it all.

Do you ever get caught up in all the pressure and expectations you feel? I do…big time!!


9 thoughts on “Let Go of What Isn’t Yours

  1. I can definitely relate. I was so ridiculously stressed with my job before December, but ever since reading the Secret I have completely changed my mindset and just embraced gratitude and positivity and it has helped get rid of all the draining stress. I still get stressed, but not as frequently. Happy Tuesday, great post!

    • You are so right, if we lose focus, it can be so easy to get overwhelmed by stress. We just have to remember to keep what’s important on top of our priority lists. Way to go for embracing the positive!!

  2. This is something that we ALL need to hear 🙂 It is so easy to get overwhelmed and think that we need to control everything when it’s not possible. I’m super tired this week and need to take your advice and just let go! Thanks for linking up.

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