Advice Needed! Weekend Wrap-Up {3/3/14}

Can you believe we’re in March already?! Where has this year gone? I’m not complaining though, just saying… 😉

You guys, I seriously cannot seem to get my act together. For the 2nd week in a row, I just haven’t been able to get my Monday post ready to go. 

I’m totally ok with it though, in this case, because my weekend was spent spending some quality time with my husband, getting things done around the house, and enjoying the absolutely beautiful weather we had! 

That said, I did a horrible job taking photos. So sorry for that ahead of time. 

Friday night, I seriously felt like someone drugged me. I was SO tired! So our night pretty much consisted of dinner on the couch, watching Blacklist on the DVR, and off to bed. Wild and crazy party animals over here I tell ya. (If you’re looking for great new show, check out Blacklist. If you’re a fan of suspenseful drama – this is where it’s at!)

On Saturday, we had to get some things done – think oil changed, tires rotated and balanced, another other boring adult stuff. I did get treated to lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe for being responsible. 

Sunday began, per usual, attending the early worship service at church followed by Sunday School. I love our Sunday School class, so I always look forward to spending part of my morning with them. 

The remainder of Sunday was spent out doors in THIS weather. 

Yep, sunny and 75…it was absolutely perfect!! If I could order month full of those days, I’d do it in a heartbeat! 

Don’t be too jealous though. Today is a very grey, dreary, rainy day with a high of 40 degrees. 

Sunday also included a trip to Target.

 Of course I can’t leave without buying at least a handful of things that I don’t need. Sunday’s haul consisted of:

This dress:

This dress:

This dress is WAY cuter in person. It’s actually quite fitted. 

And this swimsuit:

All pieces can be found in stores at Target, or online

Sunday afternoon, I also made the weekly grocery trip, did a little meal preparation for the next could of days for both John and I, and we finished the evening watching The Amazing Race. We LOVE Amazing Race! I think it’d be so fun to compete on that show…traveling around the world, getting immersed in another culture sounds so interesting! 

Before I sign off for today, I need some advice. My husband is SO not a breakfast person or a snack person. He’s now warmed up to the idea that he needs to eat breakfast, but I don’t think he has enough. If I don’t prepare anything for him he’ll only eat like 4 Peanut Butter sandwich crackers or a banana. Even when I do prepare something, he usually won’t eat it all. Which is FINE if he’s not hungry then. However, he won’t eat again until lunch, which is usually around 1:30-2 for him (breakfast about 7:10). Crazy, right?!?

Soooo, help! What is a good, grab and go breakfast that he might eat, but would also fuel him through his morning of work.?!?

He also usually doesn’t eat anything between lunch and dinner (about 7:30 or 7:45). Any snack suggestions that would be easy to eat at his desk at work? 

Thanks for your help friends! Hope you’ve had a Marvelous Monday!!!

Let’s Chat…

1. What’s the last thing you bought at Target?

2. How has your weather been? I’m so ready for spring!!!

3. Does your husband/significant other have bad eating habits? 


10 thoughts on “Advice Needed! Weekend Wrap-Up {3/3/14}

  1. I love that swim suit you bought! It is so pretty! I haven’t bought anything but some greek yogurt from target lately but I plan on getting a new purse for spring once it starts warming up! The weather has been horrible! It is about 20 degrees today, but the good news we didn’t get the 8 inches of snow we had forecasted! I am so ready for spring too! A suggestion to your question maybe you could try smoothies! They don’t even require eating and you can add in some peanut butter for protein or even get some protein powder, add in some fruits and veggies and you have a balanced breakfast 🙂 As for snacks something easy is granola bars (or quest bars lol those are delicious!). A banana or apple is also a great option!

    • 8 inches! Wow!! That wouldn’t have been fun, not on the first weekend of March anyway. Good suggestions, the only thing is I’m afraid he wouldn’t take the time to make a smoothie. We’re talking, he literally runs out the door most days. 😉

      Granola bars are a good suggestion. I suggested Cliff bars, but he doesn’t really like the texture. I should buy him a quest bar to try. Good Idea!

  2. Love that swim suit as well, so cute! I remember my sister Pinteresting some Weight Watchers breakfast “muffins” before that were basically a bacon and egg omelette in a cupcake/muffin mold. Easy to make the night before, portion controlled for the ladies, and easy for your man to take with him as he’s heading out the door. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a link, so I imagine you could google it.

    My guy doesn’t eat that much either so I’m constantly trying to find ways to feed him, too. About the only things he enjoys are unhealthy items and if those aren’t around, he simply doesn’t feel a desire to eat.

    • Great suggestions!! Thank you! My husband only likes to much on things that aren’t that great for him either. If you figure out something else that works well for your man, do share!

  3. I feel like were twins; our posts started out similar, my husband and I are obsessed with The Blacklist, I used to eat at Tropical Smoothie a few times a week (hello dent in wallet LOL), and my husband is not a fan of bfast either. I found either making him a bagel or some type of homemade granola bar works for him.

    • Oh wow! Maybe we ARE twins! Ha! My hubby and I had the conversation Saturday about how expensive Tropical Smoothie can be. I’ve done the homemade granola bar before, may have to give it another try.

  4. My husband really likes the breakfast sandwiches/burritos that I have premade and frozen for him. They are super fast and portable! He also likes having homemade muffins/bread and he will grab a slice of that and a piece of fruit and take it with him. As for snacks, he always takes things to work like beef jerky, cashews, sunflower seeds and my homemade granola bars.

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