Five Things Friday {2/28/14}

Friiiddayy!!! We’ve made it! Can you believe tomorrow is March? Bring on spring!

You guys, I don’t know what the deal was this week, but it was a long one! I’m so glad the weekend is here.

I’m running super short on time today, so let’s hop right to it – today’s edition of Five Things Friday. 

5 Things making me Smile

1. This sweet note.

2. This guy

3. My mom is coming to read to my class next week for Read Across America week!

4. I have ZERO plans for the weekend. Sometimes, that’s just what I need.

5. The forecast for Sunday is a high of 72 degrees. Perfect!

5 Yummy Things I’ve Eaten this week.

1. PB stirred into my oats. Mmmm!

2. Feta on my salads. I love it!

3. I threw together somethings in a skillet and it turned out delicious! In the skillet went ground chicken, 2 diced tomatoes, diced onion, heaping handfuls of spinach, cumin, chili powered, garlic powered, and salsa. I served it over brown rice. SO good!

4. This cookie (Kashi dark chocolate and oats)

5. Leftovers from all of the above. 🙂

5 Workouts I’ve been loving this week

1. This – from Heather over at Fit N Cookies

2. This workout from Danica at It’s Progression

3. This workout from Brittany at My own balance.

4. Various Pilates videos via YouTube

5. Not really a workout, but taking the extra time the past 2 days to stretch it out. I’ve GOT to do a better job of stretching!

With that, I’ve gotta run! Happy Friday!!!

Let’s Chat..

1. What’s making you happy?

2. What are the best things you’ve eaten this week?

3. Good workouts you’ve done?


4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday {2/28/14}

  1. Sometimes those weekends with no specific plans are MY FAVORITE! They’re such a refresher – I hope that’s what you got this weekend!
    And the best thing I ate this past week? A tie between 1) the homemade veggie burgers I made on Friday and 2) the chocolate cake Jesse and I enjoyed on our date night last night 🙂

    • Weekends with no plans are my absolute favorite! Although, plans can be fun too. 🙂 Mmmm…chocolate cake, doesn’t get much better, especially when eaten on a date night.

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