Are You a List Maker?

I’m totally someone who needs a to-do list to make sure that I get everything done. If you ask me to do something, you’d better make sure I write it down, or it’s likely it will get forgotten.

For me, a to-do list serves a few different purposes:

1. I’m partly a kinesthetic learner. What that means is that I learn by doing. So, the act of writing constitutes as “doing.” I always say that the information goes through my hands and into my brain.

2. When I get into my day at work, it’s likely that I may forget to do something for another area of my life (marriage, home, church, etc.). So, writing things down helps me remember what I need to do for all areas of my life.

3. Writing a list helps me prioritize. When I see all I need to do written down in one place, I can easily see what is the most important that I get done that day/time, and what I can shift to another day/time. Usually time is shorter, rather than longer on any given day, so this one is a biggie for me!

Sunday’s list

4. Lists calm my anxieties. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I often times feel like I have to do everything, do it perfectly, and make sure it’s on time (or early!). So, writing things down helps me to:

  •  not fear that I’m going to forget something
  •  see that what I need to do for that day IS doable, and not as overwhelming as I build     it up to be in my head (I’m really good at that…are you?).
  • break things into manageable groups, again, helping calm my anxiousness.

*** I’ve had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember. This is partly due to my racing thoughts of things I need to do the next day, forgot to do today, etc. My sweet husband put a pen and piece of paper next to our bed and sweetly suggested that when I’m awake and my mind is spinning, I write it down and forget about it. It definitely helps! ***

5. I get IMMENSE joy in checking things off my list. In fact, sometimes I make a list when I really don’t need to just so I can check everything off. Best feeling in the world!


I’m linking up with Becky again today over at Olives N Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday. This is a fabulous link-up that encourages us to treat ourselves a little once in a while, because we definitely all deserve a treat now and then! 


This weekend, I found these Reebok Running Tights on sale for $19.99. SCORE! I’ve worn them everyday since I bought them. They are comfortable, breathable, and purple. So that’s a plus. 😉

I also treated myself to a super sweaty work-out Monday afternoon. It was a good one, y’all.

I’ve been craving a sweaty workout for a while. Since I’m still trying to put on a few pounds, I usually refrain from super intense workouts. And while this one wasn’t over and above, it definitely got my heart pumping and sweat flowing. Just what I wanted!

This workout from Danica… 2 reps of each circuit instead of 3.

And an arm workout that went like this:

– 20 bicep curls

– 20 tricep extensions

– 10 shoulder presses

– 10 lateral raises

***3 times through***

Let’s Chat

1. Are you a list-maker?

2. What are some other things you do that help you stay on track?

3. How did YOU treat yourself this week?!


14 thoughts on “Are You a List Maker?

  1. I am for sure a list maker. Sometimes I forget about them but they help me put things into priorities that I need to follow and remind me of what I need to get done, not to mention they really help me with feeling organized!

  2. I used to make tons and tons of lists. I still do but less of them. I think I just saw that it wasted me so much time… I would redo lists and I’d have tons of them floating everywhere. Haha.

    • Haha! Yes, that is totally a downside to lists. Like you, I usually try to stick to a master list for the week, and then sometimes break it up for the day if I’m feeling overwhelmed.

  3. I hope you liked that workout!
    And yes – I’m a total list maker. I have at least one going every single day! I don’t know how I’d remember to get anything done without it 😉

  4. I AM THE BIGGEST – LIST MAKER – EVERRRR!! I have zillions of them around the house, it’s almost embarrassing! AH AHA HA! Sometimes when people come over, I have to hide 1/2 of them because it’s that bad, LOL! A planner, a list on my counter, a list in my planner on my desk, a list in my phone…. OH my, it goes on and on! But it’s great because I am very organized and I get things DONE!!

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