Fewest Words Possible – Weekend Wrap-Up {2/24/14}

How in the world is it already Monday again? This weekend went way to fast for my liking. Well, they all do, but that’s beside the point. 😉

I ended up taking Friday off from blogging because I felt stressed and overwhelmed with everything else going on, and I knew I needed to take something off my plate. I’ve learned that sometimes I need to give myself permission to let something go, and Friday, sadly, it happened to be the blog.

And since I’m just hitting publish on this post Monday afternoon, I obviously didn’t quite get it together over the weekend, blog-wise, either. Ahhhh, well, you win some, you lose some. Better late than never!

We had a fabulous weekend! It was a good mix of busy, productivity, and some “active” rest. Check it out, MIMM <—— Check out all the Marvelousness going on over on Katie’s blog. 

We’re going fewest-words-possible style today. Enjoy!


This workout hurts so good. 🙂


BIG College Tennis tournament in town


Father/Coach of #1 professional doubles team (in the world!)


Alabama Women’s (#14 in the country!) Coach – they won the tournament!

(Ok, I know this is a lot of words BUT, John is really good friends with the Coach from his time working with the tennis teams. She won NCAA Coach of the Year last year!)


Beautiful sunny day – high of 73!






Homemade Yogurt-Granola Bars (recipe coming at ya soon!)


Meal prep for the hubs


Half-filled Chipotle Chicken and Cheese Hoagie


Food prep for me! (Cheesy baked quinoa with veggies)

Un-pictured fun:

1. A little shopping after the tennis tournament

2. Lesson planning – blllaaahh

3. Laundry

4. Food prep for the week

Let’s Talk…

1. What was your weather like over the weekend? Ours was fab!! But, I hear we’re back to winter again this week. I’m so over it. 

2. Did you do any meal/food prep? What did you do? I did the granola bars, and the recipes above for us eat leftovers from for the next night or 2. 

3. Best part of your weekend?!



5 thoughts on “Fewest Words Possible – Weekend Wrap-Up {2/24/14}

  1. Even with a cram packed weekend, you still had no problem eating some delicious looking meals. I’ve been all about quinoa lately, so obv. the last photo is what really stands out to me 🙂

    Favorite part of weekend- spending the last day w/ my family before they headed back to the States Saturday evening.

    • I’ve been LOVING quinoa too!! I posted that recipe earlier. I’ll have to send you the few I’ve been making, and I’d love to hear any that you’ve been loving!

      Your family was able to stay a while with you! I’m sure you loved every minute. Soak up the time you have left! 🙂

    • It was definitely intense! But I took breaks when I needed to and it was perfect! I’m loving this springtime weather. But I hear ours is getting cold again tomorrow. Boo!

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