Marvelous in My Book – Weekend Wrap-Up {2/17/14}

Good Monday morning and Happy President’s Day to you!

Yes, it is President’s Day for those of you who are unaware. And yes, the only reason I know this is because it’s a school holiday. Woop! 3 day weekend are the best because they mean 4-day weeks. Sorry for those of you, who, like my sweet hubs, still have to work today. 😦

I don’t know about you, but this past weekend was absolutely Marvelous! It began with a wonderful Valentine’s Day, followed by a productive Saturday, and a relaxing Sunday…a win in my book!

Valentine’s Day began with a sweet bouquet left in the kitchen. Isn’t he the best?! Wildflowers are my absolute favorite!


It continued with lots of wound up, excited 3rd graders that I tried failed to keep focused all day. That’s ok though, they gave me chocolate. 😉

So much candy! I had to put in somewhere so it wasn’t lying all over our coffee table.

I sent them home niiiiiice and sugared up.

I do these every year, and I love them! So sweet, and funny!

The rest of my Valentine’s Day was perfect. Low key, relaxing, and quality time with my sweetie. We spent the evening at home enjoying each other’s company…just what I wanted.

John and I agreed to a $30 limit for our gifts to each other. I was in favor of not doing anything, but my sweetie wouldn’t agree. It was fun to find something meaningful that John would enjoy, for $30. This is what I ended up with:


I originally found a similar idea on Pinterest, but then, of course put my own twist on things and filled the box to the brim with treats that I know John will enjoy. I’m happy to report it was a hit!


I was lucky enough to score a deluxe pedicure from a nice salon in town. My man knows what I like! I’m thinking I’m going to have to save it until right before I’m ready to break out the open toed shoes.

We also got a care package from my parents. Ummm…best package ever? Check out all the goodies my mom sent!

  wpid-IMG_1908-2.jpg  wpid-IMG_1909.jpg

Saturday began with a nice little workout, via Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers. I was huffin’ and puffin’ at the end of it. Remind me that when I look at a workout and think it won’t be that bad, to check again. It was a good one friends!


The rest of the day was spent deep cleaning the kitchen (we’re talking even the baseboards and inside of the microwave got cleaned), doing other chores around the house, running a few errands, convincing John to let me pick up Zoe’s for dinner (!!!), and catching up on the Olympics and DVR’d shows.

After church on Sunday, since the weather was GORGEOUS (um, yes, I went to school at 10am on Thursday due to icing, and Sunday, the high was mid 60’s – crazy!), we ventured out for a little tennis.

I’ve mentioned before that John is an awesome tennis player, and helps coach the team at the local high school. I, on the other hand, am not such  pro. While I like to think I’m athletic and coordinated, I’m definitely a tennis novice. I’m determined to learn to play though! How fun would it be in the future for a family tennis outing?!


We wrapped up our weekend with some good eats, a little olympics, and some more catching up on the DVR’d shows.

Recipe coming at ya soon!

Today, I’m excited to get the rest of my house cleaned up and back in order, do a little baking, and enjoy my day off.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow, I’m planning to talk a little about what I’ve learned about my workout style and how I’m adapting. Should be good..I hope!

Have a Marvelous Monday friends!!! Be sure to check out all the other Marvelous Mondays going on over on Healthy Diva

How was YOUR Valentine’s Day? Single or attached.

What was the BEST part of your weekend?

What are you looking forward to this week? 



2 thoughts on “Marvelous in My Book – Weekend Wrap-Up {2/17/14}

  1. Valentine’s Day was not to bad, I got a nice movie marathon thanks to abc family! The best part of my weekend was $5 Whole Foods Valentine’s Day brunch! This week I am looking forward to heading home for a week! It’s spring break week in February haha.

    • ABC Family movie marathons are the best! $5 for a Whole Foods V-day Brunch..what a deal! Spring Break in February is a little strange, but hey, I’d take it! Ha! Hope you get to enjoy some good family time!

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