Happy, Happy, Happy!

It’s February 14th, and you know what that means…Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! Whether you’re in a relationship or celebrating with friends, I hope you know you’re loved today.

Did anyone else used to call Valentine’s Day “S.A.D.”? In high school all us single ladies used to call February 14th “Singles Awareness Day.” Ha!

Since today is Friday, I’m linking up with Clare for a little Five Things Friday. Today it’s all about things making me happy! 🙂

1. I got this precious note from a student yesterday. She was absent on Wednesday, and handed me this when she walked in the door yesterday. My heart absolutely melted. THIS is why I teach.


2. My sweet kiddos are getting this today. I have a feeling I’m going to have some excited students on my hands! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen it, but I think they turned out so cute, so I had to share on the blog too!


My apologies for the dark pic

3. Leftovers! Being from a family of 7, when we got married I had to learn how to cook for 2. Growing up, I was accustomed to cooking meals with lots of servings. But, one of the perks of a household of 2 is lots of leftovers! Mmmm! Perfect for busy days!


4. My brother’s basketball team, and my dad’s I guess (since he coaches), won their game last night and are headed to the championship tomorrow! WoooHoo!


5. Check out what was in my mailbox yesterday – free money! A while back, we got a survey in the mail about our TV and radio habits. There was a letter explaining that if we filled out and returned the questionnaire, we’d be mailed $10. I figured it was worth a shot, not really anticipating to received the money. But, low and behold, they DID send $10!! Saa-weet! I’ll fill out a survey anytime!


6. Bonus: Choose JOY today as you persevere.ff8488e95c396d9e2518a85139b8994b

7. Bonus part 2: This post by Colleen. SO beautifully written and painfully true. What a great reminder to appreciate our bodies for all they do and all they are capable of.


2 thoughts on “Happy, Happy, Happy!

    • Thanks! I was pleased with the way the kids’ valentines turned out…super cute with minimal effort! 🙂 And their sweet notes always come at the times when I need it most. Although, I’m surprised that the little stinker who wrote me that note still likes me! She’s a handful…but a sweetie when she wants to be!

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