Thursday Thoughts {2/13/14}

Hi friends!

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means…


It’s time for thinking out loud. Thanks, as always, to Amanda for hosting.

1. So, y’all this super cold winter we’ve been having is totally for the birds. I’m SO beyond ready for spring. I don’t know how those of you who live up north do this! But, I’m going to quit complaining, because we school has been delayed until a 10am start today. Score!

Check out this photo from my in-laws, who live in north Alabama. That is a lot of snow…especially if you live in Alabama!


2. Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been working on adding some more calories and fat into my diet, despite the fact that some are “fear foods.” Well, I must admit, now that I’m consistently adding peanut butter to my oats in the morning, I know I’ll never go back.

Pre-disordered days, I loved adding peanut butter to anything and everything, especially breakfast. Well, peanut butter, I’m baaaaackk!

3. Have you seen the new video that Billy Ray Cyrus made? It’s a remake of his old hit “Achy Breaky Heart.” If you haven’t seen it, be warned, it’s a little unsettling. Especially when he seems to condone and “o-kay” his daughter, Miley’s, recent behavior. Thoughts?

4. I really enjoyed reading this post by Ashley. I absolutely love her approach to food, and hope to have the same one day. She talks about how she chooses what to eat at each meal- giving some thought to her choices, but not overthinking or obsessing. I love how some of her choices are because she just wants them! 😉

5. This. SO good, and super easy.


  • Season your chicken breasts with cumin, chili powder, and taco seasonings – as much or little as you’d like.
  • Pour a generous amount of salsa over them
  • Sprinkle, if desired, with cheese.
  • Bake for 25 – 30 minutes on 375 degrees.

IMG_1868      IMG_1866

I serve them over brown rice with a side salad for some veggies.

6. I’ve been enjoying having the Olympics on in the background at night. While the summer Olympics are by far my favorite, these winter Olympics have been entertaining. I like that they switch back and forth between sports, so I never get too bored watching/listening. Does anyone else feel like there’s a TON of ice skating??

7. What are your Valentine’s Day plans? We are pretty low key about the holiday around here. My ideal day would be to cuddle up at home with my hubby.

8. I’ve been loving LONG tops lately. Being tall, it’s always been hard to find pants, skirts, and shirts that are long enough. But with the latest trend being longer tops, I’ve been a happy girl!

9. I’m loosely following Gina’s Winter Shape Up program – meaning I do the video she posts a few times a week + a short ab circuit. I must say, I’m falling in love with short, effective workouts. I used to think I needed to run for miles. But, this short and sweet stuff is where it’s at!

10.  And to leave you with this:

1. V-day plans?
2. What are some of your favorite quickie workouts? 
3. What do you assign the power of happiness to in your life? There are lots, for me, but obviously food is the big one!

7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts {2/13/14}

  1. How.freaking.GOOD is it to be enjoying fear foods again?! I still remember adding AB to my oats and having chocolate for the first time in what felt like forever — I seriously could have cried from happiness. Great job with sticking to your goals and challenging your fears, girl 😀 I know it’s scary, but life is seriously SO much better with that kind of freedom in it.

    • Um…yes to enjoying fear foods! Once I get past the “fear” part, the “food” part is awesome! Thanks for the encouragement! You’re a great example that it can be done, and be fabulous! 🙂

    • I usually just tend to run across longer shirts randomly, but Target usually has a decent selection, and Old Navy is hit or miss. One of my favorite places to shop, Ann Taylor Loft, sadly usually doesn’t have long tops. But, I LOVE their dresses, skirts, and most pants (although, I usually have to order longs!).
      Where do you usually find longer tops? Maybe we can tag team! Ha! 🙂

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