Facing Fears and Baby Steps – WIAW {2/12/14}

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This week has been crazy hectic so far! Here’s to hoping the last half of the week still goes by quickly, but is lacking all the craziness.

I’ve talked about how I’m recovering from disordered eating and admitted that I know I still need to gain some weight, and need to add some more calories to my diet to do so.

So, in this week’s WIAW (thanks to Jenn for hosting the party each week!), I thought I’d highlight some of the ways I’m adding healthy calories to my diet, in an effort to be more healthy overall.

Side Note: some wonderful ladies have recently addressed the “healthy” myth that the lower amount of calories you consume, the healthier you are. I REALLY respect what they have to say and highly recommend the read! There really IS a difference between eating healthy, as the media often tells us is healthy, and healthy, as our bodies tell us is healthy. A higher number of quality calories are WAY more beneficial to our bodies than a lower number of empty calories. 

1. Adding peanut butter to my oats in the mornings. Something so simple and so tasty! I’ve known this was the case, but I think I’ve been holding out because I know the calorie count will go up. But, I NEED those calories, so add the PB I did. Quite a delicious decision.

Strawberries added in too!

2. Upping the hummus amount on my daily turkey “bagel-wiches.” Again, such an easy add, but, in my head, sometimes seems scary.

3. Adding almonds pieces to my salads. Mmm!

Budget tip – buy whole almonds and break them into pieces yourself!

4. Using salad dressings with FAT. And you know what? Ok, I actually knew this too…it tastes way better than that fat free stuff.

My nutritionist suggests that light dressings are the way to go.

5. Same goes with the feta. I’m truly not a cheese person, at all. Gasp! I know…never really have been. However, I do love me some feta! As the hubby says, “the mo’ feta the betta’!”Ha!

7. Adding REAL butter into dishes like rice or on bread and/or toast.

While I know these things are small add-ins, for me, it’s been a big deal adding them into my daily diet.

I’ve really seen how the disordered, twisted thoughts have found their way into my brain. I KNOW I need to gain weight. My body doesn’t function as it should right now (read – no Aunt Flo), and I desperately want it to for when we decide to have babies. But, despite all of this, it has been SO hard to add in these extra calories, knowing that it means weight gain.

But, I’m trying to be proud of myself for these baby steps, while continuing to push through the disordered mentality and become the healthiest version of me – sans fat fear, excessive calorie counting, and disordered mentality.

Sorry things around here have been a little heavy on the “eating disorder” front, but hey, it is what it is, friends! Even if you’re not facing the eating disorder monster, perhaps you can somewhat relate. I’d love to hear from you!

1. Have you ever counted calories? I’m all for it if you’re doing so wisely, fully informed, and under supervision of an RD or doctor. 

2. What are some food fears that you have? My list is still long, but slowly becoming shorter. 

3. What’s a healthy decision you’ve made for yourself recently? 


10 thoughts on “Facing Fears and Baby Steps – WIAW {2/12/14}

  1. So proud of you! I think these are amazing changes and ones most definitely to be proud of. I know it can be hard at first but your body will love you for embracing healthy fats and healthy higher calorie foods. There is a huge difference between an avocado and a Twinkie 🙂 keep going strong! xo

  2. You should be very proud of yourself for making these choices and being true to yourself and the life you want- rather than listening to the eating disorder! It definitely is not easy. It is difficult and you are doing exactly what is true recovery- doing what YOU know is right, despite what the eating disorder is telling you to do and despite fear. I thought of you when I heard this quote so I want to share it with you- but I have to go get it 🙂 I’ll post it later, but I just had to say way to go! You deserve full recovery!!

    • Ooo…can’t wait to hear what the quote is! Thanks for thinking of me, and thanks for the encouragement! You’re right, full recovery is what we all deserve!

  3. Proud of you, girl. No one ever said success occurs overnight. I think your baby step approach is great. I could see going full force and it really having an effect on you – eg. bloating, uncomfortabless, “fluffyness”. Keep your head up high & know it’s all for a good reason.

  4. I developed so many food fears and it’s been a long road to overcome them. After years of restricting fats and carbs, peanut butter, coconut butter, chia seeds, popcorn, quinoa, and other “scary” foods are all a part of my diet; I eat them almost daily. You should really be proud of yourself. Anyone in your position knows how hard it is to make those changes! Go you!

  5. I went through years of disordered eating, followed by years of baby steps to get to where I am now. You sound like you’re in the right place now and I wish you the best of luck. I know how hard it is, but when you finally get to a place where both yourself and your body are healthy again, you’ll feel amazing!!!
    And YES, dressing with fat is soooooo much better. The Newman’s Own dressings happen to be my favorite! I can’t even stomach the fat free ones anymore. They taste like plastic.

    • Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement! I’m looking forward to being in a place of 100% healthy! I totally agree with you, the fat free stuff has nothing on the real deal.

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