Thursday Thoughts {2/6/14}

I’m a tad short on time, so let’s hop right in to this week’s edition of Thinking out Loud, hosted by the lovely Amanda over at Running With Spoons.

1. You remember the great snopocolypse I told you about last week? Well, driving home, I heard on the radio that there’s the slightest chance of “winter weather” tomorrow, and that the Alabama Department of Transportation has sand and salt trucks on stand-by. Absolutely hilarious!!! We’re talking the slight possibility of flurries folks


2. I love this quote. What a great thing to remember each day.


3. I’m excited for the olympics! Although the summer olympics is my favorite, I think the winter olympics is really interesting because there are so many sports that we rarely get to see. However, watching cross-country skiing…no thanks.

4. On Friday, we’re celebrating the 100th day of school (it was actually on Tuesday). Let the countdown to May begin!

5. I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I’m not quite sure why. Do you ever wish you had an “on/off” switch for your brain? If I could just shut it off sometimes.

6. John and I don’t really do anything big for Valentine’s Day. But, I do want to do a little something for him. Do you have any ideas of something thoughtful, yet inexpensive? I’m thinking I might do one of these baskets that I’ve seen on Pinterest.


7. #truth




8. I’ve been loosely following Gina’s Winter Shape Up program. I’m really loving the workouts because they’re short and sweet, but effective. My booty is sore from my workout yesterday.

9. I’m so thankful for your suggestions on yesterday’s post. I’m going to try adding some peanut butter and almonds into my oats. I think it will be an easy add in that will also up the nutritional value and calories that my body needs.

I’m not super excited about adding more calories, but I’m trying to keep in mind that my body needs the calories, especially if my digestive, reproductive, and circulatory systems are going to function properly.

10. Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! TGIF!

1. Do you ever have trouble sleeping? What are some remedies?

2. What do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other or those you love?


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts {2/6/14}

  1. Hey lovely lady! Re: the sleeping thing, have you considered that it might be hunger? I know that when I’m not eating enough, my sleep quality suffers a lot. You mentioned that you need to add more calories to your diet, which will probably work wonders for helping your body fall into a better rhythm. Hormones fall way out of whack as a result of restriction, and that affects basically all of our systems, so making sure that you’re giving your body the proper amount of food that it needs to function should help 🙂

    • Thanks Amanda. You just may be right. Hmmm…I don’t feel hungry, but like you alluded to, I do know that when we aren’t properly nourished, it throws off all kinds of hormones and electrolytes. I’m trying to up my calories with the help of my RD right now. I’ll definitely see if the sleep improves with the added calories. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, friend!

  2. #7 – 100% agree about the tupperware, and the boyfriend and I call our sweats and tshirts/sweatshirts our “uniforms” that we change into the second we walk in the door. And obviously agree with the last ecard – NEVER flush a pulic toilet with your hand!

  3. I have so much trouble sleeping because I like an after work nap. I get off pretty early so I can afford it. I need it too because I work out after my nap. Yeah, I should wake up early and have done that before, but I really do like the energy I have in the afternoons.

    This is my 26th Valentine solo. That means I’ve always been single on Valentine’s day. I really want to treat myself this year too – not sure what I want to do but something!

    • Sometimes you just gotta do what’s working best! And you should totally treat yourself on the 14th. I never had a serious boyfriend until my husband and I started dating. One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is getting a much needed pedi.

  4. I don’t have trouble sleeping, but I think it’s helpful to stay away from electronics (computers, mobile phones, etcetera) at least one hour before you go to bed. Good luck.

    • Yes, I’ve read that before too. I must admit, I’m guilty of reading my computer in the bed. Perhaps I should put that to rest permanently. Thanks for the suggestion!

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