I need YOU! – WIAW

First of all, if you haven’t checked out yesterday’s post about discovering who I really am, I urge you to go check it out. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

So, um, food rut anyone?

I’ve been in one major food rut lately. While I don’t hate it…it’s actually quite a delicious rut, I think it’s time for a change. I rreeeaaalllyyy need YOU to give me your recipe suggestions and/or adjustments/adaptations.

So…here’s what I ate Wednesday I’ve been eating lately (WIBEL ?? 😉 ).

I’m once again linking up with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons <—— don’t know what it’s all about? Go check it out; you won’t be sorry!


Breakfasts continue to be ~ 1/2 c. oats (dry) mixed with strawberries. So delicious!

BUT I need to add more calories. I know an easy add would be peanut/almond butter and/or a handful of chopped nuts.

I’m not quite willing to give up my oats yet, seeing as how they’re so warm on these *cold* Alabama mornings. 😉

What other suggestions do you have?


Lunch continues to be delicious…and repetitive.

One reason breakfasts and lunches are the same is because they’re ridiculously easy to throw together and take little to no brain power to assemble and grab on the way out the door.

Buuuutttt….I’m pretty sure there are other things that are equally as easy. I just gotta get out of my dang rut.

Whole wheat bagel + hummus + turkey + lettuce + tomato served with a side of triscuit mini’s, cause they’re way cuter than the regularly sized ones, and a dessert of a dark chocolate chip cookie. MMM!

Again, I’m in the market for some easy lunch suggestions.

Afternoon snack

Want to take a guess? Still been loving my Luna bars.

Chocolate and coconut, seriously, does it get much better? I wouldn’t know, seeing as I’m in a RUT.

Easy to grab and go is a must when it comes to snack time. I never know quite where I’m going to be when the afternoon hunger strikes. I could be home, I may have a meeting at school or need to work longer in my classroom, or be running errands. So, something easy to throw in my purse is a must.


Again, dinners have been quite redundant over the past few weeks. I’m continuing to love my quinoa bowls, and sweet potato quesadillas. Sides range from salads topped with feta (which makes everything way delicious) and almonds to baked tortilla chips and salsa.

However scrumptious these meals are, I’m definitely in need of some new dinner inspiration.

*I know there are tons of blogs and Pinterest pins out there that offer so many delicious recipes, but I sometimes have a difficult time finding the time to peruse pinterest or blogs.*

PM Snack

I usually end up snacking on a handful or 2 or trail mix after dinner. It’s an organic mix I picked up at Publix made of almonds, craisins, and cashews. So good!


And there ya have it folks, my big, fat, food rut.

I need YOU to hold me accountable for chaining things up this week.

I know it’s not bad to occasionally get stuck in a rut, but I’m pretty sure my disordered eating past is partly to blame. You see, when I get comfortable, I don’t like to step out of my little bubble and try new things. New recipes means I don’t know calorie counts, I’m not sure how I’ll feel after eating, and so on and so on. Blah, blah…even I’M getting sick of it! Crazy, right?! But, sadly, it’s the truth.

That’s where you come in. Challenge me, question me, and push me out of my comfort zone and into a healthy, balanced, confident, full life of joy.

Thanks friends!!

1. Suggestions!!! For anything…meals, recipes, additions, tips for stepping out of my comfort zone, etc. 

2. Do you ever get stuck in food ruts?

3. Tell me something happy!


11 thoughts on “I need YOU! – WIAW

  1. I saw an RD when recovering and she would call me out if my meals became repetitive. She said it indicated I was still feeling the need to control the food. I may have questioned her at the time, but now I totally agree that is what I was doing. While I knew I ‘should’ gain more weight, my heart wasn’t in it and by eating all my safer meals, I knew deep down I was still controlling the weight/ weight gain. So, I guess I would challenge you to do what you know you need to do and work through why its feeling uncomfortable while doing it regardless.
    Breakfasts- how about a bakery bagel with peanut butter, fruit and Greek yogurt? Or if you still want oatmeal- my RD suggested oatmeal made with whole milk(!) and add nuts, peanut butter, dried fruit etc….and never just have oatmeal… Add toast with eggs and a glass of milk. You seem very intelligent and I bet you know what to do, I am guessing it’s just scary and hard. I truly get it. I do hope that you continue to believe in yourself and trust that God really means it…you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

    • Karla, you are awesome! I think you totally hit the nail on the head. I actually had appts. today with my RD and therapist. I voiced to them exactly what you said, that I think the repetitiveness is stemming from my need to still feel in control, and not full release and trust. And I think you’re right, my heart is 99% in, but not the full 100%.

      Thank you so much for your meal suggestions as well as your challenge and encouragement regarding routine and rigidity. You’re awesome!

  2. Breakfast: Eggs, waffles/pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, protein packed smoothies
    Lunch: Salads, chili (can make a big batch)

    🙂 Hope this was a little helpful for you.

    BTW- all of your meals look delicious – especially your dinners.

    Have a wonderful day, Sarah

    • Great suggestions Jessie! Eggs aren’t my favorite, but I think a smoothie might be a great way to get in a wide variety of the of nutrients my body needs. And chili is a great suggestion – easy to make a big batch and use all week.

  3. Food ruts happen to the best of us!! I’d start simple – like just altering something you’re already enjoying. Those sweet potato quesadillas look awesome (and I’ll probably be adding that to MY rotation soon) but maybe start out just by trying another filling! I love to saute peppers, onions, black beans, and lime juice together and use that as a quesadilla filling! Or use your tortilla open faced and make it like a pizza in the oven. Little changes make bigger ones easier.

    • Girl, you should totally try the sweet potato quesadilla…SO good and SO easy! I think your suggestion to start with the basic idea of what I’m already doing but make some slight changes is definitely the way to start. The quesadilla filling you suggested sounds divine!

  4. You could try adding honey or brown sugar to your oats? And maybe some chia seeds to amp it up a bit! I get stuck in food ruts all the time; but sometimes it just takes a good recipe and stepping out of my comfort zone to get me out of that rut! If you didn’t want oats; my current favourite breakfast is protein pancakes (made without protein powder) dipped in a runny egg!

  5. I’ve seen people make “oats” with egg whites? I’ve never tried it before, but its definitely something to consider! Also, try adding flaked unsweetened coconut for some awesome, easily converted to energy medium chain fatty acids to your oatmeal!!

    I totally rely on easy to pack lunches! I usually just make enough dinner for two meals, but when that fails I loveeee me a biggg ole’ salad topped with tuna or salmon (the canned kind! We’re talkin’ quick and easy here!). Seriously. Tuna topped with balsamic vinegar and parm cheese over a bed of greens is divine– and easy peasy!

    • Coconut is an awesome idea!! Sadly, I’m not a big tuna or salmon fan, but I have thought about buying some prepared chicken breasts…made by Tyson maybe? May be a tad bit more expensive, but sometimes the $$ is worth it if it makes my day easier! Thanks for the suggestions!

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