Snopocalypse 2014 – WIAW {1/29/14}



Wow! What a day yesterday was in the state of Alabama. As most of you have probably heard, Alabama was host to a little  pretty bad snow and ice storm yesterday. My heart breaks for the thousands of people stranded on the sides of roads, at work, and especially for the thousands of students and teachers who had to stay overnight at school.


Most of these cars are parked, not in traffic.

I know lots of you northerners don’t understand, and honestly, it’s a little comical even to me…all these southerners freaking out over an inch or 2 of snow. BUT, the difference is, we don’t have the tools and capabilities to handle snow and ice like the northern states.

Not to mention, the meteorologists missed the forecast, and the storm hit more north than they were predicting. Birmingham ( the biggest city in the stat, and where most of my family and friends live) wasn’t expecting ANY winter weather except for cold temperatures and maybe a little sleet. Schools weren’t closed, businesses weren’t anticipating any kind of winter weather in the area. It hit like a freight train from out of NOWHERE!


I have many friends who stayed the night at work and my Facebook feed is full of stories about friends who slept all night in their car, on the side of the road, slept at work, or walked many miles home.


This is a major roadway that has turned into a wrecked parking lot. 

But there is lots of good that came from this awful storm and the awful situations people were in. People came from out of the wood works to help those who desperately needed help. 18-wheelers gave out extra gas, school busses were sent out (following behind a sand/salt truck) to pick up stranded motorists, countless men and women walked miles home, only to grab supplies and turn around to head back out to help others.


If you are interested in reading any of these crazy stores, check out this Facebook page. And if you want some stories to warm your heart, these good samaritan stories will surely do that!


Yet another reason why I love Chick-Fil-A!

When the weather hit, both my parents were at work, my brother Mark was in the car, and my youngest brother was at school. Thankfully, my dad had the forethought at about 10am to book hotel rooms at the closest hotel that they could all get to. They finally made it and I’m beyond relieved they were safe and warm for the night.


Had to get a freezing cold snow picture. Aren’t they the cutest?

I’m beyond thankful for cell phones. I was able to keep in touch with family and friends and know that they were warm, safe, and sound.

Today, January 29th 

I just heard from my family that they have finally made it home (with the 3 boys from my brother’s school who they were able to keep with them all night). Roads are still treacherous and closed, but leave it to my dad to get out in it to get home.

Check out this photo. I feel like those high school boys might think this has been one big party! 🙂


This photo was taken once they arrived back home at my parent’s house (they live on lots of land).

Since I was a little pre-occupied yesterday, the normally scheduled WIAW post isn’t going to happen. I was a tad too occupied with snow and ice to photograph my eats. You can rest assured they were yummy, though!

I did, however, manage to snap a picture of an empty hot chocolate mug. You have to drink hot chocolate when it’s snowing outside, right?


And my bowl of oats in the pretty snow this morning. #cliche #crazysoutherners #snowpocalypse2014


And, with that, I’m off to kick my booty with a little workout and enjoy this unplanned snow day with the hubby! Fingers crossed he doesn’t have to go in to work today! (I don’t know how he can…all roads around here are closed or impassable due to icing).

1. What do you do during a snow day! I’m anticipating some bored-ness going on around here.

2. Tell me your crazy snow/weather stories!

3. If you could go somewhere WARM today, where would you go? I’d go to Seagrove beach in the panhandle of Florida on a Sunny July day. Gorgeous white beaches!


9 thoughts on “Snopocalypse 2014 – WIAW {1/29/14}

    • In Northern Virginia Bishop Lo&#urdeev8217;s letter could either be read aloud or put in the bulletin. In my parish they read most of it after communion. It was pretty powerful, it addressed abortion and also the HHS mandate. I hope it helps people make a good decision. Last election there were lots of Obama-Biden bumper stickers in the parking lot. This time there are still some but not as many.

  1. Wow, what a disaster! I’m so happy to hear everyone you know – especially your family, are all safe and sound. I too have family in Birmingham… as well as Huntsville. Where are you living if you don’t mind me asking?

    • No way! Small world, huh?! We currently live in Prattville, which is right outside of Montgomery, the state capital (my husband works in Montgomery). But I grew up in Birmingham. What part of Birmingham does your family live in?

      • faceau parte din exercitiu, dar B-Ray nu a zis nimic , tocmai ca sa ne ia prin suprindere si sa vada cat de mult putem sa ne mentinem starea de prezenta. N-am raspuns nimic, am facut tot posibilul sa imi mentin prezenta cu partenerul meu cu care exersam. Si treceau pe la fiecare in parte si incercau sa-l seduca cumva, mai mult ca sigur erau atrase de maicelsnitatua noastra.

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