Weekend Wrap-Up {1/25-1/26}

Good Monday morning friends!

This weekend was all kind of awesomeness! I hope yours was too!

Friday night John and I met at the gym to watch my youngest brother play basketball in town. As a pretty ballin’ player back in the day 😉 , I always love watching him play. Not only did we meet there, but my other brother, Mark, was able to get off work early to drive down with my mom for the game (we live about an hour or so from my parent’s and brother’s houses). My sisters, who are in college at Auburn (about 50 mins. away), were also able to drive over. Oh, and as you may remember, my dad is the coach of Jake’s team. It was a great family reunion!

After the game (they won!), we went to dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen, my favorite! Some of the group chose to pick up Five Guys Burgers and Fries, before joining us at Zoe’s. We ended up chatting so long, we shut the place down!


Earlier during the day, I texted my mom and sisters and invited anyone who could/wanted to spend the night. Turns out, mom accepted! 🙂 After saying good bye to the rest of the family, John, mom, and I drove home. We stayed up far too late chatting away.

Saturday began early, for me- per usual, with breakfast and a brief workout of some lunges, squats, and abs. Shortly later, mom joined me and we decided to wake up my sleepy hubby for a day of shopping.

However, if you know my mom and I, we hate to shop. We DO, however, love to antique/thrift store/flea market hunt. There are lots of great antique malls/flea markets around here, so we were excited to get started. We went to a few places before deciding our tummies were grumbling for lunch.

We took mom to this awesome, hidden, little gem called Chris’s Hotdogs. They’ve been in business for 50+ years and have been serving up their “secret chili sauce” for just as long. It’s one of those places you walk into and might be tempted to walk back out by the looks of things, but it’s simply too charming once you wonder on in.


now I’m regretting the no shower decision 😉



After lunch, we went to one last Antique Mall. This one is the largest antique mall I’ve ever seen. It has THREE LEVELS! After walking around for a while, we stumbled on quite a treasure. We found the most charming dining table. It was a great deal too!

After some negotiating, we bought it! I am beyond excited to have a new dining table! I’ve been looking for about 2 years. Not seriously looking, just keeping my eye out for a unique piece to fall in love with. I’m so pleased with what we found!


Before – Old Table


After – new table



Sunday began with church and a trip to the grocery store. After lunch, it was cleaning bathrooms, cleaning out the refrigerator, and laundry for me. While I cleaned, John put up posts beside our back patio. Our plan is to run wire and hang cafe lights over the patio. I absolutely cannot wait! I think it’s going to be just beautiful.



Please excuse all the junk! We’re going to run wire from the house, to the poles, to create a square to string lights from.

I spend the rest of the night food prepping for the week, making dinner, doing a little more laundry, and finally relaxing on the couch with my sweet husband while watching a little of the Grammys and a random assortment of other shows.

It was a fabulous, albeit busy, weekend! I hope yours was just as great. And you know wonderful weekends often lead to Marvelous Mondays!

This week, they’re forecasting snow for our area! You know what that means in Alabama, there is probably no more bread or milk in the state. We’ll see if it actually happens!

1. What did YOU do this weekend?

2. Do you like to hunt for treasures at antique stores/flea markets?

3. What’s on your agenda for the week? not too much going on around here. Hopefully we’ll finally get back to some sort of normal schedule. Oh! Hopefully I’m going to take a Pure Barre class with a friend on Thursday night. I’m excited!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up {1/25-1/26}

    • Ah! I know…patience is hard (especially when it’s something I really want RIGHT NOW), but it always pays off to wait to find something you love.

      Hope your weekend was fabulous too!

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