Five Things Friday {1/24/14}

TGIF!! Whooo…this week has been a little more challenging than usual for many different reasons. I’m happy to see it go!

I’m linking up with Clare yet again for a little Five Things Friday

Five Reasons I Love my Husband

1. He never ceases to make me laugh. And you know what they say, laughter IS the best medicine. 

2. He has seen me at my absolute worst and still loves me, despite it. And any man that can do that…well…let’s just say, he must be a saint. 😉

3. This morning, as we were rushing around the kitchen – me trying to fix breakfast and grab my lunch, him grabbing a pack of crackers and a coke (breakfast of champions, yes?) – he asks me “What is something special that I can do for you tonight?” 

Seriously, he blows my mine sometimes with his thoughtfulness. Tonight?! All I was thinking about was how many minutes late I was going to be this morning, and how I could coerce a colleague to get me coffee! 

4. He happily eats everything I cook. Ok, most things. I’ve even taught him to like  tolerate things like tomatoes and spinach. 

5. He leaves me notes like this sometimes.

Five TV Shows On my DVR

1. Modern Family. What’s NOT to love?! It never fails to make me laugh. 

2. The Bachelor

3. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

4. The Blacklist – GREAT show! If you like shows such as CSI, Criminal Minds, etc, you should definitely check out The Blacklist

5. Duck Dynasty – again, what’s NOT to love? Hilarious, clean, and their wives are all gorgeous ladies that must have more patience for hair than I do! 

Honorable mentions: New Girl, Moonshiners (John loves this, and I must admit, it IS interesting!), Toned Up, Impractical Jokers

*** Notice I said “on my DVR.” Will I ever watch all of these (in the next 3 months)? Doubtful. 

Five Things I’m Looking Forward to


2. Warmer weather. I know, I know…I live in Alabama. But for real, y’all, it’s been cold! In all seriousness, I really just hate this time of the year. I feel like it’s just kind of blllaaahhh. The days are cold and grey, there’s no big holiday/breaks to look forward to. I just kind of wish we could fast forward to April. Yes? Ok. 

As a high, 38 is cold for Alabama!

3. Normalcy and routine to return. Since the Christmas/New Year’s break, I feel like we haven’t quite returned to a normal schedule. Between weather days, being out for professional development, and MLK Jr. Day, we haven’t quite gotten back into the swing of things around school. Kids crave routine, and as it turns out, so does their teacher!

4. Grilling out! I gave John a grill for his birthday (December 26th). We desperately needed a new one. I can’t wait to put it to use!

5. A great, big, warm fire. Yes, I realize this is pretty much the opposite of grilling out, but let’s just go with it. 

Old picture, no I don’t still have the fall banner up 😉

Five Goals for the Upcoming Week

1. Go to bed earlier!!! No explanation needed. 

2. A consistent quiet time. It’s hard for me to get to this in the mornings, since I have to be at school early, but I really want to incorporate it into my day. If it means getting up earlier, I’m willing to try that, or making it a priority when I get home in the afternoons – before things like working out, prepping dinner, or blogging. 

3. Use up leftovers. We’re bad about letting leftovers go bad in the fridge. Sometimes I just don’t feel like having a particular meal again. But I want to try to at least incorporate the leftovers in some way. 

4. Blog more consistently, and put more thought into it. 

5. Call family members just to say hey. In the craziness that can sometimes be our life, I often overlook the importance and value of a simple phone call. We text a lot, but I really feel like it doesn’t quite compare to a personal phone call. 

Well, that’s all folks! 

Have a FABULOUS Friday Friends!

1. What are some of your favorite TV shows? I’m always looking for another show to add to my ridiculously overcrowded crowded DVR!

2. What is something you’re looking forward to?

2. What’s a goal you have for this upcoming week? I always get inspired by reading the goals of other people. 


6 thoughts on “Five Things Friday {1/24/14}

    • Ha! I know! He keeps me laughing! I haven’t watched Parenthood, but I hear all kinds of great things about it. Would I be totally lost if I started now?

  1. I AM ALLLLL about Real housewives. I have seen every episode of every city – no lie!!!
    Beverly Hills and Miami are my current favorites, so definitely catch up on those.
    I also love watching Vanderpump Rules, but it is super trashy and I wouldn’t exactly say it is worth watching lol.

    The Bachelor is, though. Juan Pablo is my guy <3!

    • Real Housewives is definitely a guilty pleasure. Why is it so interesting?! I’m with you, I really only watch Beverly Hills, OC, and Miami. I watched Vanderpump Rules for a few episodes last season, I just couldn’t keep up with all the drama! 😉 I was honestly surprised they renewed it for another season.

      I’m with you…Juan Pablo 🙂

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