Suggestions Welcome! WIAW {1/22/14}

Good Wednesday morning to you!

*totally typed 1/22/13 into the title the first time. Sheesh! *

The past two days have been busy around here. I’m definitely more than ready for things to slow down. I feel like ever since the Holidays, things haven’t quuuiiiiitte gotten back to normal. I’m ready to finally get back into the swing of things and restore some “normalcy” to my routine.

Since things have been busy, you’re going to see some “repeat offenders” in the WIAW line-up. Soooo…let’s hop to it.

Liking up with Jenn today over at Peas and Crayons. Jump on over to join in on the par-tay. 

Breakfast – 7:40 ish

Breakfast was, yet again, oats topped with berries. My stomach has been off lately, so I’m having a hard time wanting to switch things up in the food department. I know that oats will treat me kindly in the mornings, so I’m not willing to risk being uncomfortable all morning. Classroom full of 8 year-olds + an uncomfy tummy does NOT = a happy me! 😉

Lunch – 12:11

Lunch at school is from 12:11 – 12:34. How’s that for exact?! Lunch looks usually looks like this most days.


Hummus, turkey, lettuce, and tomato topped whole wheat bagel, served with mini-triscuits (cause minis are better), and a dark chocolate and oats Kashi cookie.

Snack – 3:45

Chocolate Drizzled Coconut Luna Bar

Always delicious! Obviously, I’m not sick of them yet! But, I’m open to change. So, do you have any suggestions?!

What are some snack bars that you like? They need to be easy to grab and eat on the go. I never know where I’m going to be in the afternoons, so something I can stash in my purse is necessary.

Dinner – 7:45pm

Gees…any suggestions for scooting my dinner time earlier?! Since lunch time is set, I usually eat my snack some time after school. By the time I get kids out of my room, get things back in order and ready for the next day, it’s usually about 3:30 or 3:45 by the time I can eat something quickly. Unfortunately, that puts me not really too hungry for dinner until 7-7:30 ish.

Throw everything into a pot, and let it go to work!

Being that my disordered eating still likes to creep in, it’s hard for me to eat when I’m not hungry. I have a hard time justifying eating dinner if I don’t feel a tad hungry. Any tips you have regarding hunger and such are happily welcomed!

Anyway, take a look at this pasta I whipped up! It’s called Italian Wonder-Pot, and it’s seriously the easiest, quickest thing to put together. Plus, it’s delicious!

Snack – 9:30

About 1/2 C. of trail mix including: almonds, cashews, and craisins. Mmmm!

Unfortunately, since dinner is late, that puts my nighttime snack late too. I know I need to eat a little something before bed so I get enough calories in for the day. Sadly though, by the time I eat something and get in bed, it’s usually anytime from 10-11pm. Obviously, with a 5am wake-up, this is not working too well, to put it lightly.

So, again…suggestions welcomed! 🙂

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! I’ve got an appointment with my therapist and nutritionist this afternoon after school. I always feel so encouraged after meeting with them.

Suggestions about moving my eating times earlier?!

What is a “repeat offender” that often pops up in your meals/snacks?


4 thoughts on “Suggestions Welcome! WIAW {1/22/14}

  1. First of all, I was a teacher and can completely relate to your inability to eat (or do anything else like, say, go to the bathroom) at a time that works for you!! I can also relate to having a “funny tummy” in the morning. When I taught, I brought food to school and ate while I prepped for my day, because I just couldn’t stomach food before leaving for work. I read your post about disordered eating and I’m not a nutritionist, or doctor, so I want to tread lightly and don’t want to suggest anything that might interfere with your recovery… But, since you asked, I do have a few thoughts… Do you, by chance have a morning prep period where you could have a snack, therefore eating less at lunch and adding more food to the earlier part of your day, rather than later? If not a full “prep,” perhaps during those few minutes just before the students arrive? It would be a great time to have some fruit or even that trail mix that you’ve been having as a late night snack. I would also try subbing a few more fresh fruits and vegetables for some of the wheat products— and, if you eat dairy (I didn’t see any??) perhaps a cheese stick and an apple after school, or an apple with nut butter?? I was always crashing by the end of the day and that helped get my blood sugar back in balance! Also… this post from the blog Pretty/Hungry, reminded me of yours on disordered eating, and I thought you might appreciate the perspective of a kindred spirit. Best of luck!

    • First of all, thank you SO much for your kind and encouraging words. I appreciate, more than you know, your taking the time out to not only read my blog post, but respond in such a helpful and kind way!

      Like you, I usually end up bringing my breakfast along to school with me and eating it in the few minutes before the kids walk in the door.

      And yes, I definitely want suggestions and/or thoughts about anything regarding disordered eating. You definitely have some great suggestions that I haven’t thought of! I work with a nutritionist to plan my meals and snacks, so I usually eat what we agree upon. I do eat more fruits and veggies than it probably appears, as I don’t usually post everything I eat during the day. And, unfortunately, I have not morning planning period. I wish I did…like you, I think it would be the perfect time to add in a little snack. Oh well! And just fyi- I do eat dairy, it’s just not particularly my favorite, and I’ve never really liked cheese (besides feta…LOVE it).

      I read the link you posted to the Pretty/Hungry blog, and wow, were you ever right! Her story sounds very similar to mine! I so appreciate you sharing that with me.

      To wrap it up, THANK YOU for reading and being willing to add your suggestions and thoughts. I really value what you have to say. As you said, kindred spirits we seem to be!

      • You’re welcome!! One other thought… my daughter is in 3rd grade and her class has a snack mid-morning (each child brings their own.) They eat it while they continue to work. If your schools allows, perhaps you could permit your students to bring a snack and then you could have one as well! If it was left up as an option (rather than a requirement) for the students, perhaps the parents would be on board (plus waiting that long for lunch may be tough for the kids too!)

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