Five Things Friday {1/17/14}

We’ve finally made it to Friday!!! Wooo Hooo!

So, since last week’s post was a little on the serious side, I think it’s time to lighten things up a bit.

Linking up with Clare at Fitting it All in for Five Things Friday.

Five Foods I’m Loving

1. Sweet Potatoes

In the form of homemade fries, in a quesadilla, you name it, I love it!

2. Tortilla Chips – Give me the salt! I’m loving all things salty these days, and tortilla chips are where it’s at!

3. This pasta – Italian Wonder Pot – quick, ridiculously easy, and delicious!

4. My daily bowl of oats – This seriously never gets old, YET, anyway.

5. Zoe’s Kitchen – Mmm! ‘Nuf said.

Five Pins I’m Loving

1. Love this look.

2. And this one too! 🙂

3. Doesn’t this look delicious?!

Cheesy Greek Style Baked Quinoa

4. This meal. This is via Amy at The Little Honey Bee. 🙂 

5. This is such a great perspective to have.

Five Bloggers and their Blogs I’m Loving

Some of these bloggers I’ve been following for a while. A few are new to me and I’ve been loving reading their blogs these past few weeks.

1. Elizabeth at My Neon Running Shoes

2. Ashley at My Food and Fitness Diaries

3. Clare at Fitting it All In

4. Robyn at The Real Life RD

5. Danica at It’s Progression

Aaaannnddd, because I know you’re dying to know… 

Five Random Facts About Me

1. My guilty pleasure is getting pedicures. But, I usually don’t allow myself to spend money on it during the winter, because, well, it’s kinda pointless.

2. I’m tall. Like 5’10” tall. And it’s extremely hard to find pants long enough. So, I buy pants that aren’t long enough sometimes. I stuff them in boots during the winter, and roll up the cuffs during the spring/summer/fall. Smart, eh? 😉

3. My favorite kitchen gadget is a ceramic knife I got for a wedding gift from Williams-Sonoma. I then proceeded to give one to every female in my family for Christmas that year.

4. I don’t wash my hands in public restrooms. Yep, that’s right. Why? Because sometimes you still have to touch the faucet and/or door on the way out. I keep a mini bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse and bath my hands in it once I’m out of the restroom.

5. I detest mayonnaise, pickles, and mustard. My husband on the other hand, loves all three. There’s never a fight for the last bit of mayo or mustard in the bottle.

On that note, I’ve got to run! I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!!

We’re headed up north to my in-laws for the weekend to celebrate my father in law’s birthday. And Monday is MLK Jr. school! Yay!

Favorite Recipes?

Tell me something about yourself!


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