Weekend Wrap-Up {1/11-1/12}

So, I had an awesome post all typed up, and as I was saving it, it somehow disappeared. Unfortunately, that now means you’re getting the abbreviated version. Sorry friends.

But, I hope you’re Monday is off to a Marvelous start! I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday. Go check it out!

My weekend was low-key with lots of downtime. A win in my book!


That means I wore this pretty much all weekend. Except for the few hours we were in church. Why in the world doesn’t someone make work clothes this comfortable?

Did this tabata workout from Heather. Wow…much harder than I anticipated! 


I then did a Barre 3 workout. Still feeling the burn! Holy hamstrings!

I got to have Zoe’s Kitchen, one of my favorite places to eat. You’ve got to try it if you live near, or visit somewhere near, one.


not my plate, but very similar

Sunday, the hubs and I tried to re-create a pita he ate while in Chicago on business a few weeks ago. It was a Greek based dish that he’s still raving about. 


The chicken turned out perfectly!

We found a copy-cat recipe that he claims was very similar. But, our attempt at homemade pitas was unsuccessful. #fail  😦 If you know of any good homemade pita recipes, we’re currently on the market.


Pre #fail


 John was able to save enough of a pita to enjoy 

And on that note, I’ve gotta run, a brief post is better than no post, right? 😉

Have a fantastic day!

What did you do this weekend? 

What’s a recipe that you’ve tried to re-create?




9 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up {1/11-1/12}

    • That’s exactly what I always get from Zoe’s too! I’m such a creature of habit. But why fix it if it isn’t broken?! Love following your workouts! Thanks for always keeping me on my toes. 😉

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