To Be Honest

To be honest in Alabama, we’re really big babies when it comes to the cold. However, it IS pretty darn cold here, Alabama or not.


To be honest… when my principal announced yesterday at in-service that there would be NO SCHOOL TODAY and a 10 am start tomorrow, it sounded like someone won the lottery or something, there was so much screaming (out of disappointment, of course ;-)) And then, all motivation for getting prepared for the 2nd semester went right out the window.

The reason for school cancellation and a late start? The cold. I’m not even kidding. Not snow, not ice, just cold (see above, I rest my case). Seriously though, the reasoning behind the decision is that because it did not get above freezing all day yesterday and won’t today either, the brake lines on the busses are in danger of freezing. The risk of harming all the kiddos isn’t worth it (remember, we’re in Alabama, we don’t have fancy non-freezing brake fluid).

To be honest…I think I’d make an awesome stay at home wife. 😉


This is the picture I’m sending my husband when I tell him I’m making a career change. 😉

To be honest… I was PUMPED when Auburn lost that National Championship last night. That whole “you should pull for the SEC” thing just aint my deal. I’m an Alabama fan through and through and I just can’t find it in my heart to pull for Auburn. #sorryimnotsorry (see this story to get an idea of the Alabama/Auburn rivalry)

To be honest… I’m working up the courage to share my story of disordered eating and my continuing battle with what MY healthy looks like.

To be honest… I thought my legs were going to die after I completed this workout. Thanks for the burn Danica!


To be honest… I’ve been loving simple circuit or barre/pilates based workouts. Since it’s not currently in my best interest to participate in running or high intensity workouts (another post for another time), these have become my go-to’s. And I must say, they leave me feeling the burn well into the next day.



To be honest… I’m a little more than excited to watch The Bachelor that we recorded from last night.

To be honest…I’m really bad about getting in food ruts. Do you guys ever do that? I eat the same things over and over. I think it’s due to the fact that I get complacent and it takes no brain power to eat the same things over and over. Also, I have food fears that I need to/am trying overcome, so I think some of it comes from that too.

To be honest…I’m stepping out of my rut tonight and making this for dinner.


Source – Thanks Gina!

It’s Cajun Chicken Pasta on the Lighter Side…holy yum! I can’t wait to try it, and neither can John. He’s a huge spicy/buffalo/cajun fan. I’ll definitely let you know what we think.

To be honest… my baby brother is such cutie!


Aaaand, on that note, I’m off to tackle the laundry. (Let’s be honest, I don’t mind washing/drying/folding, but I HATE putting it away.)

Your turn! Be honest with me about…

– how you’re feeling

– what you’re loving

– a guilty pleasure

…the sky’s the limit! 🙂


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