Weekend Wrap-Up #2

Good Monday morning friends!

How was your weekend? I hope you were able to rest and relax as well as throw a little fun in there. Ours was wonderful! It was a great way to wind down the Christmas break and get ready (for me) to go back to work today.

I’m thankful that today is a teacher in-service day. It’s nice to ease our way back into things. Plus, it will be nice that it’s not a full on 5-day week with students. They tend to be a bit wound up after these breaks. I really am looking forward to seeing all my sweet kiddos and hearing all the fun things they’ll have to share about their breaks. I can only imagine the stories…

Saturday began leisurely. I had a little oatmeal and did a Barre 3 workout. If you’re interested, you can sign up for a 15 day free trial. I am going this route to see if I like it before purchasing any type of membership. I DID love the workout though. I chose a 60 minute full body workout. It was challenging and worked all those muscles you love to feel the burn in! There was also a nice stretch at the end.


Saturday afternoon, I got a little crafty.

John’s sister and her husband gave me a Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas. I knew I wanted a new wreath for the front door, so I ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up supplies, and I LOVE the way it turned out!

Later that evening, John and I ventured over to the outdoor mall to hit up some last minute Christmas sales. I did pretty well if I do say so myself. I got a sweater, dress, and pair of pants from Gap, and 3 new (badly needed!) bras from Victoria Secret.

If you don’t know, Victoria Secret’s Semi-Annual sale is going on right now. It’s when I always stock up. I just can’t fathom paying $60 for a bra! Sales all the way for this girl!

Speaking of sales, check out my receipt from Kohls from earlier this week…what?!?! I was a happy girl!

Our Saturday night concluded with some take-out and catching up on shows from our DVR. Have you guys ever watched Blacklist? I think they’re not currently showing new episodes, and I don’t know if it’s on Netflix, but it’s intense! I love it!

Sunday morning were were off to church. After church we headed home for lunch and to clean up some. I hate starting the week with a  messy house!

Sunday afternoon consisted of a trip to the grocery store, some more laundry and cleaning, a little frisbee in the yard, and enjoying my last few hours of Christmas Break.

The highlight of my Sunday night was my dinner, Quinoa with Black beans, tomatoes, corn, and feta…  (so good! Definitely a keeper!)

AND the premiere of The Bachelor!!!!! YAY! 🙂 I’m not sure why they chose to break the premier up in to 2 episodes on 2 nights, but I’m not complaining.

I’ll be back with a recap on Tuesday, hopefully.

Seeing as we live in Alabama and are graduates and HUGE University of Alabama fans, we’ve got a little football game we need to watch on Monday night…so we can cheer for Florida State. (If you don’t know, Auburn and Florida State are playing for the national championship tonight and Auburn is Alabama’s biggest rival).

I know…we’re awful. But hey, at least we’re honest. Anyway, my husband has informed me we will be recording The Bachelor on Monday night.

I’m off to a day of pointless (mostly) meetings, catching up with my co-workers, and preparing to see my kiddos tomorrow.

Oh…and it’s supposed to be FREEZING here today and tomorrow. Well, freezing in terms of Alabama weather. Seriously, people are like staying home and buying up all the bread and milk. Gees, it’s just cold weather people! I’m sure I’ll be adding my voice to the complaints though. This girl hates to be cold! On the bright side, just a very good reason to make my husband build me a fire and cuddle.

I hope your Monday is Marvelous !!! Check out Katie’s Blog to get in on the Marvelousness that is Monday!

1. What was the best thing about your weekend?

2. Are you a bachelor fan? What do you think so far??

3. Tell me one thing you’re looking forward to this week!


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    • Thanks girl! I know, it’s a risky place for me to take my credit card! Ha! I’ve thought about doing a step by step for the wreath, I just may have to!

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