5 Things Friday – What I Learned over Christmas Break

So, yesterday ended up being another awesome, no-agenda, do whatever I wanted kind of day. I’m totally digging this no working, no obligations thing!  I’m not going to lie, Christmas Break is AWESOME! Can I say #teacherperks ?!?

See that?! That’s lunch enjoyed on the COUCH while watching TV! I can eat as slow as I want too, because I don’t have to have the kids lined up and ready to go in 22 minutes. Ahhh! Bliss! 

Give me another week of it though (ok 2, maybe 6 MAX) and I may start to drive myself crazy. 😉

But, since my break is coming to an end today, I thought I’d share some things I learned over Christmas Break.

I’m linking up with Claire again today for a little Five Things Friday.

Five Things I’ve Learned Over the Christmas Break

1. Yoga pants/leggings are the most comfy things in the whole world. Ok, I kinda already knew that, but it has been 110% reinforced these past few days. I’ve literally worn them every single day. I wonder if my husband things I forgot how to wear normal clothes. I need someone to invent yoga pants for the working world, mmk?

2. Hot tea is good for the body. Seriously, kinda knew this one too, but I always seem to forget about it over the summertime. Alabama heat is NOT conducive to sipping hot tea. However, since I’ve been home over Christmas and it’s gotten chillier, I’ve been loving having a mug of tea in the afternoons to warm me up. But, I still have to have a sip of a something cold to wash it all down too.

You know you’re jealous of my teacher mug.

3. Puzzles are frustrating.

4. Getting up early is the bomb, when you don’t have anywhere to go. I’m loving my early mornings – eating a leisurely breakfast, catching up on the news and Today show, browsing blogs, and downright enjoying myself.

Breakfast enjoyed in a real bowl, with real silver wear. No tupperware or plastic spoons in sight!

Valuable 401K info learned via the Today Show. Which is totally over my head. You’re welcome, John. 🙂

5. My body craves rest. Typically, I’d say I’m a person who doesn’t need much sleep or rest. FALSE. I’m just a person who doesn’t GET much sleep or rest. Over this break, I’ve had time to really rest more, and what I’ve found is that my body just craves more.

Over Christmas break, I had assumed that since I’m not constantly going 5am-7pm I’d have all this extra, pent up energy. I had such big plans of getting so many projects done. But, once I allowed myself more rest- due to the fact that I was sick and there wasn’t much else to do – I didn’t magically have all this extra energy. I actually still felt tired. Looking back on it, I think my body was relishing the rest it was getting and wanted more.

This is definitely something I need to work on – honoring my body’s need for rest and relaxation.

I am sad that the break is coming to an end, but all good things must, right? The good things is, that I’ve got a classroom full of super cute kiddos waiting to tell me all about their Christmases and eager to learn!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your time (off or just time spent with family and friends) over the holidays, were able to rest and rejuvenate some, and are ready for what this new year has to offer!

1. What is 1 thing you learned over the Christmas Break? I also learned I LOVE being an aunt! This was the first “quality time” we really got to spend with my sweet niece since we were in the hospital when she was born in November. 

2. Are you good at giving yourself the rest you need? I’m not at all!

3 thoughts on “5 Things Friday – What I Learned over Christmas Break

  1. I’ve slept and rested so much over winter break.

    I also love tea because it’s something for me to “do” and relax with.

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