Five Things Friday

Happy Friday Morning!

Is anyone else ridiculously confused as to what day it is? I kept thinking yesterday was Monday ALL day. Not that I’m complaining that it’s Friday, just saying.

I’m linking up with the lovely Claire for Five Things Friday.

Five Things I Ate

1. Delish Christmas lunch.

2. Chinese pasta salad. One of my favorite dinners ever!

3. Mediterranean Quesadillas, dipped in salsa. YUM. Picture the filling below in a tortilla and toasted to perfection.

roasted red pepper, red onion, spinach, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, oregano
4. Oats, duh.

5. Kashi Dark Chocolate Oatmeal cookies

Five Workouts:

1. Nike Fit Club workouts. I love these because I love that they move quick and there are a variety of types of workouts to  choose from. I typically choose the lower impact toning workouts. For the time being, I’m avoiding high impact workouts.

2. Barre videos

3. Circuit workouts via Julie. I love her collection of at-home workouts.

4. Walks

5. Pilates videos via Fitness Blender – this is another great site for at home workouts.

Five Things that Made me Happy:

1. Getting to snuggle with my niece, Kennedy.

2. Setting an alarm clock because I WANT to, not because I HAVE to. Being a teacher is certainly one of the hardest jobs, but…there ARE perks. Like Christmas break!

3. Celebrating this one’s birthday.


4. Texting with my siblings. They’re hilarious.

5. Eating my breakfast AND lunch in peace, no kids, no noise. I can eat as slowly as I want. No 22 minute lunches in my near future. #teacherproblems

Happy Weekend!!!

What are you looking forward to over the weekend?

What is something that made you happy this week?


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