Christmas Whirlwind Recap – Part 1

Good Morning!!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day! We certainly did. I’m so blessed by my sweet, sweet family.

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas whirlwind began on Christmas Eve. My husband recently started a new job, and being that he is low on the chain of command, he only gets a 1/2 day on Christmas Eve and all Christmas Day off. To throw a wrench in things, his birthday is also TODAY…December 26th.

We left to drive about 2.5 hours north to his hometown. This year, we spent Christmas with John’s parents (we did get to celebrate for a few hours with my family – who only live about an hour from us – on Sunday afternoon). Once we arrived, a birthday celebration was on the agenda. Since we had to drive back home last night, we celebrated John’s birthday with his family on Christmas Eve.

He racked up a pretty loot for his kayak. I had quite the excited husband on my hands.

After presents, we dug into the chocolate cake, made by yours truly. I got all good reviews! I hope they were honest, not just being kind. But, seriously, would you tell someone if their cake didn’t live up to expectations? Whatever, I’ll take it! 😉

Christmas Day 

My Christmas day began MUCH later than I’m used to. Growing up the oldest of 5, I grew up waking up at the crack of dawn, thanks to excited brothers and sisters. And honestly, I love it!! It’s such a fun, excited time. Anyway, I woke up about 8, made my way to the kitchen to fix a bowl of oatmeal and coffee. The in-laws trickled in around 9, and I helped prepare breakfast for the others. About 10, the rest of the house awakened. We finally got to “Santa” and gifts around 11:15.

It was SUPER exciting to be a part of this little one’s first Christmas!

Meet Kennedy, my precious niece! She was born November 15th, so is just over 5 weeks old. Such a cutie! This aunt is already in love.

Aren’t they the cutest little family?!

We all received WAY too much; Santa was very good to us this year!



Sorry for the blur. Oops.

My favorite part of the gift giving process is seeing others open what I give them. I’m the person who loves to find JUST the perfect gift for each person. Sometimes it causes me a headache, but in the end, it’s all worth it.

My husband loves giving just as much as I do. In fact, he’s often upset that we can’t give more! He clearly spent WAY too much on me, even after I threatened many mean things if he bought this…

But, I’m not giving it back. Just saying, he really shouldn’t have. But I.LOVE.IT!!! I’m a lucky girl!

Post-Santa, it was time to clean up and shower in preparation for grandparents and cousins to arrive. And, I think I’ll wrap up recap numero uno.

I’ve got to jump in the shower and get a few things ready before I meet the birthday boy for a birthday lunch date!

This Morning

This morning, I was sneaky and woke up while John was in the shower. I prepped a special birthday breakfast…

I slaved away over the microwave for a good 45 seconds preparing this meal. Seriously, Jimmy Dean mini sausage biscuits ain’t no joke. And they are also my hubby’s fave…with mustard. Gag! But, what the birthday boy wants, he gets!

I also braved the frigid cold here in Alabama (under freezing, folks) and started the car for him so he didn’t have to scrape the ice off. I know, wife of the year award.

Before fixing myself some breakfast, I got in a circuit workout that left me pretty smelly. Lovely image to leave you with. 😉

Ok, now I’m really off to get ready for my lunch date! I’ll be back with recap #2!

What was the best part about YOUR christmas?

Do you prefer to give or receive? 


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