A First Time for Everything

Welcome to Sarah Sincerely! I’ve been tossing the idea of starting a blog around in my head for a while. I finally decided to bite the bullet and join in on the blogging fun! So, here you have it… Sarah Sincerely!

(since my hubby is really just an extension of me,  I thought it only fitting that he was in the picture too. 😉 )

On this blog, I plan to document life as I know it. I can’t promise it’ll always be interesting, glamorous (ha! who am I kidding), or worth your time, however, I hope you’ll find something you like, and stick around.

I love to cook and bake and experiment in the kitchen, although, I am by NO means a chef. I just so happen to love dabbling in the kitchen. I also really enjoy crafting, but again, am NOT one of those people who can make something magical from a milk jug. I just like trying to attempt (and usually fail!) what I see on Pinterest. Another passion of mine is finding new and different ways to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

Although I briefly touch on it on my About page, I’m learning to live sincerely and genuinely. I am Type A all the way, a people pleaser, and a perfectionist. However, I’m discovering that truly living as ME is what makes me, and usually others too, happiest!


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