Some Old, Some New–WIAW {4/16/14}

I don’t know about you, but I’m super glad today is Wednesday! I swear, all day yesterday I kept thinking today was going to be Thursday.

Hopefully you all got your taxes mailed off before yesterday! I literally had to run to the post office on Monday while my class was at PE to mail off one last form that John needed mailed. He started his own corporation this past summer, and needed to send off some paperwork dealing with that. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?!

Anyway, since today really is Wednesday, it’s time to share some eats from this past week in another edition of WIAW. If you’re unsure what What I Ate Wednesday is all about, check it out here. Jenn started this weekly get together so we can share recipes, meal ideas, and snacks. It is NOT meant as a way to compare your eats to others.


Breakfasts have remained the same. I cook up some oats, top them with a tablespoon or 2 of peanut butter, and stir in a freaking ton a hefty dose of sliced strawberries. Of course, there’s always coffee too, but that goes without saying. Winking smile

Photo Apr 08, 7 50 55 AM

Recycled photo – but I promise, it looked the same.


Nothing much changed in the lunch department this week either – same ole thang.

I know I said I was going to challenge myself more in this area, but you guys, I’ve been so.tired recently, that I’m just doing what’s quick and easy. Since I can make this lunch on autopilot, I’ve just been going with it: whole wheat bagel, topped with hummus, deli turkey, lettuce, and tomatoes, eaten with triscuits, and a dark chocolate chip cookie. Simple. Delicious. A win in my book!

Photo Apr 12, 11 40 49 AM


I changed it up a bit this week. Instead of my beloved Luna Bar, I went with a chocolate brownie Clif Bar. So good! I knew I needed to add in a more calories to my day. I had this bar on hand and know it’s a little more calorie dense than the Luna bar, so I decided to give it a go. Pretty darn delicious!

Photo Apr 15, 6 35 01 PM


I had an epic dinner fail due to some poor planning on my part. But, I rebounded pretty well, if I do say so myself!

I’d planned on making a new-to-me recipe, Courtney’s Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers. Well, I neglected to realize that they needed to cook on HIGH in the crockpot for 5-6 hours. Seeing as I don’t ever get home from work before 4pm, and would rather NOT eat dinner at 9 or 10pm (I’d actually like to be in bed then!), I had to improvise.

While I was bummed about not having the stuffed peppers, I decided to see if I could replicate the taste and texture on the stove top. Instead of stuffing the peppers with diced onions, diced tomatoes, and ground turkey, I cooked all the “insides” of the stuffed peppers in a skillet on the stove. I then diced up the peppers and tossed them in the skillet along with the other ingredients.

Photo Apr 15, 7 41 53 PM  Photo Apr 15, 7 59 39 PM

I served the mixture on top of rice, instead of having the rice inside of the peppers, along with the other ingredients. I must say, while it wasn’t a stuffed pepper, I was delightfully pleased with the outcome!

Photo Apr 15, 8 03 28 PM

I also had a salad topped with slivered almonds, feta cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.


For a few extra needed calories, I had a snack before bed of a handful (or 3) of trail mix.

And that, friends was my day of eats. A few new items mixed with some of my favorite go-to’s.

Let’s Chat…

1. What’s something NEW you’ve tried this week?

2. What are some of your go-to meals and snacks?

Be the Change

I’ve seen the quote, “Be the change you wish to see” countless times. I usually see it, smile, and move on. I don’t really give the meaning much thought.

If that means choosing to forgive and love and feel peace in your heart when you 'have every right' to be furious... be the change you wish to see.

But, today, I really got to thinking about what exactly it means.

I had a meeting after work today in which we discussed some changes that we’d like to make around our school. We talked about another school that some of us recently had the privilege of touring. After our tour, we were asked to come back and share the things we saw.

The hope was that we’d get some new ideas and see fresh ways of doing things. This way we are *hopefully* constantly improving as a school, meeting our student’s needs in the best way possible, and creating responsible, forward-thinking, analytical, proud, and well rounded students. After our tour, the major thing we came away with was how POSITIVE everything and everyone seemed around the schools we visited.

My school is HUGE – think 1200+ students – and even though we all work hard at our jobs and do what’s best for our kids, sometimes the mood can be all “doom and gloom,” if ya know what I mean.

With all the paperwork we’re required to do, standards we must meet, deadlines to make, on top of students to teach, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and develop a negative attitude. Not to mention, the pressure that comes during this time of the year – standardized testing and end of the year requirements can make for a stressed out teacher!

I got to thinking…one smile, one encouraging word, an anonymous note, or even a grateful e-mail can make all the difference in someone’s day. I know that when I’m encouraged, I’m more likely to smile, have a better attitude, and pass it on.

A Positive Attitude

If I want to see a change around my workplace, want to see happier,  more hopeful, more joyous co-workers, I  can begin to be the change. Attitudes are contagious. Joyfulness is not dependent on circumstance, but rather our outlook and perspective.

It’s my goal this week to be the change I want to see. I am so blessed, and yes – am prone to major stress as much as the next person – but I have NO reason to have a negative attitude. When I begin to think negatively or complain, it’s my goal to name at least 3 things I’m thankful for.

Be Joyful Always  Pray Continually  Give Thanks in all Circumstances  1 Thessalonians 5.16-18

I CAN and WILL be the change I want to see,” and you can too!

So today, I’m treating myself and those around (thanks to Becky for the link-up!) me by thinking positively, remembering all I’ve been blessed with, and remaining joyful in every circumstance.

Let’s Chat…

1. How can you “be the change” in YOUR situation – work, school, home, etc?

2. How are you treating yourself this week?

3. Share your thoughts!

A Busy Weekend–MIMM 4/14/14

Happy Monday morning to you!

Wow, this weekend went by so fast! Guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun, time flies, right? We ended up having a jam-packed weekend, over here.

Saturday, John played (doubles) in a tennis tournament and had to be at the tennis courts, which happen to be about 25 minutes from our house, for a 9:30 am match. Even though I was up before him, I decided to stay back for the first match so I could enjoy my Saturday morning oats and coffee, get in a workout, and shower.

I ended up doing Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones DVD that I streamed from Amazon Prime. It was surprisingly more challenging than I anticipated!

Around lunch time I headed up to the tennis courts. Lunch was packed to-go since I had no idea if I’d eat lunch out with John in between matches or be stuck at the courts all afternoon. Plus, I had no idea if there’d be any food available for sale at the courts. Good thing I planned ahead, because I ended up scarfing down lunch in the car before making my way in to the tennis facility.

Photo Apr 12, 11 40 49 AM

John and his partner lost the 9:30 am match, which put them into the consolation bracket, but won their 2pm match. That meant they’d play on Sunday at 10:30am.

Photo Apr 13, 12 00 06 PM

Following their afternoon match, I dragged my sweet hubby to the outdoor mall that happens to be located about 5 minutes down the road. I didn’t find too much, but did manage to grab a dress and some MUCH needed pants and capris at Ann Taylor Loft and Gap. I have SUCH a hard time finding pants that fit (especially the length) – tall and thin apparently is not a winning combination in the retail world.

On the way home we stopped by the downtown Riverfront area. 1 Saturday a month the city puts on “Second Saturdays.” It’s basically kind of like a street festival/market – lots of vendors set up along the riverside, there is food, fun for the kids, and live entertainment. It’s really a great community event.

Photo Apr 12, 6 33 21 PM

This weekend it was actually held under an old train shed adjacent to the riverfront. We had SO much rain earlier this past week that part of the river walk sidewalk was still underwater! We ventured down to see it, until a cop made us leave. Oops!

Photo Apr 12, 6 39 54 PM

That railing is normally a platform you can walk on.

I picked up Zoe’s on the way home – my favorite! And we enjoyed a much needed low key night at home.

Photo Apr 12, 7 23 27 PM

Sunday morning began at the tennis courts. John and his partner made it to the finals of the consolation bracket, but ended up losing.

Photo Apr 13, 12 09 39 PM

Following the match, we headed to grab some lunch and look for my mother-in-law a birthday gift. I may or may not have snagged another pair of pants. Winking smile  Birthday shopping was followed by our weekly grocery trip.

Once we arrived home I spent some time getting ready for the week ahead and completing lesson plans, cleaning up the house, doing a bit of food prep, and winding things down from the weekend to get ready for another week.

Over all, it was a busy, bu great weekend. And I’m now ready for a Marvelous Monday! (Thanks Katie for hosting the link-up!)

Let’s Chat…

1. What did you do this weekend?

2. Where are your favorite places/go to stores to shop at?

3. Workout you’ve been loving recently?

Plans, Pins, and Posts

Hi guys! How was your week? Mine was pretty good, overall! But, that doesn’t mean I’m not 110% ready for the weekend, though!

Things Happening this Weekend

1. SLEEEEPP!!! Hopefully…

2. John’s playing in a tennis tournament, so I get to be the #1 cheerleader. Winking smile 

Photo Apr 10, 8 28 47 PM

3. Yes, please!

Photo Apr 11, 5 19 58 AM

4. I want to see this movie. It looks pretty good, and I think the storyline sounds interesting. From what I can tell, it’s an insider’s look at the NFL draft and what goes on behind the scenes. Mostly I just really love Jennifer Garner. She seems so REAL. I don’t know if it’ll actually happen, but maybe!

5. Cleaning the house and meal prep. I guess it can’t all be fun!

Pins I Loved This Week

So, pinning and perusing Pinterest seems to go in waves for me. Some weeks I’m all about it, and then I proceed not to open the site for weeks. Anywho, this week I seemed to browse Pinterest a decent amount. These are some of pins I loved! You should follow me, if you don’t already!

APPLE COOKIES - Rachel Schultz


Spring Asparagus and Tomato Pasta with Feta Recipe - Cooking | Add a Pinch

How-to Make Homemade Nut Butters

How-to Make Homemade Nut Butters

laundry stain cheat sheet

laundry stain cheat sheet



Onesie with Initial and Pink Leg Ruffles - long sleeve or short sleeve - newborn to 24m

Onesie with Initial and Pink Leg Ruffles – long sleeve or short sleeve – newborn to 24m

Shopping outfit

Shopping outfit

Apparently I was hungry as I was pinning this week!

Links I Loved

When does weakness become a strength- Great post on viewing your weaknesses as strengths and vice versa

When Friendships Start to Fizzle – Emily leads an intriguing conversation about losing friendships as we get older and grow apart

Gluten- Dairy- Paleo- Vegan- So Confusing! – Just what ARE we “supposed” to be eating? What’s right for you?

It’s Not All or Nothing – I read this post a while back, but it’s definitely worth another look. Do we have to do it ALL or nothing? Or is a little bit ok?

. healthy chocolate mousse smoothieanother great recipe by Amanda! Don’t read this post if you’re hungry! Winking smile

Being Healthy While Being SocialLove this! Tips for not missing out on life while trying to be healthy

Love Your Body Challenge RecapYES!

Why 1200 Calories is SO WRONG – Again, YES!!

There were many other posts I loved, but I’m out of time.

Have a great Friday friends, and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

Let’s Chat…

What are some of YOUR favorite pins, links, plans for the weekend?

Thinking Out Loud {4/10/14}

Happy Thursday to you! It’s been done a little thinking out loud, courtesy of this lady. So, let’s get to it!

1. I’m SO incredibly over this whole “be at work at 7am” thing. I briefly mentioned it earlier this week, but I have morning duty this week. I’m responsible for watching the kids that arrive at school early, until they are allowed in the classrooms at 7:45. Let’s just say I’m MORE than looking forward to sleep this week! (And yes, I have to set an insane amount of alarms.)

Photo Apr 10, 5 22 19 AM

2. So, my family had a bracket pool going for the men’s NCAA tournament. We each filled out a bracket on, which keeps up with how your picks do throughout the tournament. My brother won, and I came in 2nd. However, if I’d known that was a legitimately awesome prize for the winner, I may have put a little more effort into it. $100 in gas?! So jealous…and so didn’t know my dad would actually follow through with the challenge.

Photo Apr 08, 6 46 23 PM

3. My parents/siblings who still live at home have a precious cat named Mollie. I’m not a cat person, but she really is sweet. Well, she’s been pregnant like…A LOT. My younger brother said she’s a slut. Ha! Anyway, she had her kittens yesterday. How precious are they! Mom said she will not be having any more kittens, if ya know what I mean. Winking smile


4. On that note, they also have the sweetest chocolate lab, who is about 1.5 years old. Well, she’s in heat and my parents have to keep her fenced up in our basement (they live on a lot of land, so we have no fence around the yard) the majority of the time. Let’s just say, her milkshake brings ALL the boys to the yard.

Photo Apr 10, 5 23 40 AM

5. I went to Target last night to quickly run in for some cardstock I needed. Well, $80 later, I walked out with my cardstock, a pack of pens, a box of staples, a new dress, a new top, a new pair of shoes, and lipstick. What?! Why does this always happen to me. I might as well just throw $$ at the door when I drive past the entrance.

6. John had a tennis match last night that didn’t end until about 8, so I was on my own for dinner. I had leftovers of this. I can’t seem to get enough!

Photo Apr 08, 8 26 26 PM

7. YES to this- (been loving this lady)

Rest by Holley Gerth  Change the World

8. Ohhhhh young love…

Photo Apr 10, 5 23 59 AM

I got that text message last night from a parent of one of my students. She stomped on a boy’s foot yesterday and couldn’t tell me why she did it. Her answer was, “I just wanted. to.” I had a feeling she might have a little crush. Haha!

Alright, time to get going! Have a great Thursday!

Let’s Chat…

1. What time do you get up, daily? I usually get up about 5:30-5:40 am. Depending on how many times I hit the snooze button. Winking smile

2. Have you ever gone in Target and left with ONLY what you went in for? Um…probably not.

3. Favorite leftovers you’ve had lately?

Accountability and an Extra Delicious Dinner

It’s another wonderful Wednesday around here! I like Wednesdays since it means we’re now on the “downside” of the week, coasting into the weekend. Smile

Yesterday was another pretty normal day of eats. I tend to get repetitive with my meals and snacks – especially on weekdays when things are more hectic. On one hand, it’s great because on those crazy days when I don’t have any brain power left, I don’t have to think about what to pack for lunches or snacks. I just pack what I have on hand, and what I  normally take.

However, on the other hand, I think it can be harmful for me. Since I have a history of disordered eating, and in fact still definitely consider myself in recovery, eating repetitive meals and snacks lets me stay in my “safe zone”. It allows me to remain comfortable, and doesn’t challenge various “food fears” that I may have.

That said, I DO plan to begin to challenge myself more – especially with lunches and snacks. However, today’s WIAW doesn’t showcase any challenges. Soon enough though, and I need you guys to keep me accountable!

Enough talking, let’s hop to it. I’m featuring my eats from Tuesday – a pretty normal day overall, with an extra delicious dinner!


This week I have morning duty at school, meaning I have to be in my designated position at 7am in order to supervise kids before they’re allowed in their classrooms at 7:45. Yes, some kids really do get there at 7am. Crazy, right?! Since I was busy “supervising” I didn’t have a chance to eat my pre-made breakfast until a little later. Needless to say, after being awake since 5am, I was about to eat my arm off! I learned my lesson. I will be grabbing something to nibble, pre-breakfast, from here on out.

Photo Apr 08, 7 50 55 AM

Lunch – 12:11 (yes, that’s correct, 12:11)

Oh the joys of school lunch. 22 minutes, and not a minute longer… Needless to say, I’m good at shoving my lunch down quickly. Since I couldn’t really whip out my camera at the lunch table with my kiddos, you’ll have to use your imagination and this recycled photo. It was pretty much exactly the same. But in Tupperware and plastic baggies.

Photo Mar 25, 12 35 39 PM

Snack – 4pm

Obviously I was too hungry to take a picture pre-snack. Winking smile Scarfed down my favorite Luna Bar to tide me over, and because I needed a few extra calories.

Photo Apr 08, 6 05 55 PM

Dinner – 7:30

Oh my, it was a delicious one! I’ve made this chicken salad a handful of times recently and I cannot get enough. It is so delicious! I served the chicken salad in a whole wheat pita alongside some roasted sweet potatoes that I seasoned with season-all, cumin, and chili powder (don’t knock it until you try it!).

Photo Apr 08, 8 26 26 PM

I’m not a mayo lover, and never have been. And that’s one reason that I love this chicken salad. It’s also so fresh, which is exactly what I always seem to crave this time of the year. Since I’ve been loving this chicken salad so much, I thought I’d share the recipe with you!

Healthy Guacamole Chicken Salad


- 2 cups shredded chicken

- 2 roma tomatoes (or about 1- 1 1/2 cups of diced tomatoes)

- 1 6 oz. container of plain greek yogurt

- 3 tablespoons guacamole

- garlic powder to taste

1. Shred your chicken and set aside.

Photo Apr 08, 7 34 26 PM

2. Dice up 2 of these bad boys.

Photo Apr 08, 7 35 17 PM

3. Add in greek yogurt yogurt, guacamole, and garlic powder. Stir to combine.

Photo Apr 08, 7 50 39 PM  Photo Apr 08, 7 53 05 PM

4. Let it sit in the refrigerator until chilled. Serve up and enjoy!

I think this would also be delicious on toasted bread, as a sandwich, or served atop a bed of romaine or spinach.

Snack – 9pm

I ended my day with a little bedtime snack of trail mix, which consisted of a mix of almonds, cashews, and craisins.

It was certainly a great day of eats! Smile

Let’s Chat…

1. Do you have any “fear foods”?

2. What’s the most recent, delicious thing you’ve made?

When is it OK to take care of YOU?

When should you forgo putting others first in order to take care of yourself?

I don’t know the answer to this question, and I’m not sure I’ll ever fully know how to answer it. However, I do think I’m learning more and more about this topic as I go through different stages and experiences.

I believe that we’ve all been blessed with certain gifts – there are things that we’re better at and things we’re not so good at. I am NOT a people person,  but my husband most definitely has the gift of interacting with others. He makes others feel at ease and comfortable. It comes very naturally to him. I, on the other hand really have to make an effort to speak to others, ask them questions, etc. I am NOT a natural conversationalist. Something I do think I’ve been blessed with is the gift of service.

I truly enjoy serving others. I like to do things behind the scenes and unexpectedly. I don’t want to be thanked or recognized. I don’t do it to get praise or recognition. I think I’m very sympathetic and adept at sensing what others need, and I really enjoy meeting those needs. Whether it’s putting folding my husband’s clothes, making copies for a co-worker, cleaning up the kitchen after Thanksgiving lunch so my mother/mother-in-law doesn’t have to, going over and above for a student, volunteering at school, etc. – I enjoy serving.

But, sometimes it comes at the expense of myself. I have a hard time determining when I need to stop doing things for others and take care of myself. When is it ok to say no? When is it ok to take care of me?

Take care of yourself

I’ve learned through many different trials and experiences that I DO need to take care of myself. If I’m worn out at the end of the week, because I’ve been doing things all week for co-workers and friends, I’m not going to be the wife my husband needs or wants me to be. I just sometimes struggle with where to draw the line, and recognizing when I need to stop serving and take care of me.

One reason I have a hard time with this is because, as a Christian, I know I am called to serve the Lord, serve others, and NOT to be selfish. When am I taking “me” time to really take care of myself, and when am I taking that time selfishly? I think this is a question that we must each answer individually. I am the only person that knows my motives. When it comes down to it, I suppose part of figuring out if I should serve or take care of me is knowing my motives.

You have to take care of yourself


Like I said, I don’t know the answer to this question, but I do know it’s something I’m learning more about. I’d love to hear your thoughts!!


Since we’re on the whole subject of treating ourselves, I’m linking up with Becky today for a little TYT– Treat Yourself Tuesday(<—head on over to Olives N Wine to check out how others are treating themselves!).

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

I actually didn’t treat myself to this, rather my school system treated me to a little extra time Monday morning. Check out that listing!

Photo Apr 07, 8 41 47 AM

We had really bad weather and lots of flooding on Monday morning, so in order to let the weather pass and the threat of severe weather to subdue, school was postponed 2 hours. I was able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at home while catching up on my blog reading.

Photo Apr 07, 8 41 28 AM

Let me say, I’m a big fan of starting at 10am. I was one happy teacher! Smile

Let’s Chat…

1. What are your thoughts on serving others vs. taking care of yourself?

2. How have you treated yourself lately?